The HAPPY ACT (H.R. 3501)

money_dog-12613The HAPPY ACT (very aptly named too!) (H.R. 3501) was recently introduced to the U.S. House of Representatives by Representative Thaddeus McCotter, a Republican from Michigan and referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means.  If this bill is approved, this act would amend the Internal Revenue Code to allow an individual to deduct up to $3,500 for “qualified pet care expenses.”  See why it’s called the Happy Act now don’t you? Some pet owners are grinning like a  Happy Meal. This would allow pet owning taxpayers to claim routine pet care expenses such as veterinary visits on their tax returns.  . Qualifying Pets would be those who are legally owned, domesticated live animals.” The measure does not encompass animals that are utilized in a professional or working capacity or animals that are used for research.

As a pet owner, I’ve long been advocating for something like this, albeit, usually to my dog,  Bandit after he’s gone through another one of his bags of dog food. “The way you eat I should claim you as a dependent on my taxes!” I’m also not the only pet owner that has ever thought that with a straight face either, so you all can stop thinking “he ought to be ashamed of himself”

Anyway I see this bill as being beneficial to non pet owners as well. (About right now I’ve got a lot pet less people  out there with folded arms scowls thinking “I got to hear this”).  But hear me out before you bail out of this post.

Number one. It will result in fewer abandoned pets. Especially as some pet owners struggle through these challenging economic times and often times find they can no longer afford Fido or Fluffy and abandon them. Just like the uninsured American, abandoned pets ultimately wind up siphoning out of your wallet. Whether it’s running loose wreaking havoc and personal damage in your neighborhoods, or the abandoned population growing by leaps and bounds demanding an increase state and federal funded control agencies, the cost will come a knocking at your door Mr. & Ms Taxpayer,  palms open and tails wagging.

Number two.  The bill, if passed,  will unequivocally encourage pet ownership which in turn will create businesses  that create…..come on yall….come on..JOBS!!! (The folded arm bunch are starting to come around, they’re grumbling, but they’re coming)

Number three.  Disease by dog or cat  will surely diminish as more pet owners will receive some sort of stipend to offset these astronomical vet bills. Fido gets his vaccinations and when he drools in your scotch and soda, you have no worries.  The ASPCA estimates yearly veterinary expenses for one adult cat can run close to $700. And don’t get me started with the dog bill. And if the animal has underlying issues, well the ASPCA aren’t going to tell you that estimate for fear they’ll have quite a few animals suddenly being dropped off, more than likely from Johnny come lately pet owners that didn’t realize animals need doctors too.

So, I see this measure as being a good one for all involved, especially our animal friends.  Now Bandit can get that face lift he’s needed (What??? The measure doesn’t cover dog plastic surgery? What about a dog tummy tuck? No? How about dog breast enhancement?) ” No Bandit, the last one is not for you”

“Why is Bandit calling the PETA people?” I’m just asking these things so I can keep my readers informed. Hey look yall, on the serious tip, my phone is ringing, the caller ID is flashing PETA, Uh-oh, this last paragraph might have did it for me, and I don’t have any children here that can answer and lie “Daddy’s not home” If you all don’t see any activity in The Factor for a couple days, hold on to your spare change. I might need a get out of PETA Fund.

More on the HAPPY ACT as it progresses.   .

See the actual document. Follow the Link below


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“Who in t hell taught this  dog how  to dial a phone????????”

Bandit is to be given an encore for being a good sport and letting me tape all that money on him for the photo used in this post.


Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

2 thoughts on “The HAPPY ACT (H.R. 3501)”

  1. Thanks for the post GeoG. It’s really touching to see people who truly love and care for their animal family.

    It would be great if this passes. Explain to me about PETA? are they for the bill or against the bill. if against, why?

    i hope we can also count on your support in getting the health care reform bill passed before 11/2010!


  2. Vanesia,

    PETA is strangely vague at this point on their position on the Happy Act. A visit to their official website turns up no mention of it. A call to their headquarters got me this response from a lady answering the phone ” I personally think the Happy Act is a good thing” clearly she wasn’t speaking for them.

    Yes you can count on me to do whatever I can to expedite the passing of the Health care reform bill in 2010. Its long overdue.

    Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to tag yourself as fan @ our Facebook page so you receive all the things we do firsthand here at The Contingency Factor.


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