188m Powerball Winner Fontella Marie Holmes Has Spent 21 Million On Bail After Getting Her Man Out of Jail For A Third Time 

I need a woman like this in my life. You don’t have to invest millions, just invest yourself and I’ll return your investment in millions of loving ways.


I wish I was worth 21 million dollars to a woman. Hell, I just want a woman that thinks I’m worth 2 dollars to her. Either way, I’d make sure she was as happy a pig in its own poop.

Baby if I fug up to the point I catch a case and you hold me down on the bail- I owe you. And I ain’t going to do anything again that will separate us. Just tell me what you need me to do and how you want it done and I got you.

Fontella Marie Holmes has purchased  her man’ a get out jail card three times to the tune 0f 21 million dollars.

She planked 12 million down the third time to spring her live-in boyfriend, 31-year-old Lamarr McDow, out of jail after he was arrested for parole violations.

This is the third time since March that Holmes, of Shallotte, North Carolina, as bailed McDow out of jail

She posted his $3million bond in March and a $6million bond in August. Holmes has also paid approximately an additional $1,470,000 in bail bondsmen fees that she will never get back.

Holmes won the lottery in February and accepted a lump-sum payment of $188million

Source: Marie Holmes who won $188m Powerball lottery spent $21M bailing her ‘heroin-trafficking’ boyfriend | Daily Mail Online

Author: Geo Gee

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