The GeoGee Experience 03/20/16 Weekly Wrap Up

In This Wrap Up:
Finely Refined Women Past 50
A Pristine Easter Ensemble
The Easter Bunny Goes “Gangsta”
Blogger Shout Outs..and More.


Vintage Naomi Campbell (L) and her Mother Valerie Morris-Campbell (R)
We could mess around and wind up with a thug, misogynist, narcissist, racist, and highly unqualified individual in the White House after Obama leaves. And ya’ll know who I’m talking about. Donald Trump.
I’ll be the first to admit I never imagined he would get this far in his bid for President. To the astonishment of many, he’s still in the race. And he’s still doing shit.
He’s siced the cops on protesters, cosigned bodily harm to folks, and sports a pretty much I don’t give a damn what you, me and the next guy or gal thinks about him attitude.  And the man is still around as season politicians are dropping out of the presidential  race every month. Hell at the rate they’re leaving Trump may just have the Republican nomination land his lap because the last opponent quit.

The fallout from a possible Trump Presidency was put on front street by Arsenio Hall during one his monologs at the 2016 BET Honors Awards.


Arsenio pivoted to poll the audience on the current Presidential candidates, stating that while Bernie Sanders loves Black people, Black folks love Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary is like cocoa butter to Black people,” he joked before warning that if Donald Trump is elected that he’d take away everything Black.”

“If Trump wins, gatherings like this will cease to exist. He gonna take away everything Black. No more BET, Patti. Trump gonna take away Black licorice. No more Tyrese, everything Black gonna be gone. He gonna build a wall around February. The Trump calendar is gonna go from January straight to March. On Instagram on #TBT there will be a picture of February.”

Hall softened the delivery of these implications of Trump in charge by lacing them with satire but his message is nothing to take lightly.

At the outset of his Presidential campaign,  Donald Trump courted racism with his relentless assault on Mexico and illegal immigrants. Then he went after Muslims. He hasn’t exactly sang the praises of black folks either.  This biaseness and the bigotry has no business in the White House.

I mean if y’all want Trump for a President then that’s certainly your choice to make. For those that don’t want him as President, that’s your choice. From what I see and know he is not the right fit for President of The United States.

It’s up to us to vote him in or vote him out.


Actress Alise Neal 50 Years Old
Actress Elise Neal @ 50  Click The Image For The 411

Partying hard, working overtime, not eating right, sleeping very little, and just generally abusing your body and mind over and over again will eventually catch up to you. Now these ill – advised choices won’t always kill you outright, however, they will leave tell-tale signs as you get into the years. My post on Naomi Campbell’s stunning 63 – year old mom, Valerie should be an inspiration to both young and old to take care of themselves so they age like Valerie Morris-Campbell and this astounding 63-year-old grandmother.

The Easter Bunny got in a fight at the mall.  This will trigger more explaining parents will have to do to little kids that actual thought there was a real “Easter Bunny”. Then there’s all the side-eyeing the religious folks are going to give this while thinking to themselves “bunnies, eggs, and hunting ain’t got a damn “thang” to do with Jesus dying and coming back”.
RHOA’s Kim Fields stopped by an airing of The Rickey Smiley Morning Show to spill some tea about her next gig as a cast member on “Dancing With The Stars,” and what you can expect to see from her as a contestant on the first episode!
She also spoke about her argument with Kenya Moore, and dropped the 411 on her future with RHOA. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kenya Moore didn’t throw a big damn party.

Folks like to get G’d up from the street up and fresh and pristine for Church. I like that. If you’re dealing with the supreme  being you should put as much effort into your appearance as you do for those dates and club excursions.
Check out this awesome ensemble fellow blogtress truebornafricanqueen hooked up for church. I love the shoes – she has close up shots in the post.  Pictures and 411 are HERE.
Speaking of bloggers I’d like to shout out the people below for coming through The Experience and showing some love.
Shout out
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Before I wrap up this week’s wrap up I’ve got to drop my favorite GeoGee Experience image of the week.
That’s this week’s wrap up. Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Easter.
Have a preferred week.

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