Maureen Went From Chat Room To Reality In Newark New Jersey

“I subscribe to the look good and run good ideology when it comes to cars and men. Then too, I don’t whore myself out for cheap thrills that die before the sweat itself can evaporate. I’m not footloose and fancy free and I’m a long way from desperate.”


Black-Woman with brown eyes 4

Go HERE for Part 1 of this story  that details  how an early morning alcohol infused online chatroom meeting between two people led to the story that follows.

“How was the drive up from D.C. this morning?” Robin asked over her shoulder  as she pressed the down button on the elevator panel.

“It was good. I left in time to avoid any morning rush-hour traffic. I stopped in Delaware for some coffee and a sandwich”.

She had turned around in the elevator to face me. She reached out and begin fidgeting with my tie and looked me up and down.

” This is a nice suit. I wish you’d wear your gold collar clip though – it gives a polished look to your suit and tie arrangement. If you had asked I would have been more than happy to have fixed you some breakfast. I can’t have you eating that fast food garbage You got here in time to stop over and eat.”

“I wouldn’t trouble you for breakfast on a work morning.”

“How did the morning meetings go?”

“The morning meetings were fine. We’re making a boatload of money and they still want more but that’s the attitude that keeps the boat floating. We worked on a strategy to acquire more management properties in D.C. and Northern Virginia”.

I met Robin a few years earlier when the company she worked for acquired the company I worked for. She is a cute woman with a caramel toned complexion accentuated by her sparkling pearly white smile and bright eyes. Her build is thick but curvy.  She lived in Newark and  headed up the accounts payable division for the merged companies.  When our companies merged Robin and I spearheaded several projects together that resulted in us spending a lot of time together. We worked a lot of late hours that led to us sharing late night take-out and fine dining meals. She was always supporting my efforts and projects and always was there to celebrate my accomplishments. 

Eventually, the corporate ice thawed to the point where we became business casual in our interactions.

Any time I came to Newark on business she made herself available as an out of town administrative assistant to me.  She assembled reports for meetings, booked lunches and gave me insight on the attitude of the executives I met with. On a couple of my business trips to Newark she had even rushed to her apartment after work and prepared dinner for me before I drove back to D.C. She was always my informal date at company picnics, and awards banquets. I liked Robin and enjoyed her attentiveness but held reservations about getting involved deeply with a woman I worked with.

“What are you doing for lunch George?” Thank God the elevator had reached the ground floor. As much as I was was enjoying the light smell of her Chanel, and her stunning visual presentation in her red knee length dress,  I needed to get away from her impending interrogation.

The bell rang the stainless steel doors opened and I walked out into glass-roofed  sunshine drenched lobby of 33 Washington Street with Robin in tow.

“I’m meeting a friend on Broad.”

“Aww I wanted to do lunch with you. We haven’t seen each other in six months and you said would try to hang out with me this time.”

“This lunch arrangement came up unexpected.”

” Personal or business George?”

The tap of her heels on the marble floor as she walked along beside added an eura of drama to the space between her questions and my answers.

” Aren’t we a trite nosy?”

” I didn’t know you had any personal contacts in Newark.”

” I don’t”.

“Okay, so what’d you do bring along your girl?”

“No Robin, I’m meeting someone who drove down from Connecticut.”

“What are you doing after the meetings this afternoon? How about coming by my place for a Jersey style home cooked meal before you head back to DC? It’s been awhile since we’ve hung out after one of your visits here.”

We went through the revolving doors onto the busy Washington Street sidewalk. Robin’s cooking was hard to turn down. Her ample cleavage peering out from under the low neckline of her red dress  was trying hard to talk me into it.

“I’ll have to let you know. It depends upon how lunch goes.”

“Miss thang must be special. I’m getting relegated to wait and see status these days.” Robin was prying.

“What makes you think I’m having lunch with a Miss? I never said anything about a female.”

“Because I know you and you don’t have personal lunches with hard-heads. Have you forgotten how we came to know each other beyond the miles of business calls?” We were walking toward Broad Street.

“No, and I’ll never forget Robin. You put the “power” in power lunch. You’ve always backed my play and I’m very fond of you. Plus  you’re as sweet a Georgia Peach. You’re intelligent, a great cook, the total package.”

We had reached the corners of Washington and Broad Streets. I’m thinking Robin might be up to something.

“By the way, where are you going Robin?”

“Don’t worry I’m not going to rain on your parade. I’m going  to the library. I’m working on a thesis and have to do some quick research. When I get back I’ll pull the reports you’ll  need for the 2:00 o’clock meeting with Jerry and Mack. Is there anything else you think you’re going to need?” She appeared dejected. 

“No the reports on the latest DC agreements should be enough. I have everything else on the laptop. Look Robin”.

She cut off what I was about to say by reaching out and pressing her index finger against my lips.

She stood on the tips of her toes and pecked my cheek with her crimson lips.

“Don’t start Robin”.

I rubbed my moist cheek with my fingertips.

“No don’t you start George. I’ve never hidden mine, and I’m not about to start now because of the latest thrill that’s showed up from Connecticut. I’m sorry  I don’t mean to be melodramatic, I guess I’m just pissed .”

“Go do your research Robin I’ll see you around 1:30.”

“Have a good lunch, George. Tell Ms. Thang Robin said hi.” she said with a smirk on her face.

She walked across the street. She knew I was looking at her walk away. It was a damned good look too however, the extra effort she put into making her ample hips sway, jiggle, and gyrate wasn’t powerful enough to erase the visions of Maureen from my mind.

I walked up Broad Street looking for the diner.  I swerved and bumped my way through the array of people walking and meandering around on the sidewalk. I’d never seen downtown Newark this busy on a Mid-Day. I was happy, giddy, excited, about the fact I was about to meet a woman that had grabbed my attention in a chatroom and cultivated it into full blown admiration and attraction for her.

I ducked into a florist  wedged between a carryout on the left and a pharmacy on the right. I’d promised Maureen roses, she would have roses.

