You Got Caught Cheating On Your Partner – There Will Be A Clap Back

Disclaimer: The purpose of this post not to trigger nefarious ideas inside the heads of those that have been hurt by someone they trusted. I would seriously urge those thinking of retaliating against someone for whatever reason to seek counseling. The intent of this post is to make those folks that take other folks’ feelings for granted aware that you never know the outcome of selfish acts that hurt others. To those folks I say honesty is the best policy – If you want out get out – don’t cheat out.



When someone unintentionally breaks someone’s heart that’s bad within itself. When someone straight disses you in the process of breaking your heart that’s another thing entirely.

Some folks don’t take that lightly.

If you’re one of these folks “outchea” with a side piece or engaging in “hoeism” I’ma throw some truth your way. If you run that game long enough you’re going to get busted. And if it’s your girlfriend, boyfriend or significant other that catches you red handed – repercussions are imminent.

Some of the people that read this post are going to be put off by the lengths a wounded heart and a pre-meditated karma driven mind can drive a person to. Some of them will assert PLEAZZE , never me . And some are right. They can straight take a slap to the face and total disregard for their mental, physical and emotional well-being in stride and keep it moving.

Then there are those that are going clap back. They know who they are. They are the ” YOU, YOU DO THIS TO ME?? You bitch made fool ass punk / ho – ahh you motherf****r I’ma get that ass you can trust and believe that type people.

Somebody that finds out they have been cheated on can be a dangerous somebody. They can be an unpredictable somebody. Their emotions are churning a mile a minute, they’re charged to the hilt with adrenaline and at some point fueled up with shrapnel laced venom. And suddenly they don’t have anything but time. Time for their altered state of mind to offer up endless ways of get back.


If you have ever been caught cheating then you know for awhile after you’re caught you’re a little concerned or just straight “scurred.” You’re peeping out of windows, talking to friends, thinking about buying a weapon and subconsciously mounting a defense for the offense you know is coming. If you’re a person of means with a passport you’re thinking international exile.

The clap back is coming, you can be damn sure of that. What you can’t be sure of is in what way it’s coming. And you don’t know to what level it’s going to be at.

Idle jilted minds are child’s play for the devil”.

Level headed folks will get a grip on themselves before they damage property or bodies. The problem is none of us knows before hand who can remain level headed under a ton of mental bricks.

What you can do is look at some of the things wronged people have done and hope you never trigger someone to ratchet up the get back to the level you’re out getting restraining orders, loading up guns, sitting in the house with the curtains closed etc.

Peeping Cat And Child
Here are some nasty clap backs that broken  hearts and sinister minds have put together and carried out.
No Clap Back
“You keep f***king them around they keep being quiet. You keep hurting them they keep being nice. They maybe holding something inside that will really hurt you one day.” – It’s a very thin line between love and hate.
Nothing. No text, no call, no brick through the window – nothing. This is one of the scariest clap backs because the offender  doesn’t know what the jilted partner is thinking, or doing or to what level their anxiety and anger are jacked up to. Some folks say this is the best recourse to discovering you’ve been played. Let the cheater walk around and worry about what’s coming.
Attacks on The Whip
Women are often associated with this clap back. And it comes in a variety of flavors.
  • Three slashed tires – Ask a facetious person why they don’t slash four.
  • Keyed paint job
  • Crude messages scrawled on the sides and tops of the vehicle outing you for what you did.
  • Massengill creme spreaded on the windshield. You will buy another windshield.
  • Windows busted out.
  • New Paint job- No brush needed. Well, in reality it’s a splash job. They’re gonna dump that stuff on the whip.
The Financial Clapback
Lonely Stressed Man -384083_640
If you went all in on the financial area of your relationship those credit and debit cards might suddenly stop working. And that rush to the bank to withdraw may be a day late and a dollar short. A mofo will clean you out quicker than a hacker in Russia. Keep in mind they’re going to need some funds to finance their  nefarious get back project.
The Ass Whipping Clap Back
This is not legal and I don’t condone it but the reality of it happening to someone that stomped on someone else’s heart and dignity is very real.
The Big Snip Clap back.  Don’t think it can’t happen fellows. The dumbest thing you can do is get caught all up in OPP then go home and fall asleep beside the woman that caught you. Especially if that woman is giving you the silent clapback. Think I’m joking – google Lorena Bobbit.
The Hot Grits Clap Back
If you got busted and were big and bold enough to take your ass home like nothing happened,  shit showered and went to bed and woke up to the smell of grits cooking – jump out of the window run out of the door, take your pick, just get your ass moving.
The Social Media Clap Back
If you’re caught cheating you better pray the one that got cheated on didn’t  manage to get pictures of your “nekid” ass in the  mix with somebody else. That’s get back gold in and out of court. This is the stuff millions of social media members live for. If you get the evil and side eyes from friends and co-workers you might want to check that internationally famous “page”. You may find that you have achieved your 15 minutes of international fame.
The Screw You Better Clap Back
Expect A Rough Ride

There is no end to what a temporarily demented mind will go to when it’s running wild. Some folks are driven to “getting their loss” right back by “getting some”. They say folks crazy in love can lay it down. I say take a pass – it ain’t going to be no wig wearing ride. If you want your back thrown out or insides rearranged then go ahead with your bad self. You’ve been warned. Oh, watch your ass. Watch your ass.

About twenty or so years ago I remember a story about this ruthless drug dealer that found out his girlfriend was cheating on him. He didn’t beat her, he didn’t kill her, hell he didn’t even confront her. He made love to her- well, to be honest he made hate to her in every orifice in her body with his God given tool, a wine bottle, a broomstick, and I do believe I remember something about a bat. He finished off this hellish clap back by urinating on her and leaving her as “had”.

The Divorce Clap Back
Yeah this one is going to probably cost you. As a matter of a fact it will cost you a lot more than a cheap thrill.
Look folks step out on relationships and marriages for a plethora of reasons. Some of those reasons can be honestly justifiable based on mistreatment, loss of feelings, etc. Then there are those that step out for their own lustful selfish self-gratifying reasons. Do know justifiable or not it doesn’t change the fact that you played somebody and you didn’t have to.
I hope this post encourages those choosing a dishonest path paved with deceit, selfishness, to change that choice to one of honesty and respect. If you’re thinking about having and affair and see no way of fixing what you have – be honest with your partner and let them know the thrill is gone. It’s an honesty that will hurt but nowhere near as bad as them finding out you’re a liar and a cheater.
One more thing…
Don’t flirt with that line.
I’m out.

Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

2 thoughts on “You Got Caught Cheating On Your Partner – There Will Be A Clap Back”

  1. Oh no you didn’t go there G! Well, yeah, it looks like you did.

    As for me, I am one of those no response kinda clap backs. I’ll have you thinking everything is cool for a long time and then it’s on and popping! You know they say that revenge is a dish best served cold. Well baby, that’s exactly how I serve it–50 degrees below zero!

    Ok, I was kinda halfway kidding. A wise person once said that God’s Universe has a way of balancing things out! So I’d subscribe to taking that course. Best believe, He can level it out way better than I ever could!

    Loved this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your always welcomed insight and as usual it sparked something profound within me.

      “I agree , revenge is a dish best served cold”. I also believe it’s one best served silently”.

      And I do subscribe to letting God handle the clapback. Oh yeah!

      Liked by 1 person

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