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*** (05:54:48):Welcome to the GeoGee  Chat Room.
GeoGee says (05:55:27):
GeoGee says (05:55:50): What do you think is wrong with it?

GeoGee says (06:04:56):
Sarge 57 welcome to the show

Sarge57 says to  (06:07:44):
I think the biggest single problem with the US today is that we have a lying Marxist demagogue as POTUS, backed by a bunch of radical nutcases in Congress whose intent is to subvert the constitution ans change the founding governing principles

Sarge57 says to  (06:07:52):
of this nation

GeoGee says (06:08:01):
Sista be with you all in a min

Sarge57 says to  (06:09:00):
The constitution is a limit, not a grant of authority
SistaSistaSister says to  (06:09:07):

Sarge57 says to  (06:10:34):
The fact that we are arguing over this MASSIVE expansion of govt, for which there is absolutely no constitutional authority, indicates as to how little rwespect there is for the meaning of the constitution

Sarge57 says to  (06:10:54):
thats respect

Sarge57 says to  (06:14:06):
Loving v. Virginia, 388 U.S. 1 (1967)[1], was a landmark civil rights case in which the United States Supreme Court, by a 9-0 vote, declared Virginia’s anti-miscegenation statute, the “Racial Integrity Act of 1924”, unconstitutional

Sarge57 says to  (06:14:33):
thereby overturning Pace v. Alabama (1883) and ending all race-based legal restrictions on marriage in the United States.

Sarge57 says to  (06:15:27):
This LA judge has not a prayer if the couple files suit

SistaSistaSister says to  (06:16:29):
Depending on state of origin, you’re able to tell who driving what, by the vehicle..
No, I do not wash my car… I jus vacuum..
No shoesl, no knives….LOL

SistaSistaSister says to  (06:17:18):

GeoGee says (06:20:32):
Thanks for tuning in guys and ladies

Sarge57 says to  (06:25:43):
As long as health care companies are private, we can still sue them.  If the govt takes over, than you have to be given permission to sue

GeoGee says (06:26:09):
And wee

GeoGee says (06:26:22):
And we need to sue them

GeoGee says (06:26:45):
How’s the audio for you all okay/

SistaSistaSister says to  (06:27:19):
Audio is good

GeoGee says (06:27:25):
Thanks Great

Sarge57 says to  (06:27:29):
Fine.  Breach of Contract is a remedy that is avaiable to you.  Not if the G runs it.  You will be stuck with what they give you with no recourse

Sarge57 says to  (06:27:50):
Audio is excellent

GeoGee says (06:28:05):
Thanks Sarge

Sarge57 says to  (06:30:09):
If govt at all levels werent taking 48% of my income, I might find it easier to pay for my OWN health insurance

Sarge57 says to  (06:30:25):

GeoGee says (06:30:59):
I’m with you on that one Sarge

Sarge57 says to  (06:31:45):
Obama’s cap and trade will cost me an additional $3500 in energy costs a year!!!!

Sarge57 says to  (06:32:39):
The Baucus Bill will cost an additional 3000 a year in health insurance costs!!!

GeoGee says (06:32:47):

Sarge57 says to  (06:32:52):

Sarge57 says to  (06:33:37):
I REJECT Obama and their “Reforms”  I would RATHER do NOTHING than tro have this!!!!!

Sarge57 says to  (06:34:38):
The FIRST thing that should be done is to amend the constitution to allow for this

GeoGee says (06:35:14):
That’s true about amending the constitution

2znm says to  (06:35:20):
Gee O Gee, i have mo idea what is wrong with america…but if ou ask me..i owuld say we all have lot our god given minds

GeoGee says (06:35:48):
Welcome to  the room @znm

Sarge57 says to  (06:36:04):
Than, after we have a national consensus (in the form of 3/4 of the state legislatures ratifying an amendment) then we can debate as to what form national health insurance should take

