My Jams ’85

Lady G has done it again. She takes you back to 1985 – the cars, the music – and she threw in some short shorts and a hymn in an intro that makes you salivate. Then she drops a review of the tunes that are a part of the stories we al l have from 1985. It’s a must read!

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Gwin and Camaro

Please note that this blog subscribes to the Tracy-Gwin Doctrine regarding song years.  For more information, contact Lady G 😉

Girl you need to slow that damn car down–out there driving like Leadfoot!  I can hear the motor racing all the way from Wycliffe.  I know one thing, a hard head make a soft behind.  You better listen to what I tell you now.

I am about to go for another ride but Mama steady fussing about my driving. To tell you the truth, I been tuned her out.

Naw, for real, I’m thinking about this new haircut I’m sporting; my sides are shaved low and slicked down.  Actually, it looks like I got a curly mohawk.  Oh and I got on my cut- off shirt and some really short shorts.  All I need now is my shades.

I can’t wait to get outta here because me and my girls…

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Author: Geo Gee

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