Gaining It All Back – How Ya Like Me Now?


Followers  of this blog and personal friends know that I recently went overboard with the non-eating thing and scared the hell out of my own self.

Dragging nine years of pain around can zap the life out of a body. It can debilitate a soul.

In every city, you move to in the attempt to escape the demons you still find yourself down. Ya’ll can’t name where I ain’t been down.

B’more got me. Got me bad. That city stripped me naked.

I’ve turned a corner.

I want to thank some folks for getting behind me on this.

First and foremost I want to thank my daughter who has always been my biggest supporter in any endeavor I’ve embarked upon. She’s an inspiration because she’s a huge success herself. She is the reason I’m such a liberal writer (that’s starting to pay off it seems). When my blog had two subscribers ( her and some preacher) and I was trying to figure out how to get more love from readers she gave me this advice.

“Write something antagonistic. Get in folks emotions. Make them love you make them hate you but make them read you.”

Mind you she was like 13 when she said this.

I took the advice. And lo  and behold here I am in 2016 some 700 views shy of a million.

Thanks baby girl.

I have to thank one of my fellow bloggers for consistently supporting my work. 

I don’t out folks on the public stage without their permission so let’s just say she has a WordPress blog that curates some of the best old school music you can find, she has an awesome natural hairstyle, loves to read the wisdom of some old dude that fixes cars, and is one of the best writers out there today.

We friended each other via our writing. She was the first to jump in on my weight loss post offering her encouragement and kick in the ass. Yeah, she’s the type of person that will find me if I don’t eat right and cook a whole turkey down with her displeasure and shove it down my throat. Gotta love a lady like that. Thanks, STBB front lady for supporting a brother. When the book is published, the blog climbed to rock star blog status – you’re coming on stage to get your accolades. Get your gown ready. You know what…I’m going to just go out on Front Street and thank the lady because she deserves it. Thanks Lady –.

I want to thank Candice. She started out on FB, agreed to dinner and signed off on “I’m your friend”. Thanks Candice for the conversations, the vote of confidence and just being there when I needed someone to be there. Candice is the most awesome lady out of N.C. that I met upon my return to the state. Frankie Beverly and Maze sang about Candice.

Female gatekeepers are the best. They don’t play.The ones that are with me on this ride are awesome! They don’t hesitate to yank the chain anytime I don’t walk the talk. And if you ain’t down with the affirmations – on well access denied.
I want to thank my nutritionist that mapped out one of the most fun menus a guy could have. She declared open season on fast food. She also declared open season on the gym and working out. She made it clear one is no good without the other.

And I’ve gained 11 pounds in 9 days.

I must look different.

I ran into staff blogger Elise Savante two days ago and she remarked “You beefing up for a video or movie or something? You gained some weight.” 

She attempted to  grab a bicep and said, “Damn” and went on about her business. Just so you know if Elise can’t say something ugly she usually doesn’t say anything at all.

It felt good to have a woman “attempt” to grab my bicep.

But the biggest attribute to the new me is the fact that  I’ve unshackled from a past that had my heart, my spirit, my soul, incarcerated. It is a dark past that for years I attempted to feed light into. I tried to make some good of.

Blogger I am V posted THIS that booted me even further away from my incarcerating past. Thanks, V. Love you lady.

Well that’s my update on my latest challenge.

I’m going to eat 3 slices of sour cream lemon pound cake that Elise  and Joel swears by and I’ll wind up sweating by – but it’s all good.

Stay tuned ..


Author: Geo Gee

I'm a curious one that finds politics, social issues, and diverse progressive solutions interesting. I believe information and education are the most powerful weapons one can arm himself with. Those two dynamics alone open the doors to opportunities. I also subscribe to each one teach one for a better world for all.

6 thoughts on “Gaining It All Back – How Ya Like Me Now?”

  1. This is some wonderful news!

    You turned that corner! Now that’s what I am talking about. I’ll admit that I was a little bit worried there for a minute but I just KNEW that you would be alright somehow.
    Your daughter sounds like an ‘old soul’– and G you know that’s good thing. Continue listening to that young lady; she’ll NEVER stir you wrong.
    Keep taking good care of yourself because we need you in the blogging world and in the real world. There ain’t nobody else out there like you G. You got this thang right here on LOCK-You hear me?

    Lastly, thank you so very much for acknowledging you know who. LOL!
    I ain’t trynta out nobody either 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. UR a Jewel! thank you so much for your wonderful investment of encouragement and contagious awesome energy. I’m going to stick with the writing – I don’t think God wants it any other way.

      You too keep writing – you’re awesome at it and your work always has a multitude of rewarding treasures within them.

      Thank you too for always pushing a brother – real friends do that and a real friend you are!

      Love Ya,

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you G! You too are a jewel and don’t you forget that.
        Well I guess me, Ron and you need to keep on going until we run out of things to write about. Looks like that won’t be too soon 🙂
        Much love!
        Gwin 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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