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jams 76

“Now, who in the hell wanted us to go all the way back here?”

I was wondering the same thing that mama was.  I mean I’ve been to Old Creek Town before, but I ain’t never been out here.

Oh I forgot to tell you, we on the way to a family reunion so we can reunite with all our family from everywhere.  A lot of them came from Ohio.  Some of them came from Indiana.  Some of them came from Florida.  But most of them came from Alabama.

We the only ones that came from Georgia.

I been wondering something though.  How can we have a reunion with people we ain’t never united with before?  I should ask mama but she probably gon’ tell me to stop asking a bunch of crazy questions.

Anyway, we finally made it!

I just heard somebody yell, “We over here Pig!”  By the…

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Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

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