Blogger Recognition Award Acceptance Post

Blogger Reconition Award
It is always thrilling to me when anything I’ve written is recognized on any level by the people and entities kind enough to invest their time in digesting something I’ve written, said or done. I’m humbled and elated when someone thinks enough of what I do to nominate it publicly for a formal acknowledgment.

I want to take this opportunity thank the very wonderful Lady G over at seekthebestblog for nominating The Geo Gee Experience for The Blogger’s Recognition Award.

LadyG has been an ardent supporter of my work as well as an awesome motivator and inspiration. Receiving a nomination from a writer of such  esteemed talent makes this highlight of my work all the more meaningful.

Acceptance of this nomination suggests that the nominee share a little history about their writing as well as some tips for fellow writers and bloggers. So here goes.

Why did I start blogging? I started blogging at the urging of people that I engaged in debates and conversations with. I was also inspired by the crop of bloggers that had cropped up on the Web before blogging really took off. Blogging gave me a platform to speak on issues I was passionate about.

Advice to new bloggers.

– Write for quality over quantity.
– Write from the heart.
– Write to engage while informing or entertaining.
– Support other writers – they’ll clap back with link love and exposure for you.
– Build a personal brand, style, and identity. Don’t follow the pack.
– Always thank those that invest their time in patronizing your work.
– Don’t get in your emotions when someone disagrees with something you’ve written. Part of writing for the public is to spark conversations and entertain different views and opinions. Embrace opposing opinions don’t acknowledge personal attacks.
– Read all you can about everything you can.
– If you write seriously long enough – something will go viral – be ready.
– Never write for stats – write for yourself and the reading public. Do that and trust me the stats will take of themselves.

This award is one that suggest it’s paid forward trough recognition of another blogger. That presents a huge problem for me because all of my favorite bloggers have already been nominated. Seekthebestblog would have been my top choice (love that blogs stories and content!) but it’s been nominated as well as Ron Brown’s Time Tunnel and T. Wayne.

I’m going to pay this one forward to the Medium housed blog The Coffeelious  It’s a blog with some great stories and great writers that you’ll enjoy.

On that note – I’m going celebrate my nomination by drafting a blog post. that would be advice # 11 for new bloggers – never rest on your laurels .

19 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award Acceptance Post

  1. As much as I congratulate you on this nomination, I cannot help but wonder at who you have chosen to laud as a great blogger when “Ronbrownx” of Ron Brown’s time tunnel’ is the reason I had to engage WordPress staff into getting him to stop stalking me on my blog and sending comments to me stating that I am a “bloodless vampire sucking on bones” and other things of that nature. And I wondered where he could have crawled from and that is when I finally realized how he came to start ‘stalking’ my blog. It was from when I first began posting on your blog. And that is when he started attacking me on my blog.

    I just thought that you should know that I have had problems with him since coming onto your blog Geo Gee. And even though WordPress has tried to help me shake him off, his comments still end up in my ‘trash’ folder. The man is a relentless stalker. And since he has something against me, I have no idea why he continues to crawl over to my blog. I would stay away if there was something I did not like about a particular blog. That is what makes him, a stalker. And finally, I have never even been on his blog, so that just goes to show you, that is was here that all this began.

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    1. Shelby, as you know, proven by my likes and comments to your works I am a fan of your blog, your insights, and your passion on and toward issues Blacks are faced with today.
      You, I, and the rest of the blogging world will form relationships with bloggers, commentators, and followers, that are exclusive to our content and message that may not agree with our fellow bloggers.

      Ron and you may have encountered one another at the fork in the road at my blog, that resulted in a distasteful outcome. That does not distract from my attraction to the content of two writers whose work I feel passionate about.

      Stalking is a serious charge – one WordPress policing should get on immediately. If they don’t then we as bloggers should call them out.

      Shelby – I love you – I love your work – I love your passion – I love your fire – I think you know that. I can only hope that any riff another blogger has with you or you with them doesn’t convolute that fact.

      I’ve never interacted with Mr. Brown on any personal level so I have no idea why he would be hell bent on disrupting your message.

