What Retailers Lack Of Mask Enforcement Says

Walmart and a few other big name retailers are supposed to have a nationwide mask mandate for its customers.

I was in my local Walmart today and it, like many other retailers are requiring their employees wear mask however, they like so many other retailers are are not enforcing the masks mandate when it comes to customers.

There are several grocery and retail chains that are allowing customers inside establishments without masks.

Earlier in the week I saw three people not wearing mask with a dog in grocery store. The dog was not a service dog.

Convenience stores seem to be a free for all when it comes to not wearing masks. Folks are roaming around in these small stores with without masks and most of the time there are always one or two employees wearing their mask like a chin strap. These stores I’m speaking of are in states that have masks mandates in place.

Look at the frontline of any of these big retailers convenience stores that are not enforcing mask mandates and you’ll find a majority of the frontline are people of color. I guess #blacklives matter doesn’t matter to these retailers.

If a company won’t enforce a mask mandate to protect their employees against a killer virus then that company clearly doesn’t care about their employees.

While the nation is under the vice grip of a virus whose most scary and deadly characteristic is ravaging the lungs, these companies certainly don’t seem to care if these employees breathe.

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