How To Get From Great Dad To Super Dad

I Am A Man
I am a man.

1. Put your children’s  interests first, always.

If you have some habits that are not conducive to your good health, continuing to engage in them is not in the best interest of your children.
2. Protect Your Family

This in one of the main responsibilities of being a Dad. Start with safety.

Teach them good safety habits, and set a good example by using your seatbelt, school them on respecting fire and water, and the perils of drug and alcohol.

Protect them financially by obtaining and maintaining health and dental benefits. Never hand Mom out to dry.

3. Spend Ample Time With Your Children

We all come home from work tired and looking to relax. And no one expects you to head  out to the backyard or park for a game of touch football or hide and seek.

But you can have dinner together and discuss their day.

Or watch a family TV show together.

Ask to see or help them with homework.

Or just have talk hour. Be sure and tell them about your day (kids find some of the mundane characters and situations you encounter amusing). Make Thursday night Pizza night (Mom will love this too) Have pizza delivered, pop in a movie and enjoy. Even better go out for pizza….if it’s nice weather and the restaurant is close, walk together.

If you are not in the same household, you can still have quality time outside of the prearranged visits.

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Empowering the Minority Dollar

dollarfrontcolor216x91The inability to emanate a concrete unified front in the social and economic arenas has an historical legacy of stymying the growth of the black people and their communities. That is also why we as a people seem to own a plethora of poverty and schlock, meaningless material items.

We continue to be drawn across our lines to invest in businesses outside our communities by the lure of worthless lagniappe, accentuated by mainstream print and TV media.

The recent election proved the black vote , when unified, can be powerful indeed. The black dollar can be equally as powerful, if we transcend this “crab in the basket” stigma and support and invest in ourselves.

I do believe it is going to require an unremitting commitment of financial retraining and self-certitude for this to ever become truly proficient. It will also take awareness. Awareness in regards to the positive assets that can be derived from investing in oneself and community.

And the circle is far-reaching too.

The African American producers and sellers of the goods have to offer competitive and quality goods  to lure and retain the commitment and investment of the people. The standard should be so high that the products are the exemplars the competition models itself after.

The Black dollar should have the same value as the White dollar. If you didn’t pull the race card at lilly white Macy’s don’t pull it Afrocentric Black owned institutions.
The ergonomics have long been submitted.

While we are beyond the apples and oranges of Dexter Avenue Church, we remain bogged down by the same narcissistic position that pulled even that humble attempt to prosper back into the basket.


Shout Out To The Baby Mamas Coming Through


“Baby Mama” is two words together that have been crudely stereotyped. The two words together often conjure up images of poor single women with multiple kids by often times multiple men. Baby Mama has been mistakenly articulated by many as a  single woman with a child or children on the outside of the union of marriage looking in. Continue reading “Shout Out To The Baby Mamas Coming Through”