The Problem With Tyler Perry’s Messages

You know I’m looking at Tyler Perry “Meet the Browns” I really don’t know any sober black people like Mr. Brown. I’ve long been a critic of Perry’s dabbling in minstrel stereo types to propel plots and and enhance story lines.

This brings me to my discontent with his recent production of For Colored Girls,” which I feel has left a huge proportion of black men misrepresented again.

Let’s do the run.  The black men in the film portrayed a rapist, a thief, an abuser who murdered his own kids, a pimp, and a brother on the down low.  Now, Hill Harper shined as the positive denominator, but he was the only glimmer of salvation in the atrocious reality that speaks to the experience of the black woman in America in this film.

This is dangerous and you only need trade races for a moment to grasp it.

Those outside the Black community  watching this film has to come away with the impression that most black women are well-balanced, fair and emotionally dealing with men who aren’t worthy.  They also probably conclude that a  small percentage of black men have the capacity to do good things, but that most of them are thieves , liars, and cheats. To be real I don’t see how they cannot come away thinking most black men are true representatives of the stereotypes they’re worked so hard over the decades to terminate.

Now I’m not by any means hating on Perry. The man is talented. His ability to pull off a veiled abomination of his own fraternity gender time and time again and get paid for it validates his talent. For those that feel I’m unduly harsh, date 6 ft man in a wig and momma dress with balloons for breast and come back and share the experience.

Perhaps Perry needs to level the theatrics.  A sequel   titled, “For Colored Men”. would be an amicable offering.

In the film, highlighted would be   the huge percentage  of black men who do the right things and end up being demonized for not doing the right thing in the right way.  We’d see the man who doesn’t entertain marriage for considerate sincere reasons, however is coerced by a woman, a culture that forces men to embark on endeavors the coercers  themselves aren’t good at.   And he’d have to portray the gay black men who go to a church that has no answer for his situation.  Then there is the black man that gave up the opportunities of further education and job advancement to become a young father unknowing the sacrifices would leave him ill equipped to financially and emotionally deliver on his intent.  Resulting in frustration and a label damning to his integrity, one of inadequate, deadbeat, sorry, often times by his own woman.

While he’s at it maybe he would really want to show us how talented he is by delivering  a story dealing with the labels that have become somewhat barriers between black men and women. The independent woman , educated black man and all the like. Come on Tyler if you’re going to tell stories tell them all.

I’d wager a dime to a doughnut that the conclusion of films with the overtones of “For Colored Girls Only”  black women depart with more animosity and detestation toward black men than they harbored before the  opening credits of the film hit the screen.

When one starts telling stories of any genre, there are always two sides. And Perry has the annoying habit of being vaguely one dimensional.  But then it’s a business isn’t it?

Like the mega churches, look at the demographics of his audience, and it’s all crystal clear. He has to play to the ticket buyers. That being the case, give the ticket buyers solutions , give them some value for their investment, as opposed to a few hours  of glossed over propaganda.

I  love Tyler Perry, and am not challenging his talent , instead I am questioning his intentions.



Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

4 thoughts on “The Problem With Tyler Perry’s Messages”

  1. People act according to how they view themselves.

    Geo, I love the movie for different reasons. Let’s face it; if the shoe fits, well, it fits. If you’re not wearing that shoe, then size up the other brothers wearing the tight shoes because they are out there destroying lives including their own.

    Wednesday night as I sat waiting to moderate a weekly show that I sponsor, I was not prepared for what I heard next. Ms. Mitchell opened her raw, infected, bloody wound. A mother to 9 children she asks herself how I got here? A brilliant scholar, a warm and beautiful spirit seeking love, found herself going through a hell people keep telling her she asked for. WTH. I was dating a man that I thought was a beautiful soul and he also changed face, so I could relate to her story. Sometimes, I wonder if men think we just jump into relationships because we have nothing better to do. We are so “thirsty” as it is said, that we just “want” to settle for whatever. But men are so clever at playing a game that we think is meaningful, and by the time we figure out that it is not, the damage is done. We genuinely LOVE, and are broken to pieces because the male, yes, the male that we chose wants to play on more than one beach.

