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On Christmas Eve, 2013, Beyoncé and Jay Z hit a small SoHo boutique for a $6,000 shopping spree. Normally, this might not have been newsworthy. But the boutique in question was Babeland, an upscale sex toy shop known more for its collection of butt plugs than Balenciaga.

Within days, the story was all over the tabloids; appearing first on Radar, then making the rounds to virtually every news outlet with an interest in Bey, Jay, or Babeland. For most reporters, the story seemed to be less that the Carters had bought sex toys – their sexual adventurousness having already been well documented in “Drunk in Love” – and more that they’d spent so much.

Though the couple’s shopping list was never publicly revealed, one source noted that the purchased items included something gold-plated, which set a number of reporters off on a tear. Refinery29 offered up a list of possible contenders, with the Jimmyjane Eternity – a sleek, diamond-studded, gold vibrator retailing for $3,500 – leading the list. (The clerk who waited on the Carters told me that the gold-plated item in question was, in fact, the Lelo Olga, but that the couple had also acquired the Jimmyjane Hello Touch, a finger vibrator popular with couples.)

How, exactly, was it possible to spend thousands of dollars on marital aids?  –  via The Verge

Just exactly where in hell is this story going? High-end sex toy land. It’s a long read – you might want to take this one on while you’re sitting on your porcelain throne or on that long commute to work.

Get the full spread here. ->Pleasing the Masses | The Verge

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