2znm says to  (06:36:08):
hee hee hey GEE

Sarge57 says to  (06:36:51):
The constitution should NOT be amended by a simple majority vote of Congress!!!!
2znm says to  (06:38:23):
we are on the way to socialism

2znm says to  (06:38:36):
i dont know much about the political playing field

2znm says to  (06:38:56):
but i most say things will change whether it is voluntery or not

2znm says to  (06:42:07):
even thorugh everyone oppse the healthcare bill ..something most be put in place for healthcare..a makeshift bill have to be put in put in place until they starighten out another way to take care the iussues that plague this country

2znm says to  (06:42:49):
@sarge..you are correct…but with a failing economy ..what esle would you suggest they do

2znm says to  (06:42:59):
in the mean time peole will be dieing

2znm says to  (06:43:54):
mccain wasnt no better

2znm says to  (06:44:05):

2znm says to  (06:44:54):
hee hee@caller

2znm says to  (06:45:06):
the country is already destryed

2znm says to  (06:45:49):
he is a politicain2znm says to  (06:45:55):
what do you think
2znm says to  (06:46:10):

2znm says to  (06:46:41):
he is a leo ..leos lie to get more glory

2znm says to  (06:47:18):
<–i wonder why you guys didnt go off like this when bush was in office
buzztok says to  (06:47:24):
Sounds like Sarge should have worked harder to get McCain/Palin into office

2znm says to  (06:47:37):
yeah..i think so

2znm says to  (06:47:52):
buzztok says to  (06:48:50):
Sarge, great fill in for Alan Keyes

2znm says to  (06:49:15):
but i like his  passion

buzztok says to  (06:49:46):
Passion is ok, but it is displaced passion

2znm says to  (06:50:17):
yeah…the passion american are showing for barack ..should have beene showed to bush and cheney

Sarge57 says to  (06:50:27):
Obama lied about the “Otto Raddutz” story

2znm says to  (06:50:37):
starting with the beginning of this war

buzztok says to  (06:50:58):
Sarge where were you during Iraq war?

2znm says to  (06:51:12):
we would not have never heard of barack if they had known the real truth from tyhe beginning

2znm says to  (06:51:34):
bush lied about the weapons of mass destruction

2znm says to  (06:51:43):
he lied about 911

Sarge57 says to  (06:52:10):
I was anational Guarddsmen called up for the Gulf War in 1991.  I am an 18 month Vietnam combat veteran.  70-71
2znm says to  (06:52:33):
he didnt have to lie as a matte of fact becaseu he did it right in front of yall face and yall stood there and did  nothing

buzztok says to  (06:52:33):
Sarge, what would you have had Obama to do about the financial mess that Bush left the country in?

2znm says to  (06:53:27):
bush and his cronnies ganged raped america …and you did nothing

2znm says to  (06:53:40):
he did it in brood day light

2znm says to  (06:54:01):
and in front of the whole world

Sarge57 says to  (06:54:15):
I would have him do nothing, as Coolidge did, as Harding did, and/or ermove the disincentives, the USELESS environmental regulations, the tax disincentives and all the other impediments to growth that Marxists like Obama love

buzztok says to  (06:54:58):
oh ok, let’s just get the govt out of the way?

2znm says to  (06:54:59):
..so why are you so mad at barack …his white lies has nothing to do with the blantant respect that bush gave the american peole

Sarge57 says to  (06:55:11):
Coolidge and Harding presided over depressions that were over in a year or so.  FDR made it worse by his policies

buzztok says to  (06:56:16):
Sarge, the nerve of Bill Clinton leaving Bush with a surplus.

2znm says to  (06:56:27):
well barack cant pull us out in a year …especailly when all the big companies have moved out the usa  and relocated to another country

Sarge57 says to  (06:56:34):
Obama has QUADRUPLED the debt that Bush piled up.  His proposed spending in absolute numbers exceeds all previous presidents COMBINED

2znm says to  (06:56:39):
hee hee@buzz

2znm says to  (06:57:05):
i dont that@sarge

2znm says to  (06:57:09):

buzztok says to  (06:57:22):
yep, Obama should have just pulled an Ostrich move, and stick his head in the sand.

