This Lady Ironed And Cut Her Lover’s Balls After Having Sex


I know ya’ll be out there smashing so good you sometimes  become momentarily unaware of what’s going on around you.Well, your asses better start paying attention, especially if the one you’re smashing has a reason to be pissed at you. Remember you’re at your most vulnerable when you’re having that uhh, ahh, toe-curling moment.

Check this.

A former Coventry University student was sent to the big house for nine years after burning a man’s genitals with a hot iron while they were having sex.

This dude must have really been into it not to notice she had an iron in her hand at some point. Unless ya’ll are out here engaging in some freaky maid service role-playing hook up an iron getting in the mix should be a cause for alarm.

Kenya Alozie, 31 was arrested after attacking a man in his 30s at a property in Plumstead, south east London. Alozie burned her lover’s genitals with a hot iron while they were having sex

Kenya Alozie, 31, of no fixed address, was found guilty of GBH with intent at Woolwich Crown Court on December 14.

While the couple was smashing, Alozie took a hot iron to the man’s legs and genitals. She then attacked him with a broken bottle. Toasted cut nuts are not good in any context.

The victim sustained multiple burns and deep cuts, which have required multiple surgeries to treat.

At the time of the attack, Alozie’s student visa was due to expire and she was expected to return to her family in Nigeria at the end of May.

She was residing in Plumstead in accommodation with friends.

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Following an investigation into the attack by Greenwich Police, Alozie was caught on May 24 at Heathrow Airport as she was preparing to leave the country. She was charged with GBH with intent, on May 25.

Detective Constable Duncan Clark from Greenwich police, said: “Alozie committed a calculated and pre-planned attack.

“She ensured she had a broken bottle to hand and a hot iron to strike the victim and seriously harm him.

“The sentence imposed clearly reflects the seriousness of this extremely violent attack.”

The reason behind Alozie’s attack is unclear. She lays the dude then attacks his jewels. If this was a case of bad sex – some of ya’ll guys better come correct.  Most women mad enough at a dude to go after him this way get to snipping at the johnson – they could care less about his balls. Just sayin’.


Author: Geo Gee

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