The March 12th Experience Weekly Wrap

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Always on The Lookout For The News  Drop


It’s been a week with all sorts of stuff popping off. Here on the East Coast Spring is just dying to bust loose. Coats are starting to come off and hem lines are going up. Get those pedicures to popping and cop some new A shirts it won’t be long now before ya’ll can strut your stuff in public.

If you didn’t know The Geo Gee Experience is on Facebook. Go  over and like the page. You can mix it up one on one with the community and our writers. It’s no holds barred and straight with no chaser 24/7.  Now for this week’s wrap.

I keep forgetting to eat. I’m serious for the last two days  I’ve eaten a combined total of two meals. Now I know one of my readers is going to lay my ass out for that so I’m all set to take that verbal ass whipping – it’s going to be fierce. But I bring that up because  I want to know what a person that doesn’t eat pork and sweets can eat to gain weight? Yeah, I’m trying to get 10 pounds on myself in two weeks and all these folks and eateries in these parts can seem to come up with is a lot of pork. So if anybody reading this has any tips on eating wrong to gain weight I’d like to hear it.

Comedkattwilliams2_uhwnyfian Katt Williams was in the news AGAIN this week. You can read about it HERE. I’m not surprised that the PoPo found a shitload of  loud in his house. The way he’s been showing  out I knew the boy was smoking or drinking something that didn’t come off a shelf.

dallas-stripper-dance-with-live-snake-and-gets-an-happy-endingBlogging is educational for most of us bloggers. There is no way it can’t be because most of us are forced to research topics at some point and time. Then there are the times when we’re writing about an age old topic and have a eureka moment. That happened to me when I was reading a post I had written about the Dallas TX stripper that incorporates a big ass snake in her act. My eureka moment came when I realized there is a difference between an exotic dancer and a stripper. An exotic dancer dances and doesn’t necessarily disrobe. A stripper on the other hand almost always breaks it down to the birthday suit. I guess strippers and exotic dancers get me so hype I’d never thought to make a distinction between the two.

I’m shocked and awed that Donald Trump is still in this presidential running. Now I’m okay with anybody that wants to run for the office of President of The United States. But come on now. Donald Trump has yet to be definitive about how he’ll handle one issue that he’s been asked about. His plans are mere  words like “huge”, “so great”, and “so powerful”. I don’t begrudge the man his props as an astute businessman however, this country is not a business that can’t be bailed or negotiated out of political mayhem. And this week Trump revealed again how reckless he can be in responding to unrest. Saying things like “I’d like to punch him in the face” is not very presidential. That’s a personality that will recklessly trigger military activity because a foreign leader rubbed him wrong. That’s a personality that will Executive Order this country into mayhem. I’m not a political analyst but  I am thinking Hillary Clinton is going to wind up being this country’s last line of defense against Donald Trump. Just my two cents on that.

Shout out to fellow bloggers Alshia B @ Drive2Inspire, Bluemoon Fiction, Rinse Before Use,  for showing my comments section extra love. They’re some awesome bloggers. Check them out.

Writers and Bloggers how are you with commas?

Are you dating a 1-minute man? This will take the edge off.

In case you missed it some  Corona beer was recalled this week.

And my favorite photo of the week from The Experience is this one.

Geo Gee x Header city-cars-traffic-lights

One of our readers is going through some things. For that reader and anyone else that’s trying to tow a load alone. I leave you with this vid  from Geo TV.

I Love Ya’ll keep dropping by.

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I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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