4/8/16 The Experience Video of The Week-Gwen Mccrae Beat Out Big Robb Dueling “Let’s Straighten it Out”


“Let’s Straighten It Out” was the brainchild of the late Benny Latimore. The song zeros in on the core adhesive  necessary to hold a relationship together- Communication.

“How  in hell do you expect me to understand if I don’t even know what’s  wrong?” Latimore

Latimore collaborated with the sultry R&B songstress Gwen Mccrae to offer up even more dynamic and diversified versions of his message.

Gwen seasoned the hit with her own spices.

“You need to just go down to the store…and let’s  go  and buy us a bottle of Remy Martin, a bottle of gin, or some beer or six pack and come back home and sit down to the table…” -Gwen Mccrae live .

Here’s the bass laden , straight at you gritty message that beat out Bigg Robb for this week’s video experience of the week.

Now Bigg Robbs version of Latimore’s simplict message on communication was no slouch. He’s good .. real good and I’m smitten to da floor behind the lovely womanin his vid but votes can’t be argued with. Gwen took him down – and Gwen well she can sing to me anytime and I’m hers.

Here’s Big Robb

“So you eating breakfast by yourself this morning?”

“The foods in there on the stove .”

“Sometimes you can have problems  in your relationship. Money won’t fix it. Sex won’t fix  it.” Only  thing that can help you can get on the right track is some good prayer and a whole lot of communication.”



5 thoughts on “4/8/16 The Experience Video of The Week-Gwen Mccrae Beat Out Big Robb Dueling “Let’s Straighten it Out”

  1. Aaah – yes! I agree with you. Gwen takes this one out – musically. I love this song but I have to communicate that Gwen’s delivery, not her musical delivery, but her communication strategy for the relationship includes the need for Remi, Gin, beer, etc.
    My problem with this is not that alcohol is needed to loosen the tongue but in mentioning the need for alcohol she appears to say that the way to straightening out relationship problems is with alcohol and that the way to a man’s affection and understanding is via alcohol.
    Juxtapose this with Bigg Robb who infers that to get him talking, to get him to straighten it out, is through his stomach. “C’mon fix me a plate.”
    In my view both get it wrong!
    I am an unapologetic fan of Latimore and his delivery of this song. Latimore is pure – no food, no alcohol! Just a man’s raw emotion. Strong. Sexy. Sensual. Latimore makes you want to straighten it out and have it straight for all time. “Sit yourself down, girl, and talk to me.” Badass soul right there!
    To paraphrase Bobby Womack, it’s the way he makes me feel.

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    1. Jewel Behaviours Thank you for your very on point critique of the song and the artists. I agree with you 100% on the songs’s creator Latimore delivering the message straight with no chaser. He did “Let’s Straighten it Out” better than any other artist (that’s the reason I chose not to pit his version against another artist’s version).

      When scrutinizing Gwen Mccrae’s suggestion of bringing alcohol into the “come to Jesus meeting” I come away with she is employing alcohol as a therapeutic tool to relax the tensions and get at the truth. People are famous for telling you what’s on their mind when alcohol unlocks their reservations.

      You’re right on Bigg Robb and food. But I think it’s more than a meal that irritates him and is the crux of the tension between him and his woman. I think it’s the whole paradigm shift in the relationship between him and his woman. She’s aloof, she’s stopped the simple common courtesies (like fixing him a plate). Denial of simple human acknowledgements cut deep in relationships.

      Your comment opened my eyes to some new angles regarding “Let’s Straighten it Out” in the relationship context. Thanks for taking the time to share your illustrious and very on point thoughts.

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  2. Another vote for Diva Gwen! That sista sounds just as good today as she did 40 years ago.

    She did dat on this one baby!

    I’ve always loved her ever since “Rocking Chair” and “Funky Sensation.”

    Thank you so much for doing your part to keep good soul music alive!


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    1. @seekthebestblog – I’m a Gwen Mccrae fan also. “Rocking Chair” was one of my favorites until she took on Latimore’s “Let’s Straighten it Out”. What blew me away was when she and Latimore collaborated together and delivered one of the hardest hitting, sexiest, sultry, renditions of the song in a duet duel. Check that out here—> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPOEv9EaoTc

      Thanks for your continued support of The GeoGee Experience. You already know we got mad love for your work. !.

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