Five minutes later I was back among the walking lunch and tourist crowds carrying a boxed dozen of fresh red roses.

Maureen had texted me a few times  while she was driving down to Newark from Connecticut  updating me on the progress of her drive. She also sent me a message aftershe had settled in the room I’d reserved for her at the Hilton on Raymond Blvd. She said she didn’t have any check-in problems and could hardly wait for our lunch together.

I’d thought about her all morning on my drive up to Newark from D.C. and was just as eager to see her.
I saw the green facade of the diner where we agreed to meet just up ahead on my left. My adrenaline increased at the thought of her being less than a block away. The pace of my heartbeats and walking stride increased.

Moments later I was standing just inside the double doors of the diner.

Diner 2

It was the standard  buffet style restaurant with the fragrances of Chinese, and American cuisine filling the air. The occasional clinking of utensils and clattering of dishes punctuated the chatter of the dining area conversations. Brown Formica bench and table style seating covered most of the dining area’s light green tiled floor.

In the vast dining area business people, folks in uniforms, and  casually dressed diners were having lunch. Waiters and waitressess were scurrying back and forth delivering orders and clearing tables. 

To my left a cashier standing behind a cash register sitting atop a glass case filled with  triangles of pie and squares of cakes was busy ringing out a line of carryout customers.

I scanned the dining area for a blue and white print sleeveless wrap dress. Nothing. It was a humid day so maybe she was in the restroom “powdering up”.

The cashier noticed me standing there scanning the restaurant and figured I was unsure of how their system worked.

“Sir you may seat yourself and enjoy the buffet. If you’d like  something not available at the buffet a waiter will be more than happy to take your order”.

“Thank you. I’m waiting for someone”.

Getting anxious I scanned the dining area again scrutinizing every person sitting alone. I looked over at the line of people serving themselves at the long glass and steel shrouded buffet bay and didn’t see her.

I wasn’t too early, as a matter of a fact I was five minutes past our agreed upon high noon meeting time.

I reached inside my suit jacket to get my phone and at the same time felt  a body with a pronounced soft torso press into me from behind. Hands slid across both my eyes.

“What the hell?” The aroma emanating from the hands over my eyes was calming yet arousing. The hands were soft.

“If I was a bad guy George, you would be had”.

It was her. The voice was almost identical to its phone version except clearer and more distinct.

“If you were a bad guy baby  you could have me”.

I turned around, bumping her side with the boxed roses.

“Excuse me.” I said as I came front and center with  the most transfixing irises I’d ever seen. They had the rich hue of deep aged teak wood, both framed by triangular shaped pristine ivory. A smooth, slender nose sat above two crimson painted full lips behind which were hints of gleaming white teeth. The visual impact was breathtaking.

 She touched my right cheek sending tingles to all nervous system points of interest inside me.


“Looks like I’m not the only woman in Newark that’s happy to see you today. And the other one is a bit sloppy with her artwork at that.” She was smiling.

Robin! In my attempt to wipe Robin’s “peck” off my cheek with my fingers, I’d only smeared it. This is a hell of a way to meet a woman of interest for the first time. 

“Oh, that’s one of the ladies that works in the office way of saying hello.”

“Yes and I can see why.” She stepped back and looked me up and down.

My, my, George you are one that solicits mouth watering. Your photos do the real you no justice.”

“Maureen you are stunning lady. Really breathtaking stunning. I didn’t know one could catch asthma from looking at a pretty woman – but I am experiencing a shortness of breath.”

“You’re silly and I love it. Allow me to gift you some artwork from Connecticut.”

She stretched her neck up and kissed me on the left cheek. She then licked her right thumb and reached up and rubbed away remnants of Robin’s “peck” from my right cheek.

“There that’s taken care of.”

I stepped back from her to take in another head to toe look at her and to present her with the roses.

“George you didn’t have to bring flowers. Meeting you is my gift for today.”

She slid the bow off of the box and removed the lid. Her sharp facial features relaxed into a huge smile.

She raised the box to her head and sniffed.

“These are beautiful and fresh! Thank you George!”

“You know George the smell of fresh roses have a giddy effect on me. How did you keep these so fresh? The buds are still closed.”

“I grew them in my garden especially for you.”

“I see. Well, the logo in the corner of this sweet note suggests you must have shipped them to the National Florist on Broad Street.” She said with a teasing smile.

“You got me. I didn’t want to chance some roses going limp on me during the drive up from D.C. so I waited until I got here to get them.”

She chuckled at my explanation.

“Let’s get a table”.

I rested the palm of my hand in the small of her back as I guided her to an empty table in the middle of the dining area. The feel of her bra strap against my fingertips was tingling.

She looked astounding in her blue and white print wrap dress that complimented her contours nicely. The dress stopped just above her knees yielding to two lovely toned and thick ebony calves. Her french tipped toes were wrapped in navy blue strapped sandals. Her straight hair was coal black and draped her shoulders. It was trimmed into a “V” whose points merged between her shoulder blades.  My nose picked up a subtle combination of vanilla and coconut emanating from the air around her.

We stopped at a corner table.

“How’s this?” I gestured toward the table. I couldn’t resist giving her another head to toe scan.

“Only if I can sit beside you instead of across from you” She hit me eye to eye with those deadly almond and teak wood blended irises.

“That sounds cozy. I like cozy. Slide in.”

She sat down and slid  over against the wall putting the box of flowers across the table and her purse between her hip and the wall. I removed my suit jacket and spread it out on the bench seat on the other side of the table then slid in beside her.

“You know Maureen now that I think about it I should have held off on the flowers until after the dinner. They’re going to be a bit of a tedious companion for us.”

“Oh no they’re not George. I think I can get them into a vase and some water within the next 30 minutes.”

“Really? So you’re going to produce a vase get some water and burden yourself with having to drive a vase of roses back to the hotel?”

“No. Just watch.  You’ll see how I’ll take care of these beautiful flowers. How was your morning meetings?”

She was looking at me up and down.

