4/8/16 GeoGee Experience Roundup

Welcome into another roundup of post summations, links, and author’s thoughts and opinions from The GeoGee Experience.
Right from jump street, I want to thank my followers, readers, commentators, and trolls for investing their time to digest some of the content found on “The Experience”. I’m humbled and motivated by the priceless gifts of acknowledgment that you all give. I love you all. Special shout out to Seek The Best blog @ http://seekthebestblog.com for giving the content here major props.

I’m going to start this round up by saying Hardees is so embedded in the south it’s putting moonshine its burgers. They recently began running commercials promoting a Midnight Moonshine Burger.
A moonshine burger. Sounds like something for those that have champagne taste but a beer budget.
The Midnight Moonshine Burger is  charcoal-grilled, 100 percent black Angus beef topped with a moonshine glaze, pepper-jack cheese, garlic and pepper fried onions and thick-cut, applewood-smoked bacon. Moonshine glaze. WTF is moonshine glaze?
Hardee’s official say the stuff tastes like moonshine but doesn’t have any alcohol content. Moonshine with no alcohol smeared on a burger. Good luck with that one.
Oh as a side note the folks over at Burger King must be full of anger behind this moonshine burger business. They’ve come out with The Angriest Whopper”. This mofo is so mad it’s bun is red.
Bite this one quick before it bites you!  Somewhere in this Burger King has a dog in this fight too. They’re selling high-end ding dongs on a bun. “The sign say’s Burger King. What up with these dogs man?”
I have a name for this emergence of “Bad Burgers”.  “The attack of the sinful burgers”. McaDees are ya’ll putting a dog in this fight?
Technology has promoted a lot “punk assness” “bullying”, and bold relationship break ups. Do know I think anybody that breaks up with someone by sending them a text message is straight up milk toast and punked out.
“My — wasn’t sending your curled toes no damn text messages when we were locked low and rolling in the deep. “
“I didn’t text in the damn mortgage payments”.
“I didn’t text in these children I had”. DON”T TEXT ME A DEAR JOHN LETTER.
I say be man or woman enough and retain enough intellegence in emotional tormoil to exit these relationships and marriages with respect for yourself and that one that at one point and time was THE ONE.
I don’t like to write blog posts around the misfortune of public figures unless there is something to be learned from the predicament they’re in. Such is the case with this blurb.

Tisha Campbell-Martin and her husband have reportedly filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, according to several reports.

Campbell-Martin claimed that she and her husband Duane Martin were overwhelmed by over $15 million in debt, with $313,000 in assets to their name. Those assets include $65,000 in real estate, with $248,000 in personal property, while their debts total $15,145,387, including $208,611 in tax debt and $113,000 in student loans.

It’s disheartening to realize this is not the last story we’ll hear of or read about someone who had a lot of money falling on hard times. Acting is a lot like sports in the respect that those that make a living from it have a short career shelf life. Translated – at some point the  influx of big money slows down. If intelligent and responsible financial decisions haven’t been made one can find themselves financially destitute. I hope Campbell and her husband emerge from this okay.

Mississippi Govenor Phil Bryant signed a law Tuesday, April 5th allowing religious groups and private businesses to deny services to gay and transgender people. The bill allows religious groups and some private businesses to refuse service to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people based on religious beliefs.

To my LBGT readers don’t take this personal – Mississippi has been denying services to Blacks and most anybody that wasn’t White and backwood enough to agree to participate in such atrocities since way back when. It was only a matter of time before they got around to ya’ll.  Here’s how you deal with shit like this. Double down at the ballot box on kicking folks like Phil Bryant out of office. As a matter of a fact find out every mofo that had anything to do with a bill like this and when he or she is up for election and vote for their opponents.

The Blackest thing I’ve seen all April is The Black Girls Rock Event hosted by BET. All of those beautiful powerful inspiring Black Women and girls celebrating one another in a positive environment is an endorsement African American women globally deserve and should reciprocate.

Here is Black Girl’s Rock Beverly Bond.

Oh, and that performance by Gladys Knight – awesome. I’ve been crushing on Gladys since I was six and I’m going to tell you at the Black Girls Rock Event she looked good enough to sop up with a biscuit.

“The minute you learn to love yourself – You will not want to be anybody else at all.” -Rihanna


Don’t get me started on RiRi – I have a soft spot in my heart for bad girls.

Birthday month for me. Folks keep asking me what I want for my birthday. Let me tell you all you should stop asking folks what they want for their birthdays if you are not serious about considering getting them what they tell you. If what they want is within reason and the confines of your budget that is. I’d love a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge if there are any generous readers out there that want to hook up their favorite blogger. (Hint). Or you could just put my blog  on blast and get me more subscribers which would increase the chances of some generous soul gifting me the sexiest smartphone I’ve seen.

Well, that’s it for this roundup. I hope you enjoyed it and found something useful.

Thanks for coming through.



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I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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