Rabbits, Penises, Hope & Happiness

Question. Why are  rabbits so happy?

rabbitWell, mainly, because they have a lot of sex, and sex tends to make people, and rabbits happy. Rabbits  can also lick their own, well, you know. They don’t have to negotiate and barter in that context.

But male rabbits are particularly joyful and confident because if their baby maker gets clipped, they can regrow a new one

Researchers at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine  discovered that fully functioning penile tissue can be regenerated by rabbits, much in the same way a salamander can grow a new tail. I can see why Mother Nature would give a male rabbit this benefit. Rabbits do it a lot. I had some pet rabbits when I was a kid and one was male, the other female. If they weren’t eating they were (insert your own reference to getting it on).

This may be good news for men with erectile dysfunction and men who may have lost their penises or use of the member due to an injury, disease or insane wife or girlfriend. Remember John Bobbitt?.

The Wake Forest team had success in using cells from rabbits to grow replacement penile erectile tissue for the rabbits in the laboratory. After the tissue was implanted, the rabbits had completely normal sexual function and even fathered baby rabbits.

The same team of hero scientists who worked with the rabbit penises are well-known for engineering human organs in the lab. They are responsible for the engineered bladders of about 30 children and adults.

So in my real elderly years, does this mean there’s hope beyond swallowing blue pills? I’ll stay tuned.

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