Ladies -Experience a Gentleman


There have been an enormous amount props being given to the “thug attraction” in regard the style and personalities of some men women are attracted to. I’ll give the thug personalities their props. From the admissions I’ve seen, there is credibility to the claim they attract their fair share of women. I don’t knock what floats folk’s boats as long as it’s healthy and legal. If some women attracted to the “thug type” go for it.  

But do know  there is another breed of men  inhabiting the horizon.

They’re void of narcissism. They have their own unique brand of swagger.They are opulent with chivalry and physical admiration that naturally galvanizes the object of their desire. They are fastidious in their attentiveness and gestures. They ride into town quietly, almost mysteriously, never assuming, yet confident and accommodating.

They are the gentlemen. And they are returning to claim their pyramid.

They’re bringing with them a romantic twist to their agenda.

Riddle me this.

“What lady wouldn’t want to walk into a house consumed with the aroma of her favorite bath time fragrance, emanating from a tub posh with warm rich soapy relaxing recipe of water and copious with her favorite oils? What woman wouldn’t want to be assisted out of the day’s clothing and undergarments and lowered down into the warming rejuvenating water and oils of a prepared bath ?

Bra-Clasp-257x300What lady wouldn’t want the male fire of her desires to assist in liberating her back and shoulders  of the constricting support of her two tokens of womanhood?  Her fatigued feet scrubbed massaged and stroked, the small of her back lubricated and kneaded along with the rest of her anatomy erotically cleansed ?

The sponge traces the outline of her delicate chin down to the center of her delicate neck and on between her soapy breasts down to her navel and beyond. Her favorite soft tunes plays in the background while she sips on a goblet of her favorite beverage. Her hair is wrapped or part of the total head to toe invigoration.



As a matter of fact he gently assists in drying the entire body, while embellishing it with kisses, and soft licks.

Afterward, while dinner is warming, he gives you a pedicure (Gentlemen are up on game in this area) massaging your toes heels soles, ankles, and calves working from the warm eucalyptus concentrated water finishing with a warm penetrating oil .

If necessary he meticulously gives each toe a fresh artistic coat of polish, gently cradling and tickling each one with his strong yet gentle fingers. Finished with a soft kiss to the tip of each toe. The haunting effect can be ineffable, at the least.

On to your favorite full course meal flamboyantly displayed, capped off by a centerpiece of two dozen roses.

He  fills your plate and during the meal, engages in conversation and serves ups seconds. He brushes the side of your neck softly with his lips as he refills your crystal goblet with wine.

Dessert can be of the confection variety, or of the manly variety. The selection is yours.

.”I pushed the chair away from the table and stood, full of the feast he had prepared for me. I was startled as he rose from his chair and walked toward me with a purpose. What more did he have planned?

I felt his strong arms fold around the back of my knees and my upper back and in an instant my nose was in the cradle of his neck, his aftershave intoxicating me into premature euphoria”

Black Couple Kissing #2He carried me up the carpeted stairs, so confident of his steps he looked into my eyes and kissed me lightly on the lips as he reached the top of the landing turned and walked through the bedroom.

He lowered me down on the bed adorned with rose petals. He picked up a remote from the bed, pressed a button and the headboard filled the air with Main Ingredient’s “We Got Us”.

He was still in his white pressed shirt and tie, having left the jacket downstairs.

He picked up a rose petal from the bed and softly traced the outline of my cheekbone down the center of her neck. My  satin red robe had parted and my  erect tokens of sisterhood were exposed. He traced each one with the soft rose petal before letting it go fluttering to my stomach. Supporting his weight on his hands spread on each side of me, he leaned over and kissed me full on the lips. The smell of his cologne made me giddy.

I raised my left leg and placed the heel of my foot on his lower back. He caressed my exposed thigh and hip as I reached up and loosened the tightly knotted neck tie  while massaging his tongue and lips with deep moist passionate kisses.

He pulled away, somewhat frustrating me. I was just beginning to breathe deeply. My fingers and toes were tingling. I felt light-headed as the waves of rising heat ran throughout my body.

Before he pulled completely away, he reached down and picked up my left foot, and lightly kissed my ankle, tickling it softly with the tip of his darting tongue. In a fleeting moment, he lowered it back into the rose petals and was walking toward the dresser to finish undressing.

He finished removing the tie and walked over the dresser and uncorked a bottle of wine pouring a goblet half full and returned to the bed offering it to me.

blackromanceSitting up among the soft rose petals my robe was now fully opened from the shoulders to the waist exposing my entire upper torso.

I took the goblet from his hand and extended my neck to accept the passionate kiss from him. His kisses were always deep and probing, the way he made love.

He backed away, turned and unbuttoned the shirt removed it and placed it on the chair beside the dresser. I noticed again the scars left by his POW captors from the Vietnam War. Ugly long deep scars traveling across in his muscular rippling back left by the lashes of a leather whip laced with burning gasoline. I also noticed for the umpteenth time the tattoo on his upper right shoulder. The stamp of the cruel and heartless fraternity of professional assassins he belonged to.

I was always left in awe behind the fact he could engage in such a heartless and cruel world, yet be so gentle and attentive when it came to me.

He wasn’t a talker. He didn’t offer up a flow of  smooth words like the game players on the street. He was packed with gentle, loving, emotions and attentiveness when it came to me. Oh, he was always abreast of current events, and read a lot, but I found it appealing, that when he spoke, he had something to say. He opened doors for me, helped me on with my coat, and  helped me off with my heels when he was near.

He always carried the bags from shopping. He washed my  Nissan weekly and always took it in for preventive maintenance. On chilly nights, he removed his suit jacket and covered me. He did the same if we were caught in the rain without an umbrella. On snowy winter mornings, I always wake up to ready-made coffee and my car cleaned clear of snow and ice.

These things were never talked about, he just did them. I remembered how he floored me for my birthday, by paying all my monthly bills that month, and treated me to a five-day cruise out to the Caribbean Islands.

One morning after one of our intense lovemaking rendezvous on the rocky waters of the Caribbean, I woke up to find a two-carat diamond on my finger. A hand written note on the night stand read,

“You are a diamond”. He had taken the time to note my clothing sizes and often showed up with a perfect fitting blouse or skirt, just because.

He played by his rules, which enticed and mesmerized me.

Only he could give a girl a diamond just because he wanted to, and not mean a prelude to marriage yet, at the same time symbolize his commitment to only her. Only he could transition from a world requiring no heart and soul into one overflowing with passion, and kindness, and consideration. I’d never seen anyone like him, and quite frankly it took me  a while to figure out what to make of him. He was at home with the French poodle crowd of Beverly Hills, or the Gs hanging out in Compton.

We attended plays and movies, shopped at Saks and Dollar General. He wore functional clothing, not dictated by price. He didn’t label life, he simply lived it.

I heard the sounds of the shower coming on, and the heat building inside of me as I remembered his simple explanation of my  impact and position in his life.

“You are always the calm and serenity after all of the storms my life weathers”

That was it, that was him. Everything else is gravy baby. And I sop it all up.”

Experience a Gentleman.



Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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