Weak Nursing Oversight, the Panama Papers and More in MuckReads Weekly


by Adam Harris ProPublica, April 8, 2016, 1 p.m.

Weak Oversight Lets Dangerous Nurses Work in New York, ProPublica

Most states require background checks for nurses — not New York. In fact, the state lags behind most others when it comes to vetting and disciplining nurses who are incompetent, accused of horrific abuse, or have committed crimes.

Giant Leak of Offshore Financial Records Exposes Global Array of Crime and Corruption, ICIJ

Hidden dealings of public officials, 214,000 offshore entities, and a document leak that dwarfs Wikileaks, the Panama Papers expose, “heads of state, criminals and celebrities using secret hideaways in tax havens.” And, amid protests, the document leak helped lead to the resignation of the Prime Minister of Iceland.

More: Dirty Little Secrets, Fusion

Spies in the Skies, Buzzfeed

Government surveillance planes are flying over major cities on a daily basis, yet there has been very little scrutiny of the surveillance program, according to this investigation. The FBI says that the planes are used to follow “terrorists, spies, and criminals,” but critics worry about what else the government might be collecting.

How to Hack an Election, Bloomberg

Andrés Sepúlveda has never held elected office, but “he might be able to claim as much influence over the political direction of modern Latin America as anyone in the 21st century.” What began in 2005 as a small operation, “defacing campaign websites and breaking into opponents’ donor databases,” eventually grew into an election fixing business that spanned Latin America.

Holes in oversight leave California workers’ comp vulnerable to fraud, Reveal

Several California doctors who have been banned by Medicare have made the jump to workers’ compensation, according to this Reveal investigation. That is just one of many gaps in oversight in California where, “scamming the health system meant to heal… injured workers is just too easy.”

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Author: Geo Gee

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