You’ve been tried and denied, teased often not pleased, yeah, that’s why you  need to just lay back and enjoy this evening……  It’s time to feel good and feel nice and embody a piece of paradise

My left hand caresses the  smooth  neck as my right hand slides softly over the smooth well-rounded curves of a body waiting to resonate the mellow sounds of an elliptical performance.

My favorite instrument is as inviting as always and disposed for the night’s performance

Ascension is the emotion and electricity, and the stage is you.

I hold  the neck just right on one side with my thumb  and slide my fingers expertly up and down the adjacent side as I admire that alluring fragrance  stroking the smooth facial exterior up and down with the tip of my nose.

 “In the evening when the sun is done, why don’t you chill back and let me be the one?”

The spirit of sensuality that is awakened to accompany me in this  performance  will transcend from the high notes of a tremble chorus to the bass notes resonating so powerfully the soul shakes within. Finger exercise drills   lightly stroke the neck and tickle the ivories  while the lips are moistened for a vocal one on one vocal duet.

 “You’re a dream that should not have been a fantasy….”

The sweet mellow notes are moaned as my fingers  probe and stroke the strings to play sweet  erotic chords that  closes the eyes and rolls them rearward. The mouth is opened and the wait to inhale is over as deep gulps of oxygen are involuntary fueling brain spinning revolutions of tiny explosions .

The entire spirit is resurrected by spasms of orgasmic nourishment as I mimic a Jimi Hendrix original , pounding out a chorus on the strings using the gentle presentation of  cunninglus to create solo harmonic notes of pleasure  running rampant through every  nerve in the body, downright heaven like.

 Just once if I had the chance , the things I would do…..

If you find me  compatible

You’ll be ascended  beyond your most  fanatical limits

I’m breaking  you off  something

That’ll  make you won’t want to get off

The neck of the instrument juts up, down, and around as I pound out the hit you came to experience me perform. Through the sweat of adrenaline and the fire of the red-hot embers of passion you are lifted up and away to time and place unique, and allowed to free fall through muscle tensing, fist clenching toe stretching into  a tranquil state of after glow and bliss.

As the concert winds down And the notes become slightly subdued, there is no inclusiveness, I know as I hug the personification of my emotional outlet close .

There is no inclusiveness or complacency after a performance of this magnitude, there Is definitely tomorrow, there is next week, there is next year, all booked concerts all on the radiating stage of color me attenuated for now .


Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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