Raw Cow Milk Is For Calves Not Humans

Am I The Only One That Finds it Odd That Humans Are The Only Mammals That Drink Another Mammal’s Milk?


cow milk

Recently the West Virginia state legislature passed a law allowing residents to create raw milk-sharing agreements last week, according to the Associated Press. Under the law, distributing and selling raw milk would still be illegal, due to the potential public health risks of bacteria in untreated milk.

During announcements in the House chamber, Delegate Scott Cadle, R-Mason, invited lawmakers—and anyone else who wanted to “live dangerously”—to sample raw milk that he had brought from a Mason County dairy.

A few of the  lawmakers stepped out on the raggedy edge and drank some of the milk. they later got sick, though there’s been no evidence that Cadle’s milk was the cause.

Cadle charged the vomiting and pooping of the milk drinkers to a stomach virus that was already going around.

“There’s nobody up there that got sick off that milk,”

said Cadle, who was home sick with a stomach bug Monday but returned to work at the state Capitol on Tuesday.

“It’s just bad timing, I guess.”

The state Bureau of Public Health began an investigation Tuesday after receiving a complaint that the raw milk might have caused a disease outbreak. Discussions of the raw milk, and ailing legislators and staff, dominated Capitol hallways and popped up in the news.

I’m of  the mind humans have no business drinking cow milk in the first place. The fact it has to go through rigorous pasturazation and filtering processes to protect humans from drinking something that will make them sick underscores my assertion that it’s not intended for humans. To drink it straight from the cow’s udder is just plain crazy.

I was shocked at the backlash I received when I stated to some bloggers in a meeting that I would drink human breast milk before I would cow milk any day.

“That’s nasty.”

Really? So babies are drinking nasty milk? And drinking milk from another mammal is somehow pristine?

“That’s lewd – you just want to suck some big titties.”

No. Well maybe. Wait a damn minute.  While I don’t have any adversion whatsoever toward getting up close and personal with a nice pair of female breasts – if I had the choice of bottled human female breast milk or cow’s milk I’m going with the milk that came from the mammal in my context. I’m not here to drink up no baby’s milk straight from it’s mother. I hope I straightened that up.

“You don’t know what that woman whose milk you’re drinking has been eating of doing.”

Hell I don’t know what the hell those cows have been doing or eating either. I do know I see alot of flies and bug circulating around their nipples. I’ve never seen flies circling around the female breasts I’ve encountered.

If you drink cow’s milk I’m not knocking you – keep doing what you do.

This charade by Scott Cadle, as stupid as it was, suggests that cow’s milk in its purest form may not be sutible for human consumption.

And if something is not suitable for human consumption without going through rigorous changes the question is “Should we be consuming it at all?”


Cows Mating
I Hope I Don’t Get Pregnant Because I Won’t Be Able To Feed The Calf. The Humans Are Drinking Up All My Milk.



Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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