Are We Really Debating Who Should Have Lived? The Gorilla Or The Child


The family of a boy who entered a Cincinnati Zoo gorilla’s enclosure last weekend — spurring zoo officials to shoot and kill the animal — will be the focus of an investigation into the incident, Cincinnati police said Tuesday. [SOURCE]

Why is the family being investigated is my question.

Do know this is not the first time that a child has managed to get inside a Gorilla complex. But this incident is taking a racial turn and has some calloused overtones that reveal we live among some scary ass folks.

The gorilla was killed in this incident as a precaution to ensure the child could be rescued safely. I love animals but in this instance, I will be the first to tell you this was the right decision.

There have been suggestions that the gorilla should have been tranquilized. The problem with tranquilizers is the target might not drop off immediately. Shoot a 450-pound gorilla with a tranquilizer and don’t get  it right you’re going to have a mad 450 pound Mofo running around a helpless child. When the meds kick in he could fall on the child.

You don’t roll the dice on who gets out alive. You drop the gorilla.

Now for all those people who are in an outrage over the gorilla being shot – What’s the damn problem? Police shoot men in the street all day everyday for nothing at all and I don’t see ya’ll uprising.

Soo…am I to perceive  this uprising as a suggestion that just like on these racial streets of America that little Black life inside that gorilla compound #doesn’tmatter? Y’all are really wearing it your sleeves with this one.

Tell ya what. To all of those that are up on their hind legs about the gorilla getting killed squeeze your asses up in a gorilla compound on my watch. I’ll honor your wishes – I ain’t shooting shit. Good luck getting out.

And as far as trying to charge the parents with something. Pleeze! Y’all are just hell bent on getting a #blacklife here.

Let it go. That boy’s Momma told him not to do it.

I’m going to go in on this bs with one final question.

Would we be defending this gorilla if the child had been white?

Don’t charge me with playing the race card – it’s already in this incident- calling it out.


Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

5 thoughts on “Are We Really Debating Who Should Have Lived? The Gorilla Or The Child”

  1. I agree the gorilla should have been shot. I could care less about the gorilla . the mom on the other hand. what a waste. 3 kids or her own child with her , she decides that a photo or candy crush or whatever banal reason is good enough for her to turn her head on a 3 year old. Infact, i think she should be charged by the zoo for her derelict ways. yeah she may have told him to stay but at three that would have been the equivalent of telling that gorilla not to touch the boy. So, yes I blame the mom and hope that every mom gives her the side eye and tell her to keep an eye on her brats.


    1. I agree that the Mom should have been more attentive to a three-year-old that was interested in something that is promoted as cute and cuddly to kids (stuffed animals). Most grown ups know that kids find chimps and gorillas interesting and playful so most adults would hold on to children near a gorilla compound.

      I agree the Mother deserves some level of chastising – but criminally charging her I feel is over the top. Had she just dropped the kid there and went about her business I’d be the first to say “yeah she needs a cell mate and not kids”.

      Thanks for taking the time to read the post and share your opinion.

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  2. See I am with you G on this one. If it had been my child I would want somebody to do something to immediately ‘stop the threat.’ By the way, police use the phrase ‘stop the threat’ as a euphemism for kill that joker if you have to.

    The fact that you quizzed the Animal Rights folks on their willingness to speak out on this but to remain silent when a black man is gunned down is nothing short of genius! I mean WTF?

    Now as for the mama….um…er…she probably should have been much more mindful. I can tell you right now, none of my children would have gotten out of my eyesight in a setting like that.

    As for the zoo, don’t people think that the zoo hated to have to kill their own gorilla? I can guarantee you that they were not happy to do that. By the way, the zoo reported that they gave verbal commands to the gorillas to move to a different area. Harambee, bless his soul, did not heed the command.

    Fact is, wild animals probably need to be in the wild and not on display anyway!

    Whew!!! Sorry to go HAM but….I had to say something!

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    1. You never have to apologize for sharing your thoughts here – you know that. I encourage and solicit your opinons and thoughts as they are always on point and add a fresh dimension to the content.

      I could not agree more that wild animals should be left in their natural habitats and not put on display like they’re some freaks of nature. I get the whole zoo and the animals are interesting to watch thing but incidents like this are bound to happen when an animal is kept in an environment that is not fully enclosed.
      Kids getting in gorilla havens are nothing new. I remember an incident years ago where a kid got into to one and the gorilla allowed the zookeepers to come in and get the kid. But those are dice that shouldn’t be rolled – gorillas are unpredictable and strong. They don’t have to be mad to kill a human. With their strength, simply “playing” with a human can be deadly to the human.

      Thanks for very in-depth insight and engaging thoughts on this.

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