The Master of Black & White Photography-Ansel Adams




Before smartphone and auto capable DSLR cameras there was only the photographer, his or her manual camera, and most importantly, his or her skill. There was no app for “that” and if you go back far enough in time, no auto settings.

They had to actually “learn” the craft. They had to actually use light as an artist does his or her palette colors to create a photograph. It’s was fun, rewarding, and educating.

If  it sounds like i’m speaking from experience, it’s because I am.

I began studying photography back in the mid 70s. My first camera was a Polaroid SX70. A Christmas gift from my aunt, so she could pry hers back from me. I  made some great photos with that camera. I would take a photo of anything. I’m telling you all, I would photo a dog’s butt. So many times as a matter of a fact our dog began walking around with his tail covering his butt. The flash on that macro of his rear end must’ve been a little warm.

My next camera was a Pentax K-1000. That’s when my photography commitment  extended beyond the boundaries of a hobby and became a passion. There were filters, interchangeable lens, and my favorite film Kodachrome. I spent countless hours, photographing anything and everything. I managed to win a couple of contests that just energized my motivation even more.

Then I purchased my favorite camera of all time. The Nikon FM2. At that time Nikon was the SLR brand the pros co–signed. I also got  into black and white photography at this time, and honestly never looked back.

And no decent black and white photographer from that time would be taken seriously if he or she didn’t know anything about, or had not  studied the techniques of the master himself. Ansel Adams.

I’m not gong to force feed you a history lesson on Ansel Adams here. For those that want the low down, clicking his name will get you the full spread on him. I will give you the short scoop, followed by a Jazz clip (which you should play) and samples of his magnificent work. Good enough?

Ansel Easton Adams was an American photographer and environmentalist best known for his black-and-white landscape photographs of the American West, especially of Yosemite National Park. Want more, and you will after the down scroll stops. Go Here.

Now click this for your ears 

And let the visuals below treat your eyes and spirits.


Ansel Adams between the Mountains

Ansel Adams Driftwood

ansel adams hiway

ansel-adams bridge over still water

ansel-adams Winding road







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