“Everyone is okay with the latest Northern Virginia acquisitions. We’re above budget on all properties except one in DC, and our biggest competitor has a stranglehold on metro Maryland. I work for some aggressive people. We devoted the largest part of the morning  assembling a plan on how to infiltrate Northern Virginia and D.C. How has your morning shaped up? Any problems with the hotel?”

She slid her left hand fingers into my right hand that was resting on the table and looked at me. The way those eyes drilled into mine made me feel as if I was the only man on earth.


“My morning has been great. As I mentioned in the text I left Hartford around 6:00 and got in Newark around 9:00. Thanks to you, check in was a breeze. I found it kind of cute that the hotel desk staff  assumed I was your wife. Mrs. G this, Mrs. G that. Right away Mrs. G. That was kind of sexy you know. I freshened up from the drive and had a small bowl of fruit with a Perrier for breakfast. I used the breakfast time to read the Wall Street Journal headlines. I texted you a few times, made friends with the hotel concierge, and well here I am”.

“You read the Wall Street Journal?”

“You sound surprised. I’m a businesswoman. There are various factions of the ever changing markets that I take a personal interest in.”

“I am surprised and impressed. I’ve never met a woman that read the Wall Street Journal”

“Maybe you’ve been hanging around women that have no business interests.”

A frazzled headed young lady with a beaming smile wearing a green service dress and white apron appeared at our table.

“Hi. How are you two today? I’m Jen and I’ll be your waitress this afternoon. Do you need a menu?”

Jen’s youthful appearance sugested she could be a student atn Rutgers. She smiled as she fumbled her pen and order pad out of her apron pocket.

“No, we won’t need a menu. We’ll have two of your double hamburgers, double sides of coleslaw, and two rounds of cheesy western fries. Season one round of those fries with your soul seasoning. Dress one burger with mayo, a slice of kale, onion, and soul seasoning. George how would you like your burger dressed?”

“Mustard ketchup, lettuce, chopped dill pickle and extra salt and pepper. Do you all have chili?”

“Yes, we do.” Jen responded never looking up from scribbling on her order pad.

“Could I get a couple of spoons of chili on that burger?”

“Ahh a chili burger! You’re going to love this sir. We grind the beef we use for our hamburgers and chili fresh every morning. Beef from Jersey cows too. It’s never frozen. We also slice our potatoes to order.”

“That sounds like my Mom’s style of burger making. She used ground beef seasoned with salt, pepper, and onion. She formed the patties with her hands and fried them in one of those black iron skillets. We couldn’t afford hamburger rolls. She served up her patties between two slices of  bread with mustard and ketchup. They always hit the spot. I don’t think I ever ate less than three.”

The pressure of Maureen’s soft slender hip against my right hip was breaking my concentration.

“I believe these burgers will come close to your Mom’s.” Maureen was rubbing my right shoulder as she spoke.

“What would you like to drink?”

“Tea for me, with a twist of lime.”

“When it comes to my   burgers I’m a Pepsi man.”

“Great. Will there be any dessert?”

“Not for me, how about you Maureen?”

“I don’t think I’ll have any room left.”

“Okay, I should have your lunch to you in about ten minutes.”

“Great. Jen. Doesn’t this restaurant deliver?” Maureen inquired.

“Yes, we do.”

“Good. I need something  delivered to Clarence; the concierge at the Hilton on Raymond.
Deliver one of your burger and fry combos, along with these flowers. Have the delivery person ask him to take care of the flowers for Ms. Gillman in 34.”

Maureen handed Jen the box along with two ten dollar bills. 

“One for you Jen and one for the delivery person”.

“Uh sure I can take care of this. Thank You!”

“Thank you, Jen.”

“That’s ingenious! You said you’d take care of getting the flowers in a vase with water. I would’ve never thought of using the restaurant as a delivery service. A thinking lady. I like that.

I stroked her glistening ebony hair away from her cheek and ear.

“I like your earrings. Diamond studded letter “M” let me guess, “Maureen.”

“It’s nice that you like them. I bought them years ago when I was in New York from someplace in the garment district. Hey, you dress up nice as a businessman. I love your orange and blue print tie and your suspenders are so manly. They remind me of, what’s that movie Michael Douglas was in where he was a ruthless greedy businessman?”

She snapped her fingers three times as she was trying to pull the name of the movie from her memory.

“Wall Street.”

“Yes. I loved that movie! I love a well-dressed man and until now Michael Douglas did the suit tie and suspenders better than anyone I’d seen.”

“Until Now?”

“You’ve kicked him off that throne. You’re even wearing cuff links and they’re cute! Let me see.”

She picked up my right wrist and examined the little fat fountain pen cuff link.

“That’s too cool, I’ve never seen any like this. Are you a pen collector?”

I wanted to kiss her  manicured french tipped fingers that were at the moment wrapped around my wrist.

“Yeah. Somewhat. I have a weakness for fountain pens. Nice ones.”

“I’ll have to remember that George. You wear a mean suit too. Do you have them custom made?”

“No, I have them altered after I buy them. I know an old Russian lady that takes in sewing. She works out of a carryout in  D.C. She hems my slacks and re-positions the buttons on my jackets and blazers to give them a custom trim look and fit. The shirts are custom made. A lady I used to date that worked for the DEA knew an agent at the time that had his shirts custom made by a Mom and Pop tailor shop in Korea. She hooked me up with him. I was so impressed by the price and workmanship I ordered twenty-five white monogrammed shirts. That hooked me on custom made shirts.”

“Well you look great and you smell mouth watering good. What cologne are you wearing?”

She stretched her neck over and placed her nose against the side of my neck. She sniffed. The softness of her left breast against my right bicep caused my breathing intervals to increase.

“Georgio Special Reserve for Men. I discovered it years ago when I was in North Carolina and it’s been a mainstay in my cologne rotation every since. Maureen, I picked up on your aromatic fragrance as we were walking to the table. What are you wearing?” I lifted her wrist to my nostril for deep intoxicating inhale of coconut and vanilla.


