Feed Her The Morning After

It was the smell of frying salmon patties that seduced her out of her deep orgasmic medicated slumber. She was startled upright after patting the space in the bed beside her and finding only crumpled sheets and an empty pillow.

She thought, “Where in the hell is Lance? I know after last night, he didn’t have the audacity to get up and take his ass out of here without at least saying goodbye. Bonehead! What is it with these men?” she was mumbling now swinging her feet over the edge of the bed and  down to the floor letting the sheet that had her partially  covered drop revealing her tall naked torso and ample breast.


“Who’s cooking salmon cakes?” she wondered as she slipped into her short red silk robe and fur slippers.

“Maybe that inconsiderate sexy fool had fixed himself something before he deserted her,” she thought heading toward the kitchen.

However, the noises coming out of the kitchen caused her to stop out of alarm before she got there and yell out “Hello? Who’s in the kitchen?”

“Who do you think baby” came Lance’s voice back at her.

She proceeded toward the kitchen thinking, “So that’s it. He is fixing himself something before he bails out. I must have put it on him so good last night it left him hungry. At least he could have awakened me.

She was stunned when she walked into the kitchen to see Lance clad in only black boxer briefs and an A shirt standing at  the stove flipping salmon patties in a frying pan , and what appeared to be grits and cheese bubbling in a saucepan behind them. He had some more things going on the stove that she couldn’t see.

“What’re you doing?” She asked him admiring the movement in his biceps as he flipped the patties.

“What does it look like I’m doing sweetie? Fixing you breakfast. Bring your fine tall ass over here and give me a kiss.”

“Well damn” she was awed as he turned and embraced her with his free arm planting a firm probing kiss on her lips, pulling her firmly against him.

“Ummm, she managed to mutter. “Breakfast and a show?”

“You got it baby just for you. Now why to don’t you grab that newspaper and take your fine sexy self back to the bed and relax and let me do this thing right” He turned his attention to the simmering pot of grits.

“Do you need any help?”

“What’d I say? Don’t sass me woman, I’ll spank you”

“Yes sir Papi!” she grabbed the newspaper off the counter and walked dumbfounded back toward the bedroom. She was thinking, “Maybe he’s a serial killer and was trying to poison her. Maybe he’s broke and is going to ask for a loan. A man in the kitchen cooking breakfast for her after a night of mind-blowing bliss, something wasn’t right with that.

She propped the pillows up against the headboard and laid back to contemplate this. Before she could get lost in the thought, the phone on her nightstand rang. It was Lance on his cell. “What is up with him? She said aloud picking up the phone.

“Baby do you mind if I use your juicer to make you some fresh OJ?”

“Uh, Uhhhh, no not at all, make juice. Lance, what are you up to with this breakfast thing, what do you want?

“I want you nice and fed and happy, so I can show my admiration again this morning for all of those fine attributes you possess. Then I would like to spend the rest of the day with you if you don’t mind. Now I have to hang up, I’ll be right up with your coffee”

Well I’ll be damned. I must be dreaming like a mother. She thought. She was bewildered and didn’t quite know what to do. A man in her kitchen cooking breakfast. Lance was a nice guy and all, but breakfast…in bed? Okay he is trying to kill me; she thought she could not stop thinking about this one.

Fifteen minutes later Lance walked through the door with a breakfast tray in his hand complete with a red rose in a vase.

“Breakfast is served my lady”

She was bug eyed and jaw dropped, as he opened the legs on the tray and placed it across her lap.

On this tray was a plate of two golden fried salmon patties, steaming grits and cheese, two golden brown buttered biscuits (where in the hell did he get the biscuits?) and the yellowiest scrambled eggs she’d ever seen. There was a cup of steaming coffee, and he wasn’t joking about the juice, a tall glass of orange juice cooled by crushed ice.

“Close your mouth baby, you might get something in it other than breakfast” he reached over and playfully pinched her cheek.

“Lance I’m impressed, no I’m blown away is what I am. Where did   you get the tray?

“I borrowed it from your neighbor. I saw her go out to get the paper and told her I was fixing you breakfast in bed and she more than happily loaned it to me. Don’t mention the flower though; I stole that out of her garden.”

“You went through all that to fix me breakfast? Lance I am going to be honest, are you trying to kill me? Do you need some money, you planning to dump me? What’s up?”

“Stop being silly, I wanted to fix you breakfast so you would have a relaxing morning. You put in some stellar work last night baby, you need to be rewarded.” He sat on the edge of the bed, broke a small piece of salmon off, and delicately placed it between her lips.

It was good! The man could cook! She dove right in at that point. The grits warming, just the right amount of sharp cheese, and the biscuits tasted homemade, but no way. The eggs were off the chain

“Lance, where’d you get the biscuits? And how’d you do these eggs?”

“I made them sweetie; little flour, little milk, and a lot of love, from me to you. The eggs? Scrambled them in a small bowl sprinkled in bacon bits and zapped them in the microwave.”  He leaned over the tray and kissed her lightly on her eyelash.

Between the breakfast and this antic, she felt a storm within her began to build. She thought to herself as she washed down the last of one salmon patty with a sip of the fresh juice, “If he is trying to kill me I’m going to go out happy as hell.

“Aren’t you eating Lance?”

“Yeah, I’ll nibble you after you’re finished your breakfast. Right now, I’m going clean up the kitchen. After that I’ll take of you baby.

He got up leaving her in awe. She took a sip of the dark strong sweet hot coffee, and thought of the parallels between the coffee and Lance.

She couldn’t wait for him to bring himself back.


Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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