Naomi Campbell Got Her Looks Honest – Meet Valerie Morris-Campbell Stunning @ 64

Another One: A Woman South of 50 Looking Like She’s North of 40.



Valerie-Morris Campbell-64(l) Naomi Campbell -45 (r)

Just days after 50-year-old Elise Neal broke the black internet with her #BlackDontCrack bathing suit photo and we shared the story of  a Grandma with a physique better than her grand kids, the mother of Naomi Campbell awed the streets and the Internet with her stunning looks.

She is stunning.

Valerie Morris-Campbell is 64 years old. She is the Mother of supermodel, actress, and beauty icon Naomi Campbell.

Style, class, refined charisma, drenched in the resplendent lights of her own radiance.

“Her caramel-coloured skin is devoid of even the barest touch of make-up, unlined and glowing. Like her supermodel daughter Naomi, she is all long limbs, clad casually in a model’s daytime uniform of tight designer jeans and a white T-shirt.
Sitting next to Valerie, it is easy to see where Naomi gets her incredible physique from.
Both women share the same sultry almond eyes, huge round cheekbones and famously full (natural) lips. Lips, incidentally, that immediately insisted on sipping only the finest Dom Perignon champagne.” – [SOURCE]


sending love to you all! ❤️ x V #shoot #germany #fashion #smile #happy #love #tbt

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Valerie is also a breast cancer survivor.

A lump removed from her right breast in 1997 was benign and she was assured by a nurse that all was well during a routine mammogram six years later.

“But when the doctor told me more than two years ago I had cancer and it was at a very advanced stage, I couldn’t take his words in. When he said the cancer was in my right breast and it had to go if I wanted to live, it felt as if he were talking about someone else.” – Valerie Morris-Campbell
Read Valerie’s full elaboration on her breast cancer diagnosis at The Daily Mail.

Now for those that are going to write Val’s beauty off as some sort of make-up miracle, or juice drinking, yoga yielding happenstance check out the photo below of Valerie and Naomi back in the day.



Naomi Campbell and Her Mom Valerie Morris-Campbell. Photo via The Daily Mail

Take care of yourselves and embrace your natural God given beauty. It pays big dividends in the later years of your life.


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