“I call it Maureen. There is this Muslim brother I buy a variety of oils from. From that variety, I mix my own scents depending upon my mood or the occasion. Then sometimes I just go with coconut oil as my full body moisturizer and reap the aroma as a side benefit.”

“I have to ask. Are those eyes Mother Given, or contact lens enhanced ?”

She laughed.

“They’re all mine thanks to some rare eye gene my Dad’s family had. Some folks think they’re weird looking.”

“They are beautiful. They’re mysterious, sexy, transfixing, mesmerizing, and without a doubt, unique.”

“I’m glad you like them. Look into them as much as you want. I see that double pierced ear you told me about in the chat. Why aren’t there any studs or hoops in those holes?”

“Corporate image guidelines denounces ear-wear by executives. Translated; they wouldn’t be proper attire for some old fuddy duddy’s boardroom.”

“Well, you’ll have to do me a solid and put some studs in those holes for me when we hook up on an off night or weekend. I have some diamond studs in my jewelry box at home that I’d love to see in those holes. You would look awesome in them. Sexy to be honest.”

“How can I refuse that invitation?”

Those eyes were demanding I look deeper.

And look into them I did as we talked about our kids, hometowns, intimate requisites, Newark, D.C., and Connecticut. We talked about women, men, politics, education and life in general while we waited for our lunch. She had become a fan of my writings and commented in depth on most of the things I’d written about online.

“How’s your husband with you making male friends?”

“Ex-Husband George, ex-husband. As I’ve told you it’s way over for us. I can’t say how he’s going to react to me making male friends since he and I have forked our road. And I’m not concerned with what he thinks or how he acts toward my personal life. You would be the actual first man that I’ve shown a personal interest in since my marriage went bad so I guess I’ll find out.”

“Really?  I find that hard to believe I’m the first man that caught your eye since your divorce.”

“I didn’t say caught my eye, I said caught my interest. You can go car shopping and think you’re looking at a top notch vehicle but underneath it isn’t worth a plug nickel.Most of the men I meet try to come in under the belt by talking to my chest. I can fuck myself I don’t need a man for that. Now if we’re talking fulfilling me – then we can talk men and to be honest I find you quite fulfilling.”

“I subscribe to the look good and run good ideology when it comes to cars and men. Then too, I don’t whore myself out for cheap thrills that die before the sweat itself can evaporate. I’m not footloose and fancy free and I’m a long way from desperate.”

If you get my attention, it’s because I like everything about you, as opposed to just needing a warm body and occasional romp in the sack.  I’m not quick. I’m not easy. I am challenging, eccentric in a tasteful way, opinionated, and committed to who or what I want and need.”

“I hear you babe, I hear you, and I love what I hear.” I picked her hand up and  kissed it lightly. She reached over and slid her free hand over my shaved head sending iced electrical charges throughout my body. The transfixing moment was abruptly interrupted.

“Here you are.”

Jen was back with our food.

She placed the white ceramic plates of burgers and fries in front of us. The burger patties were still steaming and the fries were glistening under the bubbling cover of cheese. She  put the small bowls of coleslaw and the drinks to the left of each burger plate. Two sets of cellophane wrapped silverware and paper napkins were part of the serving.  The drinks were in bumpy textured clear plastic tumblers.

“I took care of your delivery maam. Enjoy your meal I’ll check back a little later in case you need anything else.”

“Thanks, Jen.”

I picked up my burger and took a bite. The fusion of mustard chili, ketchup, hot fresh well-fried ground beef, bread, and pickle was mouth watering.

“Ummm Maureen.” I vibrated while chewing.

“This is good!” I took a second big bite as she bit into hers.

“Try a fry with soul seasoning.”

She pulled a fry from the pile on her plate and pressed it against my moving lips. I opened my mouth and she slid half of it in before I bit down on it.

“That’s delicious Maureen. That seasoning is better than salt and pepper.” It was good!

“I’ll mix our fries up so you get some of mine and I get some of yours.”

Artfully using her knife and fork she scooped up half her fries from her plate and put them on mine and removed half of mine to her plate.

“So what’s your plans for this afternoon Maureen?”

I was already halfway through my burger. Swallows of the Pepsi on ice enhanced the exceptional culinary experience. It had been a long time since I’d sank my teeth into a burger that good.It had been an even longer time since I enjoyed dining with such and interesting lady.

“I’m going to do a little shopping right here in downtown Newark. They have some niche shops I’ve always wanted to browse. I want to pick my daughter up some jeans and a couple of dresses. I want to see what I can find in some summer shoes for myself. Do you need anything?”

She spooned a couple of helpings of cole slaw through those opened crimson lips.

“Not that I can think of. Speaking of shoes, the sandals you’re wearing today are cute. They compliment your beautiful feet and immaculate pedicure. I’m rendered defenseless by a woman with beautiful eyes and feet.”

“You like my feet?”

” Yes I like your feet. They’re sexy. They’re lovely and well cared for from what I can see. “

“They’re sensitive.”

“How so?”

“If you touch them right you might start something.”

“I don’t think I’d complain about that “something.”

“Starting something is good as long as it leads to something good. It’s even better when it concludes with something that is beneficial and meaningful”,

she said as she watched me devour the last of my burger and take a sip of the Pepsi. I picked up my paper napkin and wiped my mouth.

 Maureen still had about a quarter of her burger left.

“Well, you’re tackling your food like a working man. I like watching a man eat. There is no way I’m going to finish all of this. I’m stuffed already and haven’t even gotten halfway through this. They give you mammoth servings of everything here. If I eat the rest of this I’m going to be back at the hotel all afternoon sleeping.”

She picked up her glass of tea and filled her mouth. She then did a jaw to jaw motion producing alternate tea filled cheeks before swallowing. She put the glass down, then dabbed her lips with a napkin.

She picked up my half-full glass of Pepsi.

“Open your mouth, sip a few times, but don’t swallow.” She instructed me  as she raised the glass to my mouth.