2znm says to  (06:57:35):
whatever policies that barack putin place will not be put in place till next term

2znm says to  (06:57:54):
it will take another 4 years to get bush policies out of america system

2znm says to  (06:58:02):
thats what peole dont understand

buzztok says to  (06:58:19):
It will take a generation to get bush policies out of the system
buzztok says to  (06:58:33):
Sarge has selective outrage

Sarge57 says to  (06:58:37):
people give presidents too much blame and too much credit for good OR bad economies.  It is NOT their job to be the primary shepard of the economy.  Unlike Ann Dunnes Mao China, we dont have a “Great Helmsman” here

2znm says to  (06:58:48):
yeah i heard that he put some thing in place that would affect the war for a couple of generations to come

2znm says to  (06:58:59):
lol@buzz…. i think so

buzztok says to  (06:59:32):
Sarge if we give Presidents too much blame/credit for economy, why are you blaming President Obama for the economy?

2znm says to  (06:59:44):
no the president is only the figure head thats all

Sarge57 says to  (06:59:53):
Thr free market is composed of billions of voluntary interactions that are dynamic and constantly changing>>> No one individual can POSSIBLY manage that

2znm says to  (06:59:59):
the reall peole who run this country are behind close doors

buzztok says to  (07:00:12):
Sarge, you are arguing against yourself

2znm says to  (07:00:23):
the  president have some power but the real power is in england somewhere

2znm says to  (07:01:07):
the g8, the rothschilds, the illuminati, mason…whatever

Sarge57 says to  (07:01:15):
Presidents can do far more to DAMAGE the economy that to help it…. With High taxation, excessive regulation, and inflationary monetary policy

GeoGee says (07:01:13):
You all have a very engaging debate going on here!

2znm says to  (07:01:21):
they run this country not the president

Sarge57 says to  (07:01:51):
As well as insane govt policy lile the “Community Reinvestment Act”

buzztok says to  (07:02:12):

Sarge, lets just get rid of our Presidential system.  Let’s elect kinks and queens

2znm says to  (07:02:12):
the president cant do nothing wiith out consulting these peosle

GeoGee says (07:02:26):
Sarge you you can hit me up @ gilliamgeorge3@Gmail.com I’ll put the show together…..anybody else here interested in coming on hit me  as well

2znm says to  (07:03:00):
i not really in govt ..so i dont know how it works exaclty but i know enough to say ..there is more to this eqation then meets the eye

Sarge57 says to  (07:03:25):
The constitution is a LIMIT not a grant of authority.  If our public officers do not respect the constitution, than what legal apparatus exists to restrain them???

2znm says to  (07:03:57):
the public offiers ..do not respect the constitution

Sarge57 says to  (07:04:17):
We dont have to get rid of the presidency.  Just the usurping marxist that claims to be POTUS

buzztok says to  (07:04:25):
Sarge,  I think you are the perfect advocate for McCain/Palin in 2012

2znm says to  (07:04:34):
this country  is on a decline due to the rampant hate that one one has tried to stop

2znm says to  (07:04:55):
no one

buzztok says to  (07:05:05):
Sarge, yep, that Marxist just usurped the American justice system, and got elected by the American people

Sarge57 says to  (07:05:06):
FORCE HIM TO PROVE THAT HE IS constitutionally qualified, or throw him the hell out!!!!

2znm says to  (07:05:07):
race tensions are high

2znm says to  (07:05:31):
finaincal tensions are high

Sarge57 says to  (07:05:42):
He lied and was shielded by the main stream media

2znm says to  (07:05:58):
i heard the last of the muti million dollar business moved out last year

buzztok says to  (07:05:58):Sarge, not sure where you get this rage, but you seem pretty angry.

