Empowering the Minority Dollar

dollarfrontcolor216x91The inability to emanate a concrete unified front in the social and economic arenas has an historical legacy of stymying the growth of the black people and their communities. That is also why we as a people seem to own a plethora of poverty and schlock, meaningless material items.

We continue to be drawn across our lines to invest in businesses outside our communities by the lure of worthless lagniappe, accentuated by mainstream print and TV media.

The recent election proved the black vote , when unified, can be powerful indeed. The black dollar can be equally as powerful, if we transcend this “crab in the basket” stigma and support and invest in ourselves.

I do believe it is going to require an unremitting commitment of financial retraining and self-certitude for this to ever become truly proficient. It will also take awareness. Awareness in regards to the positive assets that can be derived from investing in oneself and community.

And the circle is far-reaching too.

The African American producers and sellers of the goods have to offer competitive and quality goods  to lure and retain the commitment and investment of the people. The standard should be so high that the products are the exemplars the competition models itself after.

The Black dollar should have the same value as the White dollar. If you didn’t pull the race card at lilly white Macy’s don’t pull it Afrocentric Black owned institutions.
The ergonomics have long been submitted.

While we are beyond the apples and oranges of Dexter Avenue Church, we remain bogged down by the same narcissistic position that pulled even that humble attempt to prosper back into the basket.



Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

2 thoughts on “Empowering the Minority Dollar”

  1. Oh this is something serious right here!

    It is amazing how the black dollar only circulates one time in our community but other ethnicities circulate their dollars several times within their own community before they let it go.

    Years ago when my son was little, we would spend free time at Barnes and Noble bookstore. During those days I hardly saw any other brothers and sisters there. I mentioned this to a friend and he said, “That’s because they are all at the damn mall!” My first response was to laugh but then I had to think about that thing for a minute.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to judge, I’m just questioning our priorities and urging us to reconsider what we do with our time and our money.

    I love this post G. As always, your work is masterfully written and very much on time!

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  2. Your Barnes And Nobles’ observation is a true vision into a reality that can’t be ignored. Over all I’d say a priority overhaul is order as well as a unified seriousness toward doing everything we can to get a leg up as a people.

    Time is of the essence. We are on the eve of possibly having a man take the reins of this country that doesn’t give a damn about poor people, minorities, or women.

    If we as Blacks don’t unify that possible presidential administration will only multiply our ills.

    Louis Farrakhan said something years ago when he was making a point on the non-existent wealth of Blacks. While Farrakhan said this in an attempt to wake people up – Years later we could have a president that will actually do it to us.
    “America is about money, to hell with the weak and the poor – THEY MUST SERVE’. – Louis Farrakhan

    Folks better not half ass vote in November – if they do we could find ourselves with a tough row to hoe.


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