Gina Best – The Mother of India Kager Who Was Killed By Police Demands Answers And Justice

Don’t leave Gina Best out here by herself in her quest for answers. Her daughter is dead – keep the quest for answers and closure alive.


India Kager’s Mother Gina Best

In September 2015, India Kager, a 27-year-old Navy veteran and a postal employee from College Park, Md., was sitting in a car in a  Virginia Beach, Virgina’s 7-11 parking lot, with her boyfriend, Angelo Perry. Seated in the back of the vehicle was their 4-month-old son, Roman. The occupants of the vehicle were about to find themselves the target of 30 rounds of ammunition fired from the weapons of police.


Angelo Perry / India Kager

According to authorities, Perry was a person of interest in a local homicide. Virginia Beach authorities also said they had information that alleged  Perry was going to commit a violent crime, but they didn’t know when. They say that same intel lead them to believe Perry was armed at the time he was in the vehicle with India Kager. This latter affirmation by police is the reason they say they put a tail on India Kager’s vehicle.

Police followed the car, driven by Kager with Perry in the passenger’s seat, to a 7-11 at Lynnhaven Parkway and Salem Road. That’s when police approached the car—whereupon, they say, Perry produced a firearm and fired at the officers. It was then that officers say they started firing rounds into the vehicle, killing both Perry and Kager but l not injuring the baby  in the backseat. Police said they didn’t notice the baby until after they were trying to treat Perry and Kager for their multiple gunshot wounds. Shortly after the killings, the four unnamed officers involved in the shooting were placed on administrative leave.

In December Virginia Beach Police Chief Jim Cervera gave an update on the horrific incident. He said that a ballistics investigation showed that guns recovered from Perry were used in four violent crimes within several months, including two homicides.

“Within a series of 26 days, these weapons were used to shoot five individuals, killing two of them, and 14 days later the same weapon was used by Mr. Perry to shoot at our police officers,” said Cervera.

Cervera says the shooting of India Kager was accidental.

The details authorities share publicly paints Perry as an alleged certified bad guy. (Alleged you armchair detectives and self-appointed executioners) – a jury hadn’t found Perry guilty of anything the Chief alleged.

This incident has a lot of unanswered questions waiting in the wings and India Kager’s Mother Gina Best is demanding the blanks in this incident be filled in.

One big question is:

“Why was India Kager killed in the first place?”

Victim blamers pounce on this question with retorts steeped in assumptions that Kager knew the alleged intentions of Perry when he got in her vehicle. These same victim blamers point to the fact that Perry had a documented criminal history and charge that Kager should have known about it and avoided him in the first place. To that latter charge, I submit that nobody knows how much Kager knew about Perry after being involved with him for about 15 months and if she did it didn’t give her any insight into what his future endeavors might be.

Police say during their following of the vehicle they observed it being driven erratically.That would indicate the driver being nervous, upset, distracted by an inside argument or event. It hasn’t been reported anywhere where authorities considered that Kager may have been in a hostage role in that vehicle.

If authorities believed Perry to be the out and out bad guy they said and they knew Kager had no criminal history then why didn’t the possibility that Perry could have been holding Kager against her will come into the investigative equations?

That possibility would certainly have changed the attempted apprehension tactics police used. We’ll one would hope it would have changed their tactics.

Then there is the question of: “Why did Police shoot one time, let alone thirty times into a vehicle that had a baby inside – a baby that by their actions (not their admission) they had to know was in the vehicle.

If Police had the intel on Perry they say they had then they knew there was a real possibility that he would resist with force if they confronted him. Armed with that Intel, why did they confront him in the present of innocent citizens and while he was in vehicle with an innocent woman and her child?. If Police had the Intel on Krager they say they did then they knew she had nothing to do with his nefarious activities. Why chance getting her caught in a confrontational crossfire? If they had followed the vehicle for the length of time they say they did – then the had to know a baby was inside and that spawns another question.

Why risk initiating a gunfight with a baby in the midst?

Then there is the place where the Police chose to confront Perry at. It happened outside the 7-Eleven at the corner of Lynnhaven Parkway and Salem Road. There is a catch 22 to the incident happening here. One – 7-11 is a public establishment and initiating a shootout in or around it endangered the lives of anyone that may have been patronizing the establishment. Two- and this is a good one – the premises of some 7-11s are recorded by security cameras. This one was.

Video? Oh well, we’ll find out what happened and get some answers. Not so. Seven Eleven people say cops took the recording. As of the date of this blog post that recording has not been publicly released.

Police say that they were fired upon by Perry. They say one of Perry’s “alleged” rounds went through one officer’s clothing. I’m sure that one piece of clothing is another element of this incident that Ms. Best and a plethora of others want examined by sources not related to the authorities involved.

A lot of onlookers charge the death India Kager to Angelo Perry, who also as hard as it is for some to come to terms with, was a victim of the Police’s volley of bullets that were fired into the vehicle. But to those that try to pin the death of India Krager on Angelo Perry,  your assertions are fallacies spewed to distract and divert attention away from the questions Ms. Best and an honestly concerned public have a right to know.

Angelo Perry didn’t shoot India Kager. The police did – they admit they did.

All Gina Best and a lot of other folks deserve to do know is why they killed India Kager.

Don’t leave Gina Best out here by herself in her quest for answers. Her daughter is dead – keep the quest for answers and closure alive.

Hear this then support this Mother’s plea for answers and justice.

Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

One thought on “Gina Best – The Mother of India Kager Who Was Killed By Police Demands Answers And Justice”

  1. THIS has to STOP, to protest those who kill and get away with it only give others the feeiing that they can do it also and get away with it also. They need to think about, WHAT IF THIS WAS MY MOTHER, FATHER, SISTER, BROTHER. CHILD OR FRIEND. Please read Revelation 22:14-15 and see what the word of God says about this. Don’t loose your place in eternity defending someone whom you know has done wrong, by doing this, you are bring the judgement of God upon you as the murder or lair. I know the closest on the police but protection of wrong doing by one makes all look bad and causes some good ones to loose their lives by someone who feel all are bad. I have friends who are policemen and know some who really cares and enjoy protecting and serving, kowing that they are not getting the pay they deserve nor the respect they deserve, yet they serve, for those I pray that they return to their families safety in all my prayers.


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