I took four sips and held them as she had requested.

“Juggle from cheek to cheek a few times then swallow.”

Perplexed but transfixed by those eyes, I did as instructed.

She patted my lips dry with a fresh napkin. Then she reached into her Coach purse wedged between her right hip and the wall and pulled out a small round metal canister. She removed the top, dipped her index finger inside and touched it to the tip of her tongue.

She dipped the index finger into the canister again  then closed it and put it back in the purse.

She offered the finger to my mouth, which I accepted, She slid it between my lips and halfway to my throat. An intense almost stinging arctic explosion  extended from my tongue to my brain. Seductively, she slid the finger slowly back out. I felt like every nerve in my mouth was pin pricked with frozen mini needle pinpoints.

“That’s Essence of Spearmint with a hint of cinnamon.”

She reached up and placed an opened palm against my left cheek and turned my face toward hers where our lips met and she slid her tongue into my mouth. Her mouth  was a welcoming cocoon to her extension of impromptu affection.

This kiss was one that would stay on my mind, star in my dreams, for quite some time to come. I placed my hand in the small her back and pulled her into a contorted sideways position. Her breasts straddled my right bicep.

I reversed the oral probing and searched her tongue and mouth.  She pounced back, slithering her tongue around every concave of my mouth and out over my bottom lip giving it a tug with her lips. She cupped my face in both her coconut and hamburger scented palms forcing me front and center with those sexy eyes.

“I don’t mean to be too forward. To suppress my desires would be dishonest.”

“I’m not complaining Maureen. And I wouldn’t want you to suppress anything you feel like doing or saying. That would be compromising your character.”

I touched her bottom lip with my index finger and traced a light line down the center of her throat ending at her exposed cleavage.

I felt her left-hand nails dig sharply into my right thigh.

“Oh George, this is stress relieving. I would be perfectly fine sitting here the remainder of the afternoon holding your hand and talking to you. Do you have to go back to D.C. after you’re done here today?” 

The nails dug deeper into my thigh.

“Yeah I’m going to have to get back but maybe we could spend a few hours together before I leave.”

My hand slid over the contour of a solidified breast nipple pressing against of the fabric of her bra and sundress. I felt her chest heave from a deep inhale.

“I don’t want to disrupt your business, George. Besides, I think we both know if we get together it’ll be for more than a few hours. You won’t get back to D.C. tonight that’s for sure.”

The thigh grip relaxed into a palm slide to my crotch.

“Why don’t I come to D.C. next week? If you can find time for me you can show me your city and direct me to some biz opportunities. In return, I could model some silver shimmer nylons for you.”

“Yeah you did mention silver shimmer in our conversation after the chat that night. I did a little research on that.”


“I’ll personally pave the modeling runway myself. D.C. is a long haul from Connecticut.  Why don’t you fly, on my dime?”

She slid her right hand under my tie and into the space between my shirt buttons. Her warm soft palm roamed my chest circling one of my nipples with the tip of an index finger. We were oblivious to any diners that may have been watching us.

The hard on was hard enough to cut glass.

“I prefer to drive. Long drives are therapeutic for me and I love all the sights and side towns. I have made some magnificent finds in those little one stop light haunts that you find off I-95.”  She removed the hand from the shirt and slid it over my head.

“How do you get your head so smooth? That’s a turn on.”

“Shave it every morning.”

“Was everything okay?”

Jen was back.  She was looking uneasily at Maureen’s unfinished burger and fries.

“Everything was great Jen. The lady got stuffed and couldn’t finish but everything was fine.”

“He’s right Jen. Everything was great and I am as full as a tick.”

“Can I get you anything else? Refresh your drinks?”

“No as a matter of a fact let me get my wallet out of my jacket pocket and get you a card to take care of the bill”.

Maureen’s outstretched arm with a credit card in hand blocked me from getting up.

“Here you are Jen take this one.”

“What are you doing Maureen? I’ve got this” I moved to get up but she pressed her arm holding the card against my chest.

“I’ll get the bill for you maam.”

“No need Jen. Take the card and take care of it along with 15% tip for you.”


“Shisss” She blew me a kiss.

“You took care of the room, that was more than generous of you. Will you let me pay for lunch? I sense you’re not used to a lady buying you lunch.”

Jen took the card and disappeared.

“Lunch or much anything else. It’s a rarity.”

“That’s a shame.”

“Look after you’re done with your afternoon shopping text me when you get back to the room. I’ll call you if there is a  break between the two meetings scheduled this afternoon.”

“Oh of course. Are you sure I can’t pick you up something?”

“No baby. Just be careful. This is downtown Newark.”

“Yeah, it’s a hot bed for bad things. I know the story, George. I’ll be all right. It’s too many people out and about for some random gang to target me. Besides that stuff happens after dark and on the outer parameters of downtown for the most part.”

“Well I don’t want anything happening to you. Thanks for agreeing to meet me for lunch.”

“George I’ve been looking forward to this since we agreed to do it. You’ve been on my mind every since we chatted online. I was determined to see for myself if such in interesting man really existed in the flesh.”

“The truth is I’ve been thinking about you everyday too. You have autographed a few of my wishes already. You’re very intelligent, well read, sexy, and easy to talk to.”

“You’re an easy man to listen to George. I’ll tell you, I’m relieved this isn’t some pussy grab. Pardon my French if you will.”

I’ve grown tired of men wasting my time with scripted dialogue that cloaks a plot for sex.

I don’t need a man to tell me what I already know about myself. I need him to tell me what I don’t know about him.

I’d have more respect for men if they’d just say they wanted to screw. Either way, the answer would be no if I’m not feeling them.”

I had to chuckle at that.

“I don’t play those games. I don’t understand why men run game just for sex anymore Maureen. It is too many women out here putting it out for free. I’m not looking for fun and games, or to get wholesale sex. I want an exclusive relationship, with my own exclusive committed lady.”

“I can’t believe you are real George.” She was squeezing my right bicep.