2znm says to  (07:06:09):
only walmart remains here in the usa

Sarge57 says to  (07:06:09):
People actually believed that he was a left of center “moderate”

2znm says to  (07:06:30):
poel needs jobs

2znm says to  (07:06:46):
obama cannot stop  these company from moving

2znm says to  (07:07:13):
their is a intention to destroy america so that their will be a nwo

Sarge57 says to  (07:07:36):
He is a radical, surreounded by radicals and I can objectively show that.  I cite Holdren, Sunstein, Van Jones, Anne Dunne, Mark Lloyd, Etc, Etc, Etc

2znm says to  (07:07:42):
no one country will be bigger tehn the next ..only a choosen few will run this world

buzztok says to  (07:07:46):
Sarge, why do you care what Obama’s political base is?

buzztok says to  (07:08:12):
Alan Grayson on Bill Maher right now, yes!

2znm says to  (07:08:22):
america will be broken and there is nothing you can do about it

2znm says to  (07:08:41):
mccain or barack ..this country is going down

Sarge57 says to  (07:09:11):
I am angry has hell that a usurping marxist demagogue has seized the WH W/O constitutional authority, and it is deemed improper of us to say so

2znm says to  (07:09:31):
your priorities are wrong

2znm says to  (07:09:48):
obama is not your issues

Sarge57 says to  (07:09:53):
Obama’s epistemology is alien to the governing traditions of this nation

2znm says to  (07:10:06):
like the speaker just said…the diease is us

2znm says to  (07:10:30):
we are fugging opurselves

Sarge57 says to  (07:10:55):
He thinks a winning election and a Congressional majority entitles him ti fundamentally remake this nation without constitutional amendment

2znm says to  (07:11:05):

buzztok says to  (07:11:09):
Sarge, you have a hatred for the President, that is abnormal at best.  There is a little girl without a father that died in Iraq war that could have used your outrage.  It might have made a difference.

Sarge57 says to  (07:11:28):
This debate is NOT about me.  It is about this usurper

2znm says to  (07:11:48):
i voted for barack becaseu he had a bigger heart then mccain..becaseu i knew either way this country is abou to be crap

Sarge57 says to  (07:12:23):
If you think that I have issues, Read his book that was ghost written by Ayres, Dreams from my Father

Sarge57 says to  (07:13:30):
I have.  I own the book.  It is CHOCK-a-BLOCK full of racial neuroses.  It reads like a dime store edition of “Mein Kampf.”

buzztok says to  (07:13:41):
Sarge, I think you mean Ayers, but that was a hoax

buzztok says to  (07:14:05):
are you saying that Obama is like Hitler?

says to  (07:14:13):
2znm says to  (07:15:13):
well i have heard that they have concentration camps and c500,000 caskets

2znm says to  (07:15:30):
and no one knows why they are being made for

Sarge57 says to  (07:15:41):
I differ with your depiction of my disdain for Obama as “hatred”  I prefer the sort of loathing that one has for a coiled rattler in your living room, but I wont quibble overmuch.  He is far deadlier than ANY rattler.  Just ask an unwanted unborn

2znm says to  (07:15:43):

2znm says to  (07:16:05):
but that all started in the bush regime
2znm says to  (07:16:24):
but whatever it is will be carried out under obma

2znm says to  (07:16:56):
yeh i agree @sarge

Sarge57 says to  (07:17:26):
His abortion policies would not be out of place in the 3rd Reich, specifically the Tiergartensrasse Vier (T-4) Acktion-4 Program

2znm says to  (07:17:46):
he has given the abortion clinic to come in our commuinty  and start mass genocide

2znm says to  (07:18:14):
actually it aleady strted

buzztok says to  (07:18:17):
Sarge, you are right, Hitler would have loved to have a black man among his ranks.  –  not

2znm says to  (07:18:25):
but they are about to go in double time

Sarge57 says to  (07:22:05):
I am currently reading a book Black Nazis by Veronica Clark.  Several (168) African German citizens were given permission to join the Whermacht an fought on the Eastern Fron.  One named Werner Egioume detailed his experiences in a German historical study

2znm says to  (07:22:45):
what i dont like is the gay movement

2znm says to  (07:23:01):
i dont know if i should be threatherned or not

2znm says to  (07:23:10):
they are trying to put that in the schools

2znm says to  (07:24:05):
no..we are going to have to burn washington  dc down

2znm says to  (07:24:15):
and start all over again

buzztok says to  (07:24:18):
oh ok, great! You should have said that in the first place!   Obama is Hitler.

