A Curious Facebook Post On Aggressive Intimancy

I found this insight on women, passion, men, and sex posted on one of my Facebook pages.

No matter who she is, where she’s from, how much she makes, what type of job she has or what her education level is, there is ONE thing that EVERY woman wants from the man she chooses to get it in with…AGGRESSIVE PASSION.

Definition: A lascivious and unusual sexual desire delivered in an intense and assertive manner.

What most men don’t understand about women is the fact that the vast majority of women in the world HAVE to walk around virtually sexually repressed all day in fear of being characterized a h0e or a skank. Of course the world expects women to put up a gorgeous front with a lot of sex appeal but at the same time, always appear to be a LADY of high class, morals and esteem. What this creates is the professional and quasi-personal facade that women have to display 90% of the time — which they NEED to LOSE when they are behind closed doors with their man.

All women have a freak in them, DYING to get out and play.

And MEN, it’s YOUR Job to bring it out of her. And the #1 way to bring that out of her is by making her feel like the SEXIEST and most DESIRED woman to grace God’s green earth. Make her feel as if there’s nothing you won’t do to please her and that she is so F*^KING SEXY that you can’t help but be all over her — hair pulling, neck biting, booty-grabbing, essentially draping her up on the wall and letting her know that her a*s is YOURS.

What she DOESN’T need is to HAVE to take control and give you green lights and other signals to let you know what’s acceptable and what’s not — this is NOT work, so stop making her deal with the same sh*t she has to deal with at the office all day. When you get her alone, don’t ask — tell, don’t inform — command, don’t beg — DOMINATE. No matter how much of a Type-A personality she may have, women LOVE feeling like a woman, who can be provided for, protected and pleased by a MASCULINE man.

I Agree there is a time and place for the soft, lovey-dovey romantic love making, but understand that the ONE-THING that all straight women will agree on is having sex with a confident, caring, commanding and passionate man is KEY to having a fulfilling sex life.

It’s a shame SO MANY MEN nowadays are full of more estrogen than women because that b*tchassness is ALSO present in the bedroom which is why so many women are walking around looking miserable and frowsy as hell. Maybe if more men actually MANNED-UP, took their pads out and learned how to PLEASE their women, we all would be better off.

“Thoughts of A Woman”

This Is Your Conscience

Your thoughts?


Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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