Col Loud’s California Reimagined As Carolina

If you don’t know the song and/ or you’re not from Carolina don’t even try this post – it won’t make sense. Otherwise enjoy.

Okay okay
You know, you know
Well I be Bumping Carolina Love on the West Side
Thanking God for the southern women, good food and the sunshine

Dumb hot
Out in the country
Blowing kush
From the one time

You get a contact
Catch ya ass at the red light
Wanna run at ’em sideways in a Hellcat
On some run flat

By the way I
Never seen a better view, not in Miami
Bunch of southern honeys cute in the face thick in waist
Hear the waves crashing, playing spades in the living room (Cracking)

Sound like a hookup  interlude
Kurupt Gotti, mane where the gas at?
Moon rock got me acting like I never had shit
From the sticks to a Highland Creek  address

Same bro tho
One on one get your ass kicked
Respect it more than a tad bit
Every hood every set though

One time for the East Coast
G-vegas, J-town, from Charlotte out to Bertie, Carolina

Still getting that work in Carolina
And all the killers they show me love in Carolina
I flew a queen from Cali to Carolina
And I be smoking on the best loud in Carolina

Ayy Carolina, oh Carolina
I swear
I got to get back to that place to with the bomb hospitality.

Pine trees in the air, the top pushed back
Blowing smoke out the roof cookies to be exact
I’m always in Carolina cause that’s is where it’s at
Women, bud, good weather, what you know bout that

Where all the fly honeys ride Benzs and Beamers
They either wanna be an actress, or a singer
I’m at the juke joint on back in the country woods, throwing singles
With this bad honey from Raleigh, pouring lean up

Breaking down backwoods, rolling gasoline up
Left G-vegas, pulled up in Jacksonville
I fuck with some crips and I fuck with some bloods                                       And I fuck with some esé

My stash house in the country
Welcome to my palace
Just went and killed two shows out in Winston Salem
Selling OG from Kinston and crates from the coast

You know I gotta show the East love
I had to take a trip to Carolina for the best stuff
I been chilling with the goons, yeah the real thugs
Went to Nags Head nigga met a real plug

I said I’m looking for the gas where the kill at
Want the strong gotta go where the hill at
I met a bad bopper chilling out in Durham
Like to sip the ritas and and play trap for her man

I hopped my ass on the 85 and headed north
And when I hit the hill I found what I was looking for
I’m feeling like a leprechaun with a pot of gold
Bags of the gas yeah the Colonel got a soul

I fly a honey from the A with 100 racks
Put her ass in a rental told her run it back
Fly another one in with 200 more
Welcome to Carolina the State of sky blue.




Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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