2znm says to  (07:24:48):

Sarge57 says to  (07:24:56):
Another was a former French Legionaire named Louis Joachim Eugene and Norbert Desiree who were also enlisted after the Fall of France and also fought on the Eastern Front.  I am looking at photos of them in the book.  They received the Iron Cross, second c

2znm says to  (07:24:58):

2znm says to  (07:25:37):
well ..it was nice chit chatting with you guys..ill see yall aorund

Sarge57 says to  (07:25:57):
But that has nothiong to do with Obama.  He has fascist instincts.  Nazis ans fascists are just right wing communists

buzztok says to  (07:25:58):
ok c ya Z. take care

buzztok says to  (07:27:21):
Is Obama a Nazi, Communist, Socialist, or Fascist?  Which one?

GeoGee says (07:27:35):
Inside five minutes. I want to thank you all for your unbridled and passionate contributions to tonight’s show. Remember to hit the second icon from the right at the top of the page to copy and paste the transscript of the conversations else where

GeoGee says (07:27:59):
Continue to come back  Thanks a bunch

Sarge57 says to  (07:28:34):
Obama is a Marxist, who is willing to use facist methods as an intermediate tactic for socialization of the country.

Sarge57 says to  (07:30:24):
He is not a communist, because there is no evidence that he belonged to the Communist Party.  His belief system is marxist.  He has belonged to allied organizations, though

Sarge57 says to  (07:30:57):
Specifically the New Party in Illinois, a CP front group

GeoGee says (07:32:00):
Sarge the show is go…I’ll be in touch to set it all up

Sarge57 says to  (07:32:12):
If you would spend 6 years studying Obama has I have, you would find this out too

buzztok says to  (07:32:59):

Sarge,  you have an awful lot of time on your hand

Sarge57 says to GeoGee (private) (07:33:02):
my email is

Sarge57 says to  (07:33:26):

I am a retired Illinois State Policeman

GeoGee says to Sarge57 (private) (07:33:35):
Thanks will do I’m @

Sarge57 says to  (07:34:25):
I am doing all that I can to fill in the gaps that the main stream media didnt want you to know about him

Sarge57 says to  (07:35:15):
They WILL NOT tell the truth about him because they want his leftist agenda to succeed

Sarge57 says to  (07:35:39):

That will mean the end of American exceptionalism

Sarge57 says to  (07:49:21):
Unlike the pedestrian, Hallmark greeting card teleprompter delivered tautology of Obama, keyes is genuinely eloquent, like the founding fathers

Sarge57 says to  (07:49:59):
He deliver his speeches WITHOUT NOTES!!!!

buzztok says to  (07:50:12):
President Obama is the President.  You should have had your politiical comarades to come out and vote on 11.4.08 so that your choice would be in the White house.

Sarge57 says to  (07:51:01):
He may not be the greatest politician, but he has the finest mind for governance that I have ever seen

Sarge57 says to  (07:51:58):
Obama winning the election is no mandate for altering the constitutional form of that government,  no matter how much he thinks so.

Sarge57 says to  (07:53:21):
He is getting push back from within his OWN party.  If the RATS hung together, the GOP could not block ONE VOTE for what he wants to do

Sarge57 says to  (07:53:58):
They know they will be booted from office if they vote with him in 2010

buzztok says to  (07:55:03):
Sarge, I think you are way out there, but thank you for your conversation.

buzztok says to  (07:56:00):
time for me to hit the sack


Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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