Late Night TV Is A Cesspool Of Snake Oil Salesmen


Have ya’ll  tried to find anything to watch on late night Sunday cable  TV and encountered these belligerent snake oil salesmen? I keep seeing a couple of them on the BET channel every Sunday night.

The most famous of the bunch I encountered is this dude named Peter Popoff. Peter Popoff ya’ll. Now if the name itself doesn’t call even the most bankrupt illiterate among us to cry bullshit and giggle then we’re truly the lost society.

Popoff  was found to be using an earpiece and receiving tips from his wife   via radio transmission to help him appear to be psychic. by an investigative group. The wife was reading from information cards the selected “Popoff health problem afflicted attendee” had  supplied beforehand. [SOURCE AND FULL ARTICLE]

Well, I  Popoff be damned!

What behooves me is that this dude is still bullshitting people in 2015. Oh, he’s bullshitting them and getting paid to do it because infomercials don’t come free.

He’s still hawking “miracle healing holy water”. Send the good reverend some money and he’ll send you a small bag of water.  A small bag of “Holy Water”.

Well, ya’ll, most religious contexts that I know of say the GPS to heaven suggests the destination to the holy arches is somewhere upwards. That being the case any water falling from above stands a better chance of being “Holy and Healing” than anything Popoff is mailing you.

You’d stand a better chance of  getting healed by some rainwater you collected in a bucket.

And rainwater is free. So is prayer. You don’t have to pay anybody for a workable prayer. You’re capable of doing that without any help from anyone except who you’re praying to.

So don’t entertain for a second sending someone with a sexual or money connotated name anything for a bag of water.

Since you’re this far in this blog post I’ll tell you about another dude that is straight up selling snake oil.

Pastor Danny Davis actually selling “free no evil” oil.

This late night show was so, forgive the irony, but entertaining to watch. Hearing snake oil sales man, Pastor Danny Davis slip into “tongues,” recount his literal, physical wrestling match with the devil (he won), witnessing his bizarre facial expressions and internally provoked outbursts, and hearing him speak perfectly naturally in antiquated English with a welcoming smile on his face at a college professor’s desk. Items that his ministry sends out is an annointed prayer hankerchief, a $1in which I am supposed to send $49 more as a sign of faith that I would get back tenfold. ( I will always be broke then)

The Pastor Danny Davis may have made his millions for now hawking the “No Evil Oil” for over a couple of years on late night cable religious channels, and is now enjoying the blessings that the Lord showered upon him by taking money away from all the suffering people with a few dollars to spare here and there. [SOURCE]

The good Reverend Davis doesn’t even attempt to escape the snake oil cesspool. He calls his product “oil”. This here “oil” comes with a glove. He says the oil  can do all sorts of things, one of which is to bring you prosperity.

Here are just two of Davis’ outlandish claims.

One member of his “congregation” is alleged to have had a son that was locked up. Davis claims an “oil”  anointed photograph of her incarcerated son got the man an early prison release from the big house. Another congregant was cured of a persistent skin condition by virtue of No-Evil Oil’s concentrated evil-busting power.

Side note. I’m not too sure just how many of Davis’ and Popoff’s recipients of miracles are on their payrolls. – Just sayin’ not accusing.

But not before YOU bring him prosperity.

The subscriber to this bullshit is encouraged to return the glove, now thoroughly suffused with angelic energy, to Davis’ ministry – along with a completely optional donation ranging between $20 and $818 to prove his or her faith.

Now I didn’t choose this particular topic because I ran out of ideas. I chose it because I want to help some folks to avoid being separated  from their hard earned money and lifelong savings.

I’m 100% sure the readers and subscribers to this blog don’t fall for these snake oil salesman’s bullshit. We do have elderly ill relatives and friends that trust any slickster that attaches reverend or pastor in front of their first name. We all know some folks that are so desperate for a solution to their pains and despairs that they will grasp for any semblance of a life line.

Those are the folks we as bloggers, friends, and relatives have to educate against characters like those that are subject of this blog.  Remember that.

It’s vile and callous to prey in the ill, the weak, and the desperate. Any dissemination of information that will inform and educate can only help.

Copiously share this post.


Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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