Jen reappeared at the table.

“Here is your card and your receipt maam. Thank you very much. Is there anything I can get either of you?” She reached down and gathered up the plates and tumblers.

” No we’re fine Jen. The lunch was delicious. I’ll have to come back sometimes in the future.”

“Please do. You two have been lovely. You make a cute couple. Are you married?”

“No, we’ve just begin to work on the couple part.” Maureen responded.

“Well, good luck. I hope to see both of you soon.” Jen said as she left.

“I’d better get back to Washington Street. According to my watch, I’ve got five minutes before meeting time.”

I stood up and picked my jacket up from the seat on the other side of our table.

“Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself.” Maureen was sliding down the seat to stand up.

I was about to put my jacket on and she came around to assist me with it.

“Let me help you with that.”

She took the jacket and held it opened behind me so I could slide my arms into the sleeves. She slid it up over my shoulders and smoothed out the collar.

I turned around and she straightened my tie and buttoned the jacket.

“I thought the man helped the lady with the coat.”

“No roles George. It’s about timing.”

“Whichever one of us is in the position to make life a little better for the both of us that one should seize the opportunity to do so. People try to follow too many rules that don’t even apply to them and wind up messing everything up. Shall we go?”

She entwined her arm around mine and clasped her fingers between mine.

We walked to the doors and out on the Broad Street sidewalk arm in arm.

For the first time in a long time, I was walking with a woman I wanted all the world to see was with me.

“Did you use the Garage I told you about for parking?”

“Yes. The one just down and across the street.”

“I’ll walk you to your car.”

“No need George. I’m going to leave it parked and start my afternoon shopping.”

“Are you sure? You can move your car closer to the shops. I can get you parking anywhere you like.”

“The shopping strip is only a few blocks down. I need to walk off this lunch. I’ll be fine. If wind up with too many packages to carry I’ll get a cab back to the garage. You get back to work. I’ll be okay .”

I was oblivious to our surroundings and the people walking by and around us. I bent slightly, lifted her chin up to align our lips, and kissed her full on her full sweet lips. Her arms snaked around my sides and locked me in. My open palms on her back massaged her shoulder blades while pulling her against me. It was one of those wet tongue entwined kisses best reserved for private quarters.


She had a dreamy look in those awesome eyes as she leaned back from my relaxed grip. She touched her index finger to her tongue and rubbed the finger against my lips. I sucked it in my mouth through lightly closed teeth.

“Behave we’re in public.”

She slid the finger out then reached into her blue leather clutch and pulled out a flowery handkerchief.

“Here I am trying to remove my artwork from your lips and you’re encouraging more of it. Hold still.”

She touched the hanky to her tongue and wiped my lips softly with it.

“You are the attentive one Maureen. I haven’t been shown this much attention to detail since Mom inspected my six-year-old ears.”

“It’s nothing George. I want to send you back to work looking like an executive. There, you are all cleaned up.” She stood on her tiptoes and hugged me.

“I’ll text you.”

She turned and walked up the street. I was transfixed at how graceful she carried her 5 foot 6-inch 134-pound frame. The graceful sway of her hips and the way her hair floated in the wind made it hard not watch her. I had a good feeling about this one.

I headed back to Washington Street lost in my thoughts about Maureen. I knew one thing I wanted to see her again. 

I wanted to spend the evening with her. As sexy as she was sleeping with her wasn’t the reason I wanted to see her again. It was the way I felt around her. Her attentiveness to my conversation and me as a whole made me feel like I was the only man in the city. I loved to listen to her talk. She was engaging. There were many things about her that I could get used to.

I was back at 33 Washington Street within 10 minutes.

The afternoon seemed to drag on and I found it hard to concentrate. I couldn’t get my mind off of Maureen’s voice, eyes, smile, and her walk. I was consumed with reliving the effects that her touches had on me.

My  business partners finalized a strategy to acquire more managed properties in the regions we were targeting. We debated on what do with the least profitable properties in the DC-Virginia area. Some of the people present in the meeting opted for management retraining. Others wanted marketing changes. That debate consumed the majority of the afternoon.

Maureen kept me abreast of her shopping excursion with random texts. She also fired off sweet nothings between the updates. My favorite one of the afternoon was ” I want you to hold my hand again it makes me feel secure”.

My response, “I’d like to hold all of you. Holding you is very calming.”

The last meeting concluded around 4:30. Robin came in the conference room as I was about to call Maureen.

“So how was lunch, George?

“It was great. We went to the diner on Broad.”

“They have great food. What are you up to now? How about a drink?”

“Maybe next time Robin. I’ve to make a quick turn in Newark before heading back to DC.”

“I see.” She seemed to be disappointed.

“Okay. It looks like you were about to make a call. I don’t want to keep you from it. If you change your mind about the drink let me know. If not, have a safe drive back.”

She gave me a quick hug and left the conference room.

I punched Maureen’s number into the phone’s keypad.

She answered on the second ring.

“Tell me your meeting is done and I can have you again.”

“Yes, they are done and yes you can have me again for a little while.”

“Great! I’m at the hotel. I’ve showered and dressed again. When you get here you can freshen up if you need to and we can have room service send up dinner and afterward, chill with each other.

“Actually Maureen, I’ve made reservations for us at Don Pepe’s. It’s an awesome restaurant that’s a short drive from the hotel.  They have the best steaks and wonderful wines.”

“I’m certainly not going to say no to dinner with you. I will say, George, you are cut from a different cloth than other men.”

“How’s that?”

I packed the last of the day’s reports into the bag with my laptop and hoisted the strap over my shoulder.

“I just invited you into a hotel room and gave you permission to get naked and stay that way. You counter with a request to take me to dinner. That shows me you have the discipline of a samurai warrior and the foundation of an oak.  I’m feeling that style from head to toe. I’ll be in the lobby when you get here. There’s no need to park. When you’re in the circle drive call me and I’ll come out.”

