Bloggers Here is How to Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Business via AddThis Blog

With hundreds of active social networks, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the choices and contexts they offer in regards to promoting your website and/or blog

To help you get a better understanding of each network, and how you can use them for your business, website, or blog, the good folks over at AddThis put together a quick rundown on some of the top sites and services for you  to build out your social media marketing strategy. I’m going to get you started with their breakout of the grand poobah of social sites – Facebook  and then I’m going to jump link you over to AddThis for the rest of some good social site promotion reads.

Facebook Number of users: Facebook recently reported 1.49 monthly billion users with Asia accounting for 28%, Europe for 24%, USA and Canada for 17% and the rest of the world for 30% of those users.

How your visitors use it: Facebook is the largest platform for sharing worldwide, and when it comes to brands, users can share products and content that resonates with them. The social media platform also offers brand pages where users can interact with and review brands based on their experiences.

What you can do: Long-form content – with no character or word limit – gets the most Facebook shares and likes, so start writing! Encourage your fans to post reviews or stories about their experiences with your site on your brand page.

Facebook is also a great platform to offer insider tips, troubleshooting ideas, meetup and event invites, and promotional offers.

For more social site promotion 411 go here –> How to Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Business | AddThis Blog


Author: Geo Gee

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