True Challenges of Today’s Fashion Bloggers & Writers


Fashion writers are often confronted with a catch22 dilemma.  They are challenged with being critical, yet non-partisan.  Then on the other side of the coin they’re faced with bestowing positive accolades upon a design, outfit or designer, yet  must  stop short of  personally endorsing the brand to avoid being tagged a sellout or ad driven.

Well respected and rockstar fashion writers and bloggers wield more power than most of designers they write about. They can make a break a new line, design, or style, by a few wicked taps of the keyboard. Critical writing has to be one of these folks biggest challenge.  This fact may be the one thing  that  frustrates the fashion journalist about their job—the painful sense that honest objectivity has to be treaded lightly in this genre. It’s a writing arena for the cunning and focused, those that can deliver the truth of the matter without killing the golden geese.

Since writers don’t feel allowed to come right out and say they “hate it”–a collection, an item–or to praise what is really praiseworthy but not new enough, their writing tends to develop an oblique, distorted character. It’s often clear they hate something, if only the horrid jostle and pressure of covering the shows; or, maybe, it’s dislike of their own contorted rhetoric that’s rubbing off on what they say about the clothes. It gives the phrases that “explain” the garments an over-the-top quality that only adds absurdity to an art already taking big aesthetic risks. (“The master of clean, Calvin Klein pairs thongs and a strapless dress with symmetrical slashes in silver, lending an Eastern flavor to his minimalist ethic”–Vogue.) Since this prose is often all the public gets, along with a few minimally informative photos, the long-term effect is to keep fashion looking much sillier than it actually is.” – Slate Magazine

Read Slate Magazine’s in-depth article on the perils of Fashion Writing  HERE.

Here are some of our favorite fashion bloggers that nail it with their writing. We never hesitate to point shoppers to their sites. When shopping for that female in your life fellows you’d do yourself a huge justice too checking in with these sites before hitting the stores.

Curves & Confidence – “Loving Who You Are Even When No One is Looking”

Trendy Curvy Plus Size Fashions – “My Fashions, My Styles, My Obsessions”

Fabulous Perks – “To Carry Oneself in a Lively and Jaunty Manner”

Monae Everett Hair and Makeup“Hair and Makeup Artist For Brides, Celebrities,Models, & You”


Author: Geo Gee

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