“I should be there in ten minutes.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

I said good-bye to the staff I passed on the way to the garage to pick up the rented Ford Taurus. Robin gave me the evil eye along with a good-bye peck on the cheek.

“Drive carefully. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“I won’t Robin.”


She was beautiful. She was stunning.

Maureen had changed into a form-fitting black dress cinched at the waist by a gray belt. The dress halted about an inch above her knees where those sculptured ebony legs flowed down into red sling back pumps.


Beautiful women have a way of slowing down time when they walk.

Maureen seemed to be on a slow glide as she walked toward me holding the passenger door of the Taurus opened for her. She gave me a kiss that rolled my eyes backward before getting in. Letting the black dress slide up to her mid thighs, she threw a free leg show in before settling in the passenger seat.

On the drive over to McCarter Hi-way, she revealed she’d bought the dress she was wearing during her afternoon shopping trip. She was ecstatic that I loved it because she said she had me in mind when she picked it out. She also said she’d picked me up something and would make it a dinner presentation.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her during the drive to the restaurant. She has the sexiest knees and facialside profile. 

At Don Pepe’s the ambiance of the restaurant was perfect for us. We were seated with no problem and treated like royalty.

Maureen dined on their Camarones Provenzal which is shrimp cooked with tomatoes, wine garlic, and parsley. She complimented the shrimp with a side of spinach. I had the Red Snapper prepared pastelara style with their Broccoli Rabe. We shared a basket of heavily buttered bread. The wine was Ribera Del Duero, 1993.

“What other finds did you make on your shopping trip this afternoon? I can’t get over the dress. It’s classy, sexy, you wear it well Maureen.”

“I found some jeans for my daughter, this dress, a bracelet, a purse and a few other odds and ends. You know downtown Newark surprised me. One can find some good things shopping down there.”

“I’ve never been shopping down there. On one of these trips I’m going to have to take some time and check it out.”

“You should I saw some nice men’s shops. How’s your Snapper?”

“Great. How about your shrimp?”

“Just the way I like it. It’s not too tender, not too firm and the garlic is not overbearing. The Ribera Del Duero is the perfect wine for it. I love it. How did you come about selecting such a wonderful wine?”

“The guys in the office brought me here for dinner one time and introduced me to it. I had it with steak and before I knew it, we had polished off two bottles. It was that good”.

“I’m on my second glass already. It intensifies the flavor of the food and warms me.”

“Enjoy. Your room’s booked through tomorrow so you don’t have to drive back to Connecticut tonight. “

“If I keep this up I may just stay here overnight. You’re drinking too and have a long drive waiting for you. Are you going to be okay?”

“As long as I’m eating I’ll be okay.”

She finished chewing then swallowed a piece of bread. She took a long sip of wine put down the goblet and produced a gray clutch bag from underneath the table.

“George when I was shopping this afternoon I could not get you off my mind. I found myself thinking about how wonderful our conversations make me feel. I replayed your smile, your touch, your confidence countless times over. I became compelled to seek out something that would be a symbolic token of this day.”

“Maureen you didn’t have..” “Shish” was preceded by pursed lips imitating a kiss.

She pulled a gift-wrapped package out of her clutch and handed it across the table to me.


“Take it.”

I took the package from her. I was surprised while at the same time feeling a little awkward. I was not used to women randomly giving me gifts.

She was piercing my glance at her with those almond diamond irises of hers.

“You can open it. It won’t explode”.

I untied the bow and peeled off the blue and silver wrapping paper. The snow-crested mountain logo embossed on the right-hand corner of the box stunned me. Unless a corner hustler had flim flamed Maureen I was unwrapping a Monte Blanc pen, pencil or fountain pen. 

“Is this what it appears to be Maureen?”

She took a sip of wine and smiled.

“Open it and see!”

I slid the cardboard sleeve off of the black and gold case. I opened the lid of the case. Nestled inside the white interior of the case was a large Monte Blanc product. I popped it out of the u shaped holders and unscrewed the cap. A Monte Blanc 149 fountain pen. Some consider it the holy grail of pens. They hit the wallet for four Benjamins plus a few Hamiltons.

“I wanted you to have a sibling for that handsome rollerball in your pocket.”

She reached across the table and pulled my black and gold Legrand roller ball out of my pocket.

“How did you know that was a rollerball in my pocket and not a fountain or ballpoint pen? In the pocket, they look the same.”

“I showed the note you signed that was attached to the flowers to the guy in the pen store. He used a magnifying glass to determine what pen point type you used to sign the note. I remembered the white star on the cap of the pen that was in your shirt at lunchtime. I also recognized it on several pens that in store’s showcase. Did I get it right?”

“Yes you did . You also  went through a lot of trouble and expense Maureen. Why?”

“What trouble? I wanted to get you a token that would remind you daily of something I feel is special to both of us. I wanted that token to be something you could use. You love writing. Use it to write us many get togethers in the future.”

“As far as expense goes, I’m not a woman that assigns a price to gratitude. She leaned across the table, clipped the roller ball back into my pocket and kissed me.”

“And here I am with nothing for you”.

“Oh, you’re wrong there. This day is a fantasy turned real that includes you. That is all I need George. You have said and done all the right things to make this a very beautiful day and that is  special to me.”

I slid the pen in the pocket beside its roller ball sibling then refilled both our goblets with more wine. I raised my goblet toward Maureen.

“I propose a toast. To the most beautiful and thoughtful woman, I know. Here is to countless future encounters and experiences with you Maureen.”

She raised her goblet and touched it to mine then we took deep sips of the warming wine.

I felt like swooping Maureen out of the seat and just spinning around with her in my arms. She looked liked an angelic goddess sitting across from me in that lovely dress.

“You just reserved yourself a hotel room tonight George.”


“That last refill of wine put you at five glasses baby. It would be irresponsible of me to let you drive back to DC without some sleep. You’ve been up since before six this morning. Call your people and tell them you’ll be running a little late in the morning.”

“Never argue with a lady in black a wise man once said.” 

