Study Reveals Men Are More Likely To Raw Dog Attractive, Sexy Women — The GeoGee Experience Magazine — Medium

A new study reveals men are less likely to use a condom on attractive sexy women.

That’s some hell of some dice to be rolling in these days and times. The odds are against those that carelessly raw dog and they gotta know they’re going to come up with more than “craps” if if they lose.Published in BMJ Open, the study, administered by a group of UK researchers examined 51 heterosexual men ranging in ages 18 through 69.

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Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

6 thoughts on “Study Reveals Men Are More Likely To Raw Dog Attractive, Sexy Women — The GeoGee Experience Magazine — Medium”

  1. In one of my lifetimes I was a health educator.

    Whenever I would teach classes, I would have an Infectious Disease physician come by to speak to my students. Often times he would bring one of his volunteers who was VERY attractive. He would then point to her and all of the guys in the class would talk about how sexy she was. Little did they know, she was intentionally dressing that way as a teaching tool.
    Anyway, in the end, he would ask the males students if they would like to date his volunteer. After they said yes and finished whooping and hollering, he would reveal that she was one of his HIV+ patients. Little did they know, her sole purpose as a volunteer was to illustrate that you can NEVER tell by looking and that good looking people can carry deadly infections.
    G, that’s when the learning began.

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    1. Thanks for this very necessary and supportive comment Lady G. That old cliche “If looks could kill” could be coming into fruition for some of those out there engaging in free wheeling carefree sexcapades.

      Looks can be deceiving and this issue here proves it to a fault.

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  2. I have been speaking out about this for years too numerous to count! Some people think that they just cannot get some of these diseases. They somehow think they are immune and that youth protects them from diseases because they feel invincible. I have seen the outcome of such thinking and it is never pretty.

    When I lived in Baltimore, MD, I volunteered helping the homeless at a healthcare facility and the sights I saw, still have me waking up in the middle of the night. I understand that people are going to engage in sex and that preaching abstinence is useless, I just wish that more people understand the risks they take going raw and even when covering it up because condoms break, come off or are just not used properly. It is brutal out there! And so I thank you for posting this. Hopefully, it will wake some people up before it is too late.

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    1. Shelby – I knew, just knew, that beyond the passion we share for some of the same issues that are shackling our race, and ourselves that there was something else that just maybe we shared in common. This comment revealed what it was . I’m a former resident of what last year became the hot bed of pent up feelings toward police brutality, racism, and systemic oppression, Baltimore MD. 15 years in the bowels of a city that taunted black leadership from Kurt Shmoke through Dixion and the questionable agenda of Rawlings-Blake.

      Baltimore – a city cloaked in oppression steeped in the color of tea synonymous with the color of the people trapped in the unemployment rate,targets of racial policing, and political red herrings.

      Yeah baby.. we’ve walked the same path here and share the same passion.

      re: Raw dogging and B-more – it’s wide scale – I escaped unscathed – thank God but mindless women and men won’t be so blessed.

      Thanks for co-signing my work Shelby. Love You lady for your straight at you art.

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      1. Wow! You lived in Bmore during the Kurt Shmoke years and so did I! I cannot believe that we never ran into one another. I too, remained unscathed during my time there, but emotionally, I was wrecked by what I saw. I lived in the Mount Vernon area and Charles Village and Baltimore will forever remain in my heart. I would dearly love to go back because the people need help and Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was not the one for Baltimore, but neither was Sheila Dixon. And I am so glad that Martin O’Malley got nowhere with his presidential bid because he was a sorry mayor and also, a sorry governor. Baltimoreans deserve better, but I highly doubt if they will get better.

        I believe that just as Washington, D.C. has been gentrified, so too will Baltimore follow suit and it would be a crying shame because that city could be made totally beautiful again. There were so many drug addicts and people who were riddled with STDs, it was unreal. I had never seen the like, but then I am from farm country in Virginia and I was so very green when I moved to Baltimore. But I quickly rolled my sleeves up and did what I could. I must say, to this day, I miss Baltimore and believe it or not, it still calls to me. I think Baltimore always will!

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  3. Baltimore for me remains a bittersweet episode in my life. I married into and was divorced out of it. I came into it from what remains my favorite city – not free of its own dirt- Washington D.C.

    You’re right about gentrification dictating the future landscape of Baltimore. Money drives gentrification – something people of color are steered away from at every turn. Being Black has not left me ignorant. The projects moved us in the cities on money and political clout we didn’t have – the same circumstances will kick Black Baltimorians, has kicked Black Washingtonians right back our of the cities they could have once locked down. We need to talk outside of the public forum – maybe we can change this detrimental trajectory, you think?

    I’m going to see if you have a “contact me” page – if you do I’ll send you contact info. Cool?

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