RHOA’s Porsha Williams Whips Asses And Sells Lingerie


I’m not a fan of Real Housewives of Atlanta. I do like Porsha Williams. I like Porsha because she’s got a little “crazy” up in her and is prone to breaking out a can of whip ass at the drop of  a hat. I have a soft spot for cute women with a hint of danger about themselves.  A brother can always use someone like that as a shotgun buddy “outchea” on these streets.

Remember when Porsha brawled with Cynthia Bailey? The girl ain’t “scurred” to take it to the body.

In December of 2015, she beat down then BFF Jamie Jami Ziegler for bringing the wrong dude to a Christmas party. Just beat her ass.

And there’s not many people that don’t know about the big Kenya Moore drag down. Porsha and Kenya were jaw jacking back and forth when Keyna picked up a bull horn and said to Porsha “You are a dumb ho, shut up!”. Porsha hauled her big booty across the floor and got a handful of Kenya’s weave  hair and dragged her ass down.

Now I would have figured a good business venture for Porsha would have been a “Porsha Williams School of Asswhipping”  or Porsha Williams House of Throat Punching and Weave Yanking.

Porsha thought different and she is on to something.

Porsha’s selling lingerie and if I were the folks over at Vicky Secrets I’d be a little concerned about this “heah” thing.

Porsha Williams Lingerie1.png

Named “Naked Lingerie“, the line is very nice. And take it from this man, it has man appeal.

What? What? Yeah, I been over there window shopping. What of it?  Just because I don’t have no woman don’t mean I can’t dream. Shut up and keep reading.

Naked Lingerie’s prices are sensible ranging from $35 to around $95 and there is something for every woman.

FULL DISCLAIMER: I or this site is NOT in any way affiliated with Porsha Stewart or Naked Lingerie. Porsha didn’t  pay or request anyone write this post. The way she’s looking in that lingerie she wouldn’t have to pay me to do anything for her either. Just model a few pieces every now and then and a brother got her covered. Changing oil, fixing hinges, driving trains on the underground railroad..a brother got you Porsha.

When I see a sister trying to come up and solidify her financial foundation I have no problem at all supporting her efforts.

Check it out for yourself HERE.


4 thoughts on “RHOA’s Porsha Williams Whips Asses And Sells Lingerie

    1. Alisha, I agree (as I do on most all your perspectives) it’s good to see Porsha concentrate of a business venture as opposed to reacting to “Tea and Shade”. Thanks for taking the time to give the post a read and drop a comment. You know I’ve got mad love for your blog and it’s content. Keep your awesome posts coming lady.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes she was getting so shady on RHOA. Her personality changed quickly after the divorce. Thank you so much. You are too kind. I love your blog. Keep me up to date on all the hot topics and social issues. You caught me up on the Katt Williams and Kevin Hart drama. Have a good weekend!!!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. It’s highly motivational to have one of my favorite authors stop by and comment on content. Alisha you already know I have mad love for your content because it’s revelant, necessary, and always on point. When the GeeGee Experience grows to the magnitude it needs HR direction I’m coming to you first – dollars in hand to get you on board. You have a preferred weekend lady.


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