Baltimore : Double T Diner


Baltimore. The Lord knows I have a storied history in this city.

It gave me two of the most important women a man can have in his life – a wife and a daughter.

It was the backdrop to my highest climb in corporate America in one of the nation’s top medical centers.

I was fired two times from jobs and one time from the biggest emotional commitments of my life.

Yet the city provided me success in those venues as well as others.

My former wife and I raised three kids in that city and did a great job of it.

The Double T Diner played a part .

Unbeknown to my X wife her late Father and I had a meal there.

It was  his favorite restaurant.

I asked him for his permission to marry his daughter which he granted.

He then said something that took center stage over my plate of steak and eggs with steaming coffee on the side.

“If it doesn’t work out , don’t hurt her, don’t beat on her, don’t cuss her, just let her go man”.

That visit to Baltimore’s Double T Diner provided one of the best meals I’ve had, and some of the best advice from a Father I’ve ever received.

The marriage ended while we continued to raise the kids the kids .

His daughter is the most magnificent woman I’ve met and to this day remains my best friend.

I will never curse her, harm her, or threaten her happiness. Even though her Dad is gone  he has to know not only will I honor his wishes, I’ll be a guardian angel to ensure all others do.

SIP LB I hope we are good.



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