About The GeoGee Experience

1940-New-York-City-lThe GeoGee Experience is the brainchild of me, Geo. I’ve grown tired of the same cookie cutter run of the mill news and radio formats and am  setting out to develop my own flavor of information dissemination that I hope readers will find interesting, engaging and informative.

Most of today’s news, and content portals are  commercially, politically, and objectively driven. “Don’t believe everything you read” has never been more important.

The GeoGee Experience will serve as a source for breaking news topics, as well as a digital library for a vast array of musings on people, places, and things.

Our authors do have the latitude to offer their personal viewpoints on their pieces – they’re also required to report the truth on newsworthy events, places, people, and things – or not report at all.

Overall, I want the visit to the blog to be an information experience for all of those that visit it. I want readers to trust us.

One of my long time motto’s is “Take Something Away That You Didn’t Have Before You Visited”.  I hope that something is a little knowledge or refreshed perspective on something.

I encourage readers subscribing to the blog. Subscribers are privy to promotions, contests, and new material before the rest of the world. Subscribers that are bloggers have an open door to have their blogs featured on the site. I believe in supporting the people that support me.

Enjoy the content and don’t hesitate to contact me with feedback or requests to submit your material to become a part of one of WordPress’ longest running blogs.

Thank you for choosing to spend some time here.



6 thoughts on “About The GeoGee Experience

    1. Not a problem. Your post’s content was awesome and something I knew others would enjoy! Your blog is also awesome and one that I have no problem letting folks know about. Keep writing – you’re good at it.

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