Mommy Said What?

Mom maidMoms are not only truly special. They are truly wise, at times entertaining, and at times, also down right funny. Even if they don’t see the humor in some of the things they say,

Enjoy this installment of Mommyisms, Mommy sayings and quotes. From real live Moms like mine and yours. Here goes!


“I can always tell when you’re lying”. And they can..don’t believe me? Ask your Daddy.

“I’m the Mom You’re the child! You understand?”

“I want this pig sty cleaned up before I get back.”

“Your Daddy is an idiot. Why would he  put that there?”

“I love you”

“I’m going to slap the taste out of your mouth.”  If you could convince someone like an impressionable child you could do this you never had to do it, because as Moms know this scared the bejesus out of the child and they cut out whatever it is they were doing.

“Go to potty go to potty”

“Don’t Test Me!!!!”

“If you have sex before you’re married, your wee wee will fall off”

“You can do it, I know you can!”

“Did you take a bath? Come here let me see”.

“I love you all, but DAMN!”

“Oh no, you’re going to eat that!”

“Wipe your nose, and not on your sleeve either!”

“Did you wipe your butt good? That’s something your Daddy never learned to do”.

“You have a wonderful Father and you will not talk to him in that tone’.

“You want to wear Jordans? Get an NBA contract and a six figure salary and you can wear them all you want.”

“Fix your head.”

“Don’t. DON’T run from me!”

“Go to Bed!  And if I so much as hear a  peep, I swear.” Yes, Moms are the only creatures known to mankind that can actually hear you peeping.

“Now you listen to me”

“You won’t be happy until you break that, will you?” “Beds are NOT made for jumping on.”

“Ice cream is NOT a breakfast food! I don’t care if it is made from milk!”

“Go play outside! It’s a beautiful day!”

“Get in here NOW!”


What are some of your favorite Mommy sayings? Please share in the comment section.

5 thoughts on “Mommy Said What?

  1. Loved these G! They brought back some really good memories 🙂
    How about these from my mama:

    I bet I can show you better than I can tell you
    A hard head makes a soft behind
    Your mouth gon’ write a check your a$$ can’t cash
    Go sit your a$$ down somewhere
    Don’t knock nobody’s hustle

    Man G, I could do this all day! I’ll bet if you think long and hard enough you will remember your mom saying some of these same things!


    1. One thing I love about you and your blog Gwin is you always can take a person back to those great old days and stir up the things of substance that played positive and happy roles in people’s lives.

      Your list of “Mommyisms” are all I have heard my Mother say in the past more than one time.

      “Go sit your ass down somewhere”. was of her famous lines. Just don’t sit on the “plastic covered couch and big chair in the living room.

      “You mouth gon write a check yo ass can’t cash” is one I got from those old school Mothers and use myself to this day.

      They always had some wit to reel us in just when we thought we had them backed in a corner.

      I remember asking my Mother for allowance one time when I was a teenager.

      “You’ve got your allowance. I allow you to sleep, eat, and live here for free. What more do you want? Get out of my face now with them jokes.” Dad used to just shake his head and tell me “Boy you gon learn.”

      Love Love Love those Mom sayings.

      Liked by 1 person

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