Wearing Hair Bands on Your Wrist Can Be Deadly


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Big ups to my favorite news anchoress extraordinaire Angela Green at WNCT-TV n Greenville N.C. for Facebooking this story.

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY (WNCT) –   A Kentucky woman says doctors blame her glittery hair-band for her infection on her wrist, according to CBS affiliate WLKY.

Audree Kopp noticed a growing bump on her wrist two weeks ago.

She says she went to a doctor who prescribed antibiotics.

Kopp says it continued to grow so she went to the emergency room.

She says she needed surgery or else she could have had sepsis.

What is sepsis?

Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening complication of an infection. Sepsis occurs when chemicals released into the bloodstream to fight the infection trigger inflammatory responses throughout the body. This inflammation can trigger a cascade of changes that can damage multiple organ systems, causing them to fail.

If sepsis progresses to septic shock, blood pressure drops dramatically, which may lead to death.

Anyone can develop sepsis, but it’s most common and most dangerous in older adults or those with weakened immune systems. Early treatment of sepsis, usually with antibiotics and large amounts of intravenous fluids, improves chances for survival. [SOURCE]

Doctors say it is likely that bacteria from the hair band  Kopp wore on her wrist got into her skin through her pores and hair follicles.

“Be careful, you can’t out all these hair ties around the wrist particularly because it can cause problems with the skin, it can cause infection,” Dr. Amit Guipta from Norton HealthCare told WLKY.

In Kopp’s case, it caused not one, but three types of infection.

Doctors report Kopp is recovering quickly.

Don’t brush this one off. If it happened to one lady it could happen to anyone.


Author: Geo Gee

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