To The Woman Who Doesn’t Sleep Around, This Is For You 

African Queen model

You don’t take guys home. You don’t go to the bars with intentions. You don’t Netflix and Chill. And you definitely don’t see sex as something casual. You are a woman who doesn’t sleep around. This is how you’ve defined yourself. This is the legacy you lead and the strength you carry, even when it doesn’t feel like it. You are admired, just so you know.

You are the type of woman who sees sex as something beautiful, something special, maybe even something sacred. Sex, you believe, should be shared between you and select person(s). Maybe with a deep, unexplainable connection. Maybe with love. Maybe with marriage. Regardless, you hold yourself, and men, to a higher standard. You love deeply. You know what you deserve and don’t settle for anything less.

“You’re the woman that’s grounded, confident, and will have the leverage of exclusivity when you meet that one partner that meets your criteria. Oh don’t worry about meeting theirs – you will because your reservations and convictions will have polished you into a rare gem that’s in high demand.” defines rare as unusually excellent; admirable; fine.

Rare also means scarcely found. Things that are rare in their existence are high in value. Yeah, y’all know.

Women that  reserve themselves are ladies that are powerful. They are unique in a society that  promotes freelance sex at every turn.

I’m going to kick y’all over to ThoughtCatalog for an insightful read on the positives of slowing the sexual roll. The message is one men can embrace also. Hats off to the women that don’t open the door to every knock- you all rock. Go here for the full spill. –>  To The Woman Who Doesn’t Sleep Around, This Is For You ‹ Reader —

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