6 Simple Habits to Keep Your Marriage on Fleek – JetMag.com

These daily to-dos can ensure the spark stays in your relationship and marriage.

I’ll be the first to admit that developing new habits is pretty tough for me. My guess is that it’s pretty tough for most people. As we get older, we get pretty set in our ways – good or bad. Trying a new way of doing things, even if we know it’s what’s best for us, can be pretty hard.

But, it’s no surprise that developing new (and beneficial) habits can do a lot for the quality of our lives. Whether it’s sleeping better, eating healthier foods, or cutting back on stress – we all know that a good habit can go a really long way to making us happier.
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Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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