      If there is anything I can do to mediate this riff – let me know and I will search contact info for him and reach out to him.

      At this time in America – I’m pursuing unity over divide. I don’t want to see two bloggers with a message facing off.

      I Love you Shelby I love what you do and how you do it. Just know that.

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      1. And I love you too Geo Gee and I really did not want to post this comment especially seeing as how this was a tremendous compliment to all that you do here. But this has been gnawing at me for quite some time and then to see this ‘person’ get lauded….well…it just struck a nerve with me. I try to get along with most people and though I am quite fiery by nature, when someone does not like my work, then I would think that they would eventually just move on. And so, it disturbs me that someone that I encountered here, would continue to make disparaging comments on my blog even though, I have asked him and in no uncertain terms, to please leave me alone.

        And so, I do sincerely apologize for raining on, what should be, a moment of celebration for you. I also beg your forgiveness and ask you to please delete these comments as they are not in tune with this particular post. Again, my sincere apologies!


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  2. Shelby, baby, I would never delete any reference to you being Shelby. That would be denouncing my affirmation and cosigning by me of you and your writing which would out me as a fraud – which I am not.

    You didn’t rain on any parade here. If you reserve your passion and fire that wouldn’t be Shelby. Atleast not the Shelby I know. LOL My gurl don’t hold back don’t step back, don’t retract – so you don’t owe any apologies to me.

    I am concerned however, about two bloggers that showed up at my blog who have opposed each other so vehemently it’s escalated to “stalker” status. I feel compelled to see this squashed. What can I do ?

    Oh BTW Shelby, I nominated your blog for an award a month or so or go . I didn’t hear anything from you but I know a blogger of your status is busy so maybe you didn’t see the blog that the nomination was in.

    Anyway – you’re good with me baby.


  3. Thank you so much G for accepting this award!

    You know I got nothing but love for you and your blog. I really enjoyed reading your advice. I knew that you would have some wise words for us all. It was also very interesting to learn more about what made you start blogging. Frankly, your motivation to blog is just as I thought it would be.

    Hey, an intelligent brother gotta have somewhere to share his knowledge with the masses! LOL!
    G, to be honest, I don’t just see you as a blogger. Brother, you are a WRITER and a damn good one—THERE’S A BIG DIFFERENCE.

    Now, I couldn’t help reading the comments on this post and I must say that Ron is my cousin and I know him to be a cool dude and I have the utmost respect for him. Best believe that I was NOT happy with the way that he was characterized but there is no way that I am going to add any fuel to a fire that you have already put out; especially when I don’t know the whole story.

    That said, I’ll ALWAYS have Ron’s back but if there is anything that I can do that will mediate a riff between two Black bloggers; especially a brother and a sister, you know I’m all about it.

    G, I thank you for your soothing words, I am so glad that you were able to de-escalate the volatility.
    There is too much going on for us to be at war as brothers and sisters.
    Peace to you brother and I’ll see you tonight at My Jams ’87!

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    1. Thank Lady G again for those wonderful words of encouragement and your very intellectual and civil views on Black Bloggers that may find themselves at odds with one another.

      One of my pieces of advice I gave in this post to new bloggers was “Don’t get in your emotions when someone disagrees with something you’ve written. Part of writing for the public is to spark conversations and entertain different views and opinions. Embrace opposing opinions don’t acknowledge personal attacks.”

      Some readers and writers are passionate about their beliefs and will vehemently argue them to blood pressure raising levels – that’s kool with me. When they cross the line into hurling personal assaults and accusations they’ve run off the road and it ‘s time we pump the brakes and bring things back to civility.

      In regards to Ron and Shelby- I’m a huge fan of both their works and blogs. Both have always supported my work and have been nothing short of kind and accommodating to me. I was taken aback to learn that there was a riff between them. I haven’t read the exchanges that led to Shelby taking the position she has so I can’t comment on any thoughts I may have about the exchange.

      I will say this. They’re two fine writers that I would love to see mend whatever fence is creating this riff. I’m no way blogging’s mediator or arbitrator but I am a black blogger that feels unity among as many of us as possible is essential to our overall impact and success.

