If You Want a Ford GT You’ll Need 450,000 and an Approved Application

I Want To Date This Car.


The Ford GT online configurator is here, and ready for you to spend your whole day building 5,000 varieties of EcoBoost supercars with 600-plus horsepower. But even if you’re ready to spend $450,000 on Ford’s Dearborn supercar, you won’t be able to just walk into your local dealership and grab one. There’s an application process, and each buyer must be personally approved by Ford before they can custom-order one of the 500 GTs being built over the next two years. I heard my good friends over at the awesome blog seekthebestblog got approved and got the bucks to ride. Ron, Gwin, can a brother take some selfies with  the GT? Don’t tell nobody thou. LOL

Source: Here’s Every Question Asked on the Ford GT Buyer Application

Author: Geo Gee

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