Are You Visually Branding Your Blog or Website ?

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When we think “branding” in relation to our blogs or websites oftentimes we think content type, writing style, blog or site overall appearance and blog or site header image. Speaking from experience in the past, I was so consumed in getting my personal blogs and sites up and running the header image / logo was a hurriedly grabbed creative common’s image that lent some visual reference to the blog or site title. I suspect I’m not by myself in not spending more time to design, craft, or capture a logo or photo that really spoke to my brand.

Our site or blog’s logo is the visual cornerstone of our brand as content providers. It’s the first thing most content seekers are greeted with when visiting our digital businesses, blogs, storefronts, journals, and portfolios. An effective logo or photograph adds credibility and identification to our sites or blogs.

Our logos and header images should speak to our individual brands and styles. They should also leave an impression on our content consumers so lasting; our logos / header images should eventually be just as recognizable to even the occasional net surfer as some big corporate logos are.

Yes, it’s that serious. The majority of us are putting in countless hours and filling buckets with sweat creating amazing content and then killing that content with bland visual branding.

When a new reader leaves our site, we  want them to remember our brand and one way to reinforce that brand is with an exclusive header image or design.

If you’re one of those that are using an image from your hosting site’s default image vault you’re really trying and succeeding at getting lost in the crowd. Your image looks just like a hundred, possibly a thousand other content providers. Some reader’s reactions to this redundancy- “click” away- nothing new to see here. At least get something that masses aren’t using.

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After years of crafting logos for different projects, logo designer Min Ming Lo shares a set of questions that you should entertain when selecting a new header image or designing a logo for your blog or website. Go Here



Author: Geo Gee

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