How Mom Got Her Groove Back

Black Sisters Getting Ready

It all started with  a photo of herself that made her feel  really good when she looked at it. She posted it where she could see it first thing in the morning and multiple times during the day. Of course she looked a little different, but there is no denying the fact she was the same person and that person was very much alive inside of her. She embraced her uniqueness and realized time was not only good for wine, but it also favors beauty and class.

She hooked up a low maintenance hairstyle.One that didn’t not require a lot of time and upkeep, yet complimented her  style. She didn’t look younger or older,she looked like her.  

She stopped wearing those old mommy looking clothes. You know those that scream “I’ve surrendered to the stereotype of what some dimwit “thinks” a Mother should look like” clothes.

She got those hemlines up a respectable distance above those pretty Mommy knees and legs. She dropped  those necklines just low enough to compliment her upper physique.

She spawned and embraced a new cliché, “Mommy Sexy”

She hit Vicky Secrets for some matching bra and panty sets. She had finally shun that old church girl / mommy notion that there was something sinful and immoral about wearing undergarments that made her feel vibrant, energetic, and well, sexy.

She realized just because you own a gun doesn’t mean you have to hunt, and just because you’re dressing sexy from the inside out doesn’t mean you’re hunting either. She also snagged some snazzy lingerie not so much so to set off a sex marathon with Dad, but on the contrary to get that motivational blast when she saw just how sexy SHE made the pieces of lingerie look instead of the other way around.

Dad was like “what the hell“? He quit bowling night and started a new thing. Date night with Mom.

She began getting real fly manicures and pedicures.

She got physical.

She took that new look and attitude to the streets so to speak. She stopped berating the kids to walk Fido and started doing it. That’s when she discovered the motivation of the catcall.

You don’t have to be looking to get laid or do any flirting, to appreciate the fact that others dig your style and profile. When twenty something men start throwing a middle-aged diva verbal bones of adoration, that diva is on to something.

“Is SHE your Mom?” “Yeah man, that’s Mom” “She don’t look like no Mom I know, she’s hot man” “Watch yourself man, that’s my Mom you’re talking about. Back up off of her”.

She started taking stairs in public places, walking to the corner store, going to the park. She got into stretching and bending.

She began washing her car and bike riding with the kids. She took the Fido walks to another level. She stopped walking the dog, and started running the dog. Fido was like “what the hell“? 

Who needs a gym membership?  She donned spandex and hit YouTube up for some Yoga videos. She danced around the house to her  favorite music  and put together a sit up push up regime that would shame the average drill sergeant. That “baby fat” just under the navel area, those kids were responsible for soon went AWOL.

Mom went from having just legs to having defined calves. She went from having a waist to having a waistline.

Dad was like “What the hell?” He started giving us money on Saturday afternoons and insisting we go to the mall for at least two hours.

We were like “What the hell?”

Mom became like an entirely different lady in good way. She was a whole lot more fun and energetic.

She got a promotion at work.

She and Dad started doing a lot of things together that younger people do. Amusement Parks with us, go carts, fishing, softball.

I would have never thought in my lifetime I would have ever seen Mom on a paintball field. Well that one won’t make the bucket list because she’s been there and done that and has the picture of her son shot in the ass with a yellow pellet to prove it.

So, that’s how Mom got her groove back. And she still has it. Hopefully this story is motivational to anyone that wants to recharge their life, relationship, health, and spirit.

Do you for you, not anyone else and everything else will fall in place. Build it and they will come.




Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

8 thoughts on “How Mom Got Her Groove Back”

  1. Um…is that your mOm in the photo? StunNing!!! Though my transformation wasn’t as sexy as hers, your tale reminded me of it:

    I could totally relate to her! I was just asking my husband why he wanted waste a quarter to print a photo of me at Target. He said….for WORK! So he could look at me there….like Duh. After reading of your mom, I think I myself will post a photo of me myself for – Moi.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. There ya go . Put that camera on your phone to work and hook your husband up with some pics he can brag off of at work. We men love to show off our wives or girlfriends.


    1. Oh yeah – One doesn’t have to trade in beauty and sexuality for Motherhood. I think Motherhood brings another dimension of beauty and sexuality to women . I lose my composure every time I see a well kept woman with some kids in tow..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have to agree with you there. But it’s just so easy to put on jogging pants and pull the hair back.
        I know it may seem lazy but kids can take a lot out of a mom.
        I got a grown one on his own and a tween and they both still give me gray hairs. LOL! I love every bit of it though.
        Thanks again for the post 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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