Why Day Protests Would Be More Effective Than Night Protests

The protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd by the knee of ex Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin has been all-encompassing for weeks. These protests received a lot of positive responses from corporations, activists groups, some lawmakers, and countless people in America and across the world.

They’ve been highly effective in getting bright spotlight on inequalities, injustices, and Police brutality.

I see a way protests could be even more effective and get almost every business owner in these cities to inadvertently aid in facilitating changes in local laws.

Weekday daytime protests.

Start early before businesses open and protest all day. The clogged streets will starve off traffic to the businesses impacting their revenue. Business owners would be quick to lean on city hall and local lawmakers to address the protested issues and begin a serious path to resolving those issues.

City hall would be more forthcoming and serious about resolving the protested issues because when business revenue drops tax revenue drops.

Day protests would eradicate these milquetoast curfews. Business owners aren’t going to stand for a curfew to further hurt business already slowed to a trickle by protests.

Building damage and looting would be lest likely as looters and window smashers wouldn’t have the cloak of darkness to disappear into.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. the organizer of the most effective protests in history protested during the day and often targeted businesses purse strings as leverage to get his protester’s issues addressed.

Protest early that get in folk’s dollars will add additional energy and garner some local power that otherwise would not come from night only protests.

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