I emptied the goblet and refilled it again.

“That refill right there confirms we’re going to be roommates tonight George. And since I hate to see good wine go to waste I’ll have another.”

Maureen emptied the remains of the bottle and filled her goblet.

“Would you like some dessert, Maureen?”

“No, but since you’re hanging around for the rest of the night let’s order more wine. I’m starting to feel a buzz and I like it.”

“I’m down for that. I’ll order another round of shrimp to keep the stomachs balanced.”


We spent the next hour drinking wine, eating more shrimp and talking about getting together again after Newark. We planned to get together in DC next week. We had also made plans to attend a Jazz concert in Maryland the week after next.

After finishing off the third bottle of wine, we were teetering on being faded. We took a cab back to the Raymond Hilton. I’ll pick up the Tarus  in the morning.

We weren’t drunk but speaking for myself, I had a serious buzz going on. Maureen was looking too good and I feared losing her perception of me as a disciplined oak.

Back at the hotel.

As I showered, I thought about how fast things were picking up for us. I thought too about the double beds and how Maureen turned me on. She’d showered before me and when finished she came out dressed in a knee length low-cut black silk gown. I couldn’t get the smell of her body oil and the effect of her long warm embrace out of my mind.

I hadn’t come prepared to stay overnight so I had to use the hotel’s toiletry kit to shave my head and chin. Maureen mixed me up a fragrance from some oils she had in her overnight bag. She also had picked up some Klein boxers and T-shirts while she was shopping “just in case” I had decided to stay overnight she told me. Again, she was on point with the right size.

I emerged from the shower refreshed wearing black Klein boxers. Maureen had ordered sparkling water and champagne from room service. She was lying in bed with her head propped on two pillows against the bed’s headboard.

“Is that a six pack I see under your torso? That looks yummy George”.

She licked her lips.

“Can I fix you a drink?”

“Just a few lumps Maureen, that’s all. If there is any Jack in the bar that and a little coke would be good.”

She slid off the edge of the bed and went over to the bar.

“I’ve got you covered.”

I sat in the chair beside the bed and admired her gowned backside as she mixed the drink. The material draped the contours of her derriere perfectly confirming there wasn’t any undergarment beneath.

The gown straps over her bare shoulders heightened the adrenaline flow throughout my body. She turned with the drink in her hand and walked to me.  The glistening jiggling cleavage under the black silk and the exposed thighs through the laced split in the gown was chipping away what little restraint I had left.

She sat on my lap facing me and raised the glass to my lips. I took a sip. The Jack and Coke warmed me and unleashed a new wave of anticipation throughout me. My appreciation for her presentation was trying to burst though my Kleins.

She kissed my chest, nibbled my neck, while squirming her rear end around on my lap. I reminded myself this was the first night being alone in a bedroom with this lady. I started to remind her of that but my mouth was sealed with a kiss before I could say anything. Then she handed me the drink and got up.

She walked over to one of the double beds, climbed on and  sat with her feet folded under her thighs.

“Am I straining the virtues of a gentleman?”

“Let me ask you something Maureen. What would you like to do the remainder of the night?”

“Be as close to you as I can possibly get. I need to be held George. Can you do that without succumbing to the natural instinct to bang and shoot?”

“Baby it’s  going to be hard. Do know you’re sexy beyondany point of return.”

I got up went over and sat beside her on the bed. I put the drink on the floor and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

“You’re not a bang bang and shoot type woman. The target I’m aiming for is center mass baby. That little thing hiding between your breasts known as the heart.”

I looked into those beautiful teakwood eyes and unloaded my soul into her ears.

“Without the commitment of the heart, it all would be just a cheap thrill. You’re not cheap and you’re more than a thrill Maureen. What we found here in Newark today, we can cultivate and grow and reap the rewards of what we’ve sown. I didn’t come back here tonight looking for sex. I didn’t come back here because you asked me to. I came back to this hotel room because being with you makes me feel good. Talking to you, holding you makes me feel like a ton of concrete has been lifted off me. Oh, I want you. Don’t think for one minute you’re undesirable because right now I can’t think of a woman past present or future that is more desirable than you are. The quenching of desires has their places and their times.”

I slid her up unto the bed lowering her head onto a pillow near the headboard. She had tears in those lovely eyes.

“George please tell me there is another chapter to this Cinderella story after tonight.”

I got up and  turned off the lights and crawled back  in bed with her. She rested her head on my shoulder and nuzzled her nose against my neck. Her hair sprawled over my chest sending tingles throughout me.

“Maureen there are many chapters following this beautiful day.”

I kissed the top of her head pulled her close and held her tight. Holding her oddly gave me a sense of security. Sleep eventually cloaked us like a warm security blanket.

Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

6 thoughts on “Maureen Went From Chat Room To Reality In Newark New Jersey”

  1. Good grief! I feel like I need a cigarette and I don’t even smoke 🙂
    This was so beautifully and thoughtfully written.

    Has the book already been published? I’m gonna need to know 🙂
    I would really love to read more like this from you and I would pay to do it!
    In my opinion, your writings easily rival just about anybody on the market right now!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you for your kind and motivating words of encouragement. Coincidentally there are three parts to the Maureen story (which happens to be a true story) that are in the re-editing phase.

      You would never have to pay for anything I write- you’ve been so generous with your encouraging and motivating words – you’re at the top of the list to receive free autograph copies of anything that materializes into book form.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Fascinating, intriguing, engrossing and addictive story. I kept saying, ” I’ll finish it later “, but I could never find a good place to pause. Each word drew me to the next until, too soon, it was over.

    I believe I hear hearts thumping and silk undies fluttering to the floor; in some darkened hotel room somewhere in the night.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ron YOU have just given me a The elegant description to one of Maureen and Gee’s intimate encounters with your – “I hear hearts thumping and silk undies fluttering to the floor; in some darkened hotel room somewhere in the night.” That my brother is clean provocative, and powerful. Expect to see a version of that in my future writings .

      Liked by 1 person

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