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The Damn Problem With White Beauty Standards Is They’re Racist


A lady friend of mine wears her black hair in the most beautiful combination of a dred / twisty combination I’ve ever seen. Her combination of two black natural hair styles greatly enhances the beauty she is blessed with.

I have a blogger friend that has the most beautiful entanglement of black and gray curly velvet tresses I’ve ever seen.

Then there is the writer that works on this blog who wears her hair cut to the skull.

All of them are beautiful women by nature.

All of them could very well have chosen to wear their hair straight – as millions of black women do. So-called “white beauty standards” would have us believe that black women wearing their hair straight is some kind of  indication they want to be or “look” white.

That’s bullshit and don’t you believe the hype. Continue reading “The Damn Problem With White Beauty Standards Is They’re Racist”

Alicia Keys Vows To Stop Wearing Make Up | Global Grind

Earlier this week, Alicia Keys penned a powerful essay for Lenny in which she discussed the pressure women face to uphold beauty standards and vowed to stop covering up.

Read about it @: Still Flawless: Alicia Keys Vows To Stop Wearing Make Up | Global Grind

Gladys Knight Is Still Da Bomb Diggity

Gladys Knight is a timeless woman. Time doesn’t define her beauty or talent.


I am going to come clean with mine. I’ve been crushing on Gladys Knight since I was in high school. Her voice, her radiant  smile, her timeless beauty, her energy, her sexiness, G Knight is bad in a good way.  She just does it for me.

She showed up at BET’s Black Girls Rock event and rocked the red carpet then went on stage and rocked the crowd. Continue reading “Gladys Knight Is Still Da Bomb Diggity”

“I Don’t Go Down” – Naomi Campbell

“I Never Go Down.”

The Glamour Of Italian Fashion - Red Carpet Arrivals

Appearing on the March 30th, 2016 episode of NBC’s Today Show super model, actress, and the ever classy Naomi Campbell dropped an interesting response to how she would see her Empire character Camille and Taraji P. Henson’s Cookie come out of a showdown with each other. The response was unwavering and sobering to a fault. Continue reading ““I Don’t Go Down” – Naomi Campbell”