    I’ve interviewed too many men that have acknowledged their disrespectful and distbehavior George, and I hear what you’re saying here.

    You know I love you, but to be fair, many brothers saw themselves up on that screen. In fact, I am a frequent Twitter bug and the brothas that are not clowning on Twitter are Tweeting apologetic tweets or encouraging other brothas to PLEASE see the movie. So what does that message say Geo? A young woman I was tweeting with said that she saw herself in ALL of those situations (Yeah, gasp). So, if we are going to talk about all the stories Geo, let’s do that because there are many stories to tell. Women and men have relationship issues because they don’t know themselves and/or how to relate to another being. It’s that simple. Because if people knew who they were and how to relate, they would respect themselves and the Diamond that God set before them.

    Coach Ryeal reminds us both to prepare yourself so we don’t have to repair yourself. Jawar said, you can’t be good to others when you haven’t been good to yourself“. And KingdomGate_Ent, well he just rolls out the red carpet… Men if you can’t handle your issues at heart you won’t be able to help her handle hers. And we wonder why we end up singing Chris Brown’s song, look at the Damage. Stop leaving us unprotected after we have chosen you. If we could stop acting like males and females, so we can become better men and women. 🙂

    Who we truly are on a deeper level is literally beyond words. All the words in the world couldn’t go close to defining us. The most beautiful sights and experiences on this planet …pale in comparison to us.” Hermal

    If Jesus invited t/adulturous woman to start over… well, what are you waiting for? “Jesus said, ‘Come'”. Matt 14:29

    I need high prayers to breathe through, I need to shine like I used to and I, know that I’m not supposed to be for nothing.
    I need a breeze to carry me safe; I need some peace to find my way
    I need a song to hold in my palm, and feel the love that made me.
    I need to slide deliciously down, to where I HURT THE LEAST.
    ~Cree Summer


    1. Diamond, thanks for investing the time to share your always welcomed wisdom and insight.

      I whole heartedly agree with your response. I am by no means suggesting Perry downplay or veil issues or crimes black men are responsible for. To the contrary my concern is I find his extremes problematic in that they charge only the black male all too often and stop short of expanding on the entirety and root of how the character came to be.

      Absolutely , atrocities have been committed against our women by our own. And for those that take ownership of their roles and have taken steps to acheive resolutions or reform , I applaud their efforts .

      My thing with Perry’s overall portrayal of Black men extends far beyond “For Colored Girls Only” His entire catalog of works tends to leave a tainted portrait of black men as unfaithful and dysfunctional, coonery inclined, broke and struggling, overall just a group of men laden with problems they created alone. And that is simply not the truth.

      Daddy’s Little Girls was a glimmer, but there is that down on his luck black man again. (It seems when it comes to Tyler, black men have to be down on their luck to do any good). Iris Elba’s character could have very been an attorney, or banker, or teacher that wasn’t down on their luck, and not have distracted from the storyline at all.

      Again I’m not throwing Tyler under the bus, I simply feel his the representation of black men overall in his works is misconstrued.

      Enjoyed your response!! A different and fresh dimension is always a leaning vice.


  2. I feel you. 🙂

    Geo you know that I “love Us” with all of my heart, but I cannot ignore what eye-witness. The clients that I have served and continue to serve, the 20 brothers that I coached for six months who shared their lives with me straight no chaser, because they wanted to release their weight and come clean; or the heart wrenching interviews where men said, “My uncle, my daddy, or my brotha friends always told me to get as much p*ssy as I could”… instead of “Look man, what you’re doing is…??? both to yourself and to her.

    Let’s be mindful that when good movies are made, they don’t make the grade. No-one pays to see them, so they go straight to DVD. If we don’t support, we can’t see ourselves up there on the big screen doing BIG THINGS. Continue to be a blessing cuz I LOVE YOU.


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