A Miracle in Cleveland Ohio

Three women and a baby rescued after more than a  decade in captivity in a Cleveland neighborhood is nothing short of a miracle, a blessing of the highest magnitude most would certainly attest. And I agree.

I am overjoyed that these women and the child are free of what was certainly the most horrific, terrifying time of their lives. I’d like to see them happily reunited with their families, and welcomed back into society with opened arms and hearts at every turn reaping the finest fruits their lives can endow.

I also hope that the spotlights they’re going to be under the upcoming weeks are kind and respectful ones. It shouldn’t be too much to expect reporting as opposed to exploitation from the media. The pace and depth of such reporting dictated by the victims desire to share their experiences.

We can’t talk about this story without talking about Charles Ramsey. Charles Ramsey  that heeded the screams of  Amanda Berry as he was having lunch, and subsequently aided her Georjina DeJesus, Michelle Knight and a minor child  in their escape from the home on Seymour Avenue in Cleveland Ohio.

Charles Ramsey, like most of us , I’m certain would have dressed for the cameras, had his hair done, and been all primed and proper had he known he was going to be thrust  into the national spotlight.

But he didn’t know. He didn’t know that forces and the direction of fate was going to put him in the position of performing an act of valor that would be the magnet of nationwide media focus. Media focus that began as a simply interview by CNN, that went on to become a less than stellar  YouTube viral production. Not because of CNN, or Mr. Ramsey, instead, because of us.

Mr. Ramsey’s gallantry all too swiftly took a back seat to an abundance of degrading perceptions of another minority on the six o’clock news. Notice I said perception. Minstrel laced comments and discussions lit up the social sites further fueling the viral YouTube clip for all the wrong reasons.

The buzz was louder than that of a season of mating cicadas. A buzz that detoured the most important element of the story. Three women and a child were rescued from, all we know at this point, was a situation equivalent to the depths of hell. Four human beings had survived years of unwarranted, illegal incarceration.

I’m not implying Mr. Ramsey doesn’t deserve accolades and positive exposure for his gallant efforts. He most certainly does. What he doesn’t deserve is to be ridiculed and mocked, because he doesn’t fit someone’s stereotypical perception of the perfect interviewee, whatever and whoever the hell that is. Then as always, race found its way into the discussions. CNN allegedly went out and found a not so shining star in the African American community and threw him in front of the cameras. That charge my friend is just obtuse. Come now, Mr. Ramsey is a vital part of the story. As a matter of a fact if he would have made a decision to continue dinning and ignore the screams of Amanda Berry, there very well may not have been a story. What was CNN supposed to do? Go and find a “proper” person (whatever and whoever the hell that is) to speak for him?

It’s a sad state of affairs that finds some members of society focused on irrelevant, mannerisms, rhetorical style, and the appearance of a man that took it upon himself to take an action that ultimately resulted in four human beings being returned to society alive.

I’ll leave you with this. If Mr. Ramsey had made the news for raping, robbing, or killing, it would be an entirely different comment climate. Ya feel me?


Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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