      Now – whew- It’s Thursday – and so desperately need to relax at my favorite spot “My Jams”. See ya there lady .

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  4. Well, thanks everyone, especially my Cuz for having by back. I thank you Gee, for the award. I’m in this because I like to write. I realize that blogging makes my material available to the “public”. I also realize that there is a “comments” section on most blogs. This realization and my decision to express my views on a public forum, logically dictates that some may not like my writing or agree with what I say, but then again, I chose to become a public figure.

    If someone engages me in an intelligent debate, I will entertain it until both parties come to some rationale conclusion, either agreeing or agreeing to disagree. What I won’t do is display on my blog, a one-sided argument (my side).

    Shelby has strong opinions. Anyone with opinions that strong should expect and welcome those of opposing views or give up being a public figure. Everyone ain’t gonna like what you say. Get over it!

    When Shelby and I “intersected” on Gee’s blog, we were discussing a fellow blogger’ s view on whether we should be called Negro or African American. He preferred Negro. I simply stated that racist minded people might intentionally mispronounce it. That’s when All Hell Broke Loose.

    Afterwards Shelby stated many “facts” that are untrue. I corrected her. She doesn’t seem to take criticism well. I abhor ignorance in my people. Especially Public ignorance. I simply MUST correct it when I find it.

    Finally Shelby enjoys a freedom, freedom of speech, which Black men and women have died for, yet she hates them for dying for her freedom. She says the US is a shithole, but stays here, YET she labels me a “stalker” for not liking her “shithole” comments but still following her blog and commenting. HYPOCRISY!

    She hates war, but incites violence and urges a race war. I really don’t think she feels the way she tries to make us think she feels. It’s an act to garner readers. She’s probably a sweet girl who just needs to grow up.

    Grow up Shelby,

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    1. Ron I am a huge fan of your work and you in general. I’m also a fan of Shelby Courtland. The both of you have shown me and what I do nothing but love and I’m grateful for that. I honestly feel that the both of you provide content that is very well timed and good for today’s society. That’s also the reason I feel like a friend caught between the riff of two of my friends (I’m told this got started in the comment section of one of my posts). I’ve read your position (in the comment I’m responding to) and I’ve read what Shelby’ discourse (in the comments above) on why she is upset. What I haven’t read is the actual exchanges that got this whole thing going.

      In the past I’ve had riffs with readers and bloggers that escalated to red alert levels. Some bloggers don’t even open their comment sections to the public for fear of outspoken critics and verbal conflict. I say those things come with the business of writing. When one crosses the line from debating and commenting into the hot bed accusing and personal attacking is where I pull back. I pull back with the goal of retaining the reader and a relationship with the blogger. That’s just me.

      As I told your cousin Gwin. I’m no way a blogging arbitrator and definitely not attempting to be one. I did feel compelled to respond to your and Shelby’s assertion of what’s going on with you two.

      As for the award nomination – you earned and deserve it my brother. Keep writing my man!

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      1. I will and thanks. I wish that she would open the comments. Like I said, my initial comment was an innocuous observation, which she took extremely personal. Her skin seems too thin to have a blog with open comments.

        Anyway, out of respect for you, I invite Shelby to my site; (The Time Tunnel), if she has any further comments, I’ll gladly entertain them there, and I promise not to block her comments like she blocked mine (then dig em outta the

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  5. Hey Ron my brother – that’s what I’m talking about man! I didn’t realize Shelby’s comment section had been closed. You’ve extended an opportunity for conflict resolution and no one can ask more than that. (The digging out of the thrash made me chuckle – you writers – ya’ll always have one on the cuff.

    Right now though I’ve got a big problem – I’m trying to get into My Jams 87 and WordPress is denying my ticket to get in (Gwin’s post won’t load for me but the comments will) If you speak with Gwin let her know .

    In the meantime, I’m contacting WordPress.

    Thanks my brother for all you do.

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      1. Lady G You know I don’t miss MY Jams and I definitely don’t stand you up! I’m not sure what was up with WordPress but you know I’m going to still get in that party. I’m going to see if those glitches are gone right now.

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