How To Create Playbook That Will Foster Change In Your Life

Worrying is the human correlative to the warning lights on a vehicle’s dashboard.  In the case of a vehicle, it is usually the engine, transmission, or cooling system that triggers the warning light. In the case of the human body, something wrong in one’s life triggers the “worrying” warning signals.  Worrying leads to heart attacks, strokes diabetes, even cancer. Like the warning lights on a vehicle, if you ignore the human warnings, the problems will only fester and get better. They damn sure aren’t going to fix themselves.

What you need to do is to plot out a plan to terminate the problems triggering the worrying.

Start by writing down what has been heavy on your mind, heart, and spirit for the past six months. I suspect a lot of us are going to be writing down things related to money, relationships, health, and careers. The big four I like to call them. Be sincere with yourself. T

Then write down what is wrong with each item you listed.

Identify why the things you wrote down a problem in your life?

This is the beginning of your maintenance and repair manual. I like to call it a “Life Changing Playbook.

If you have ever watched an NFL football game you have seen some coaches holding in their hands a colorful laminated chart. That chart is the reason what you view on the football field is not the chaos it seems. Every run, every pass route, every block is planned and plotted to succeed against the opponent. This chart is an extension of the playbook. The playbook, a collection of well-devised and choreographed plans designed to succeed. Behind all successful teams is an effective playbook.

There is no reason your maintenance and repair manual, ergo; playbook should not be just as effective.

You simply have to decide what you want to do to resolve the issues you identified.

Enter the three Rs.

Renovate, Repair, or Replace.

Whatever is amiss in the items you listed is going to need one of the three “Rs”.

Think about it.

Would you let the engine in your car blow because of a $2.00 part? Then you should not let your life or happiness erodes because of a component, situation, or person that is worth small fraction of what your happiness, peace of mind and well-being is worth.

Oh, there is another R word. Road.

You’re going to have to decide what road to take based on what you need to repair, renovate, or replace. If your career skills need upgrading to pursue a better salary you are going to want to take a road that is going to provide time for you to do that.  That road may also have to offer provisions for an understanding spouse, or supporting significant other. That road may have to contain an option for supplemental income to pay for the knowledge upgrade.

Maybe you have realized the relationship you are in is no longer productive or fulfilling. The road you take should offer some provisions for counseling, or getting out of it. Whatever road you take will require you to have the will-power to confront the truth that the relationship is not for you.

Get out your personal life’s tools and begin to repair, renovate, or replace the offending components.

The Bible says “if thy right eye offends thee, pluck it out” Now if you got bad eyes, do not go plucking them out, but you get the message. If there is something offensive or negative in your life, you have to address it in order to move forward and avoid relapsing.   If it is on your mind and it connotes negativity, stress, and frustration it needs to come off your mind. Put it on your list of the things to resolve.

After you have  identified what’s wrong and what you want to do about what’s wrong, you have to do is decide WHEN you are going to start the renovation, replacement, and repairs. That answer should be easy.

Now! Right now.


The things in your life that are haunting you are your opponents. They are obstacles that are keeping you from scoring and succeeding. By writing them down, you have identified the opposition. Then by deciding how and when you are going to address them, you have devised your plays. The next step is to execute them.

Go out on that field of life and put them in action. Just like the NFL coach’s plays, not every play will yield 100% success each time. Even the ones that fall short are powerful in that they reveal the weaknesses in your plan and what you need to do to strengthen it.

Revise, re-execute at another opportunity where it will be more effective.

You are playing offense now. Doesn’t it feel good when you have the ball? However, those opposing forces are playing defense. You need to score changes, positive changes and to do that you are going to have to work your personal playbook and chart. Your playbook should be accessible at all times and your play chart should be even more accessible.

To put it in a more familiar context, the playbook can be your project list, your to-do list, or your action list.

It can be  in analog or digital form, residing in your favorite notebook, on your hard drive, smartphone, or in the internet cloud. The important thing is it has to exist.

If you want, mimic those cool NFL coaches get  an 8×10 piece of laminated cardstock and a pack of assorted dry erase markers and write up your daily play chart. You can even cover your mouth with it when speaking with people giving the impression the Patriots are spying on you.

The charts are colorful, editable, and people find them extremely interesting. I use one, complete with each defensive X representing something I want to change or obtain. However, you do not have to use football figures, you can simply write up your daily actions and appointments list.

It is not a gimmick, if it works for million dollar minds it should work for you.

Write down what is wrong. Decide if you are going to repair, renovate, or replace and draft a plan to execute your decisions.

There you have it. You are on your way to a lot of wins.

Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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