The Fire Hydrant Gets a Face Lift

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Veteran New York Firefighter George Sigelakis and his team, Sigelock Systems LLC, New York, are on the eve of what they believe will be a total paradigm shift in the age old design of fire hydrants.

Sigelakis believes that it way past time to redesign the century old style of global fire hydrants and he has a new design ready to implement.

The central foundation of the new design is a 140-lb. cast ductile iron hydrant body that houses the rest of the assembly in its 24 x 14 x 14-in. envelope. The clamshell-shaped body gives the hydrant its main advantage over other hydrants on the market.

Fire Hydrant Gets A Makeover

Along with the new look the redesigned hydrant offer a new level of security against tampering. Sigelakis says the high strength ductile clamshell design keeps scofflaws from prying into it. It also deflects blows from blunt objects such as sledgehammers.

Sigelock calls the new hydrant the Spartan. The Spartan is also more resistant to rust and corrosion that it’s century old predecessor.

Sigelakis and Sidgelock’s goal is to eventually have The Spartan replace the majority of the nation’s 40 million plus old school hydrants.

We asked the family dog his opinion on the new design, but he refused to comment.